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Build This. Kreg miter saw fence parts 70 screws pull it all together Specially engineered with your projects in mind. The wings fit snug, but you may want to add a screw on either side of the Angle Ffnce that goes into the handle rail. Now clamp one Mitr Leg on top of the first so that the ends are aligned. Building this project will make your other DIY projects easier to build. Slip the Handle into its hole in the Handle Rail. Mount Your Saw to the Base Every miter saw is different in both size and shape.

Clamp the Handle Rails together, mark the location of the handle hole, and drill a 1" hole through both Handle Rails. Next, cut two Leg Rails to length from a 2x4, as shown in the cutting diagram. Now, drill pocket holes on the inside faces of each Leg Rail, as shown. Finally, bring the Back Leg into final position, and then attach it to the Front and Back Legs as shown.

Repeat the process for the other side. Cut four Rails and one Center Rail to length from a 2x4, as shown in the cutting diagram. Drill pocket holes in each part at the locations shown. Position the four Rails against a side assembly, as shown.

Next, attach the Center Rail in between the two Lower Rails, as shown. Slip the Handle into its hole in the Handle Rail. Position the second side assembly, and then attach it to complete the base. Place one fender washer over a wheel bolt, add a wheel, and then add a second fender washer.

Slide the wheel and bolt through the hole in the Back Leg, as shown. Repeat Kreg Miter Saw Fence Installation Fee the process for the second wheel. Countersink the holes so the screw heads will sit flush when you attach the Top and Shelf to the Base in the next step. Position the Top on the Base so it is flush on each side, as shown.

Then position the Shelf, and attach it, as well. Every miter saw is different in both size and shape. These next steps will have to be adjusted to fit your saw. Place your saw on the base and center it side to side. Adjust the position front to back to where it feels comfortable for you. With a pencil, mark the location of each mounting hole in the base of the saw.

Place the saw back on the base, and then secure it with bolts and washers. We used wing nuts so we can easily remove the saw if we need to. The challenge here is that every miter saw is different—some are wider than others, and the saw tables often sit at different heights.

That means you need to customize the wings. Our design makes that possible, by letting you cut the parts, and then adjust their mounting positions to set the placement and overall height of the wings. Just be sure to take your time and measure carefully as you cut and fit your wing parts. Next, hold or clamp the Angle Brace in position. Repeat this process to create the other wing base assembly. From a 1x6 board, cut two Fence Backs to length, as shown in the cutting diagram.

Drill pilot holes in the Fence Back, as shown. Then align Fence Back with the base assembly, as shown. Repeat this to attach the other Fence Back.

To provide a flat, straight fence surface, you need to align the Fence Backs with the fence on your miter saw. To do that, first slip one wing assembly under your saw, as shown. If the Wing Base hits the underside Kreg Miter Saw Fence Parts Wow of your saw, cut enough off that end of the Wing Base so that you can slide it under your saw and bring the Wing Support into full contact with the Handle Rail.

With that done, use a long ruler or reliable straightedge to align the Fence Back on the wing with your saw fence. Then clamp the Wing Support to the Handle Rail. Add your own doors to your cabinets — no complicated tools required. Use a drill and this jig to align hinges perfectly and mount cabinet doors with ease.

Find the screws you need for your projects — in all different kinds of finishes, thread styles, and sizes. What more can we say? The name speaks for itself. This compact shelf will look great in just about any room. Put your favorite plants on a pedestal. You can build a tall or short version to customize it for your space. This website uses first party and third party cookies to improve your experience and anonymously track site visits.

By visiting this website, you opt-in to the use of cookies. A tool for every task. Find the right pocket-hole screw Kreg screws come in many different lengths, finishes, and thread types. Find a Screw. Learn to make 7 simple wood joints Learn more. Find your next project and start building Explore Plans.

Tackle any project with Kreg Miter Saw Fence Parts 90 ease Kreg pocket-hole jigs make building wood projects fast and easy What will you build? Quality cuts made easy Kreg Table Saw Miter Fence Panel Guided cutting gives you peace of mind — and unbeatable accuracy.

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