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This versatile table turns the Plunge Saw and Guide Track into a portable, multipurpose cutting center that adapts to your cutting needs. Try Homemade bandsaw mill plans pdf. Miter saws are portable, for sure, but their design and size makes them awkward jiter carry. This makes it hard to hold them against the rip fence for accuracy, and means the pieces are kreg miter saw fence plans zero to control. It also provides many different angles and is very sturdy. I am going to buy miter saw. Unknown October 29, at PM.

It also provides many different angles and is very sturdy. The Kreg Crosscut Station is used with a circular saw to cut boards in place of a miter saw. The Crosscut Station is super easy to use. After setting it up, everything will be in place for your first cuts. To use the Kreg Crosscut Station, you position your board against the back fence and clamp it into place with the onboard clamps. If you want to cut your board at an angle, you can use the provided adjustable fence to set the angle you want, place the board against that, and push the saw through the wood.

The Crosscut Station also has two wings that swing out to accommodate longer pieces of wood for extra stability. The pros of the Kreg Crosscut Station are that you can cut any angles you want using a circular saw instead of a miter saw.

The Crosscut Station makes it very user-friendly to use a circular saw to do projects and be confident that the cuts are accurate. Another huge pro of the Crosscut Station is that you can cut pieces wider than most miter saws will accept. I also had a slight issue with the initial setup of the guide rails for my circular saw. It just took a little figuring out to get it right. Of all the new Kreg products, the Crosscut Station requires the most assembly.

Woodworking Tools. Posted by Bob Gillespie at AM. Unknown June 23, at PM. Unknown July 21, at AM. Alstair Hick September 3, at PM. Unknown September 21, at PM.

Unknown October 3, at PM. Blogger September 16, at AM. Unknown November 12, at AM. Unknown June 15, at AM. Unknown June 22, at AM. Unknown August 7, at AM. Unknown October 29, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Search This Blog. I love woodworking which is the art of turning beautiful wood into useful or decorative objects. The challenge here is that every miter saw is different—some are wider than others, and the saw tables often sit at different heights.

That means you need to customize the wings. Our design makes that possible, by letting you cut the parts, and then adjust their mounting positions to set the placement and overall height of the wings. Just be sure to take your time and measure carefully as you cut and fit your wing parts.

Next, hold or clamp the Angle Brace in position. Repeat this process to create the other wing base assembly. From a 1x6 board, cut two Fence Backs to length, as shown in the cutting diagram. Drill pilot holes in the Fence Back, as shown.

Then align Fence Back with the base assembly, as shown. Repeat this Kreg Miter Saw Fence Parts Wow to attach the other Fence Back. To provide a flat, straight fence surface, you need to align the Fence Backs with the fence on your miter saw. To do that, first slip one wing assembly under your saw, as shown. If the Wing Base hits the underside of your saw, cut enough off that end of the Wing Base so that you can slide it under your saw and bring the Wing Support into full contact with the Handle Rail.

With that done, use a long ruler or reliable straightedge to align the Fence Back on the wing with your saw fence. Then clamp the Wing Support to the Handle Rail. Finally, cut Wing Stops to length, as shown in the cutting diagram. Drill pilot holes in two of them, and mount the Wing Stops so they fit tightly against the edges of the Wing Support, as shown.

From a 1x4 board, cut the Fence Top to length, as shown in the cutting diagram. Then, from a 1x6 board, cut the Fence Front to length, as well. Using a jigsaw, notch one corner of each Fence Face, as shown. Repeat for the other assembly. Mark where the Fence Top intersects the Fence Back.

Now mark where the Fence Front intersects the Wing Base. With that done, you can separate these assemblies. Repeat this to align the fence on the other side of your saw. The wings fit snug, but you may want to add a screw on either side of the Angle Brace that goes into the handle rail.

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