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This will reinforce the joint even further and prevent the boards from coming apart as you fasten them. The guide holes should be just large enough to comfortably accommodate the drill bit. Knowing the exact thickness of the board will enable you to drill the pocket holes at just the right angle. G Greg O. I may never toe nail again! Which Kreg jig is best? Well worth the money.

Aug 31,  · To drill into 2X4's you will need to set your jig up for 1 1/2" settings. This is because a 2X4 is actually 1 1/2" X 3 1/2". Once your holes are drilled you will need to use 2 1/2" screws to fasten your joint together. Mar 08,  · A Kreg Jig is a type of tool used to join wood. Kreg Jigs can help you drill what are known as pocket holes, which allow screws to be inserted at an angle. Because the screws run along the grain of the wood rather than through it, the joint will be much stronger and more secure. Though they may look complicated to first time crafters, using a 96%(52). Apr 28,  · For example, a 2x4 board has an actual thickness of /2". Next, set the Depth Collar on the drill bit. Again, you're setting is based on the thickness of your wood. You'll find a drill bit setup gauge on the base of the Kreg Jig®, and inside the Kreg Jig Jr.

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