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We value your input. The answer is surprisingly easy: Just build these simple outriggers. Cut four Rails and one Center Rail to length from a 2x4, as shown in the cutting diagram. This project helper takes care of both problems. Room for a vacuum Measuring guide for easy repeat cuts. I raised the saw because it has a low-profile deck, and I wanted to have usable space under the extensions. Note that this shelf will simply sit in place so it can easily be removed if needed.
The base will be built entirely with 2 by 4s so I set up a temporary work zone so I could use my miter saw to cut down all my lumber as per the build plans. Next was time for pocket holes. I basically made 2 pocket holes at the end of each board that would serve as a horizontal stretcher. I could then turn to working on the assembly. Get miter saw quality from your circular saw The Crosscut Station gives you the capabilities of a miter saw with just a circular saw and Kreg® guided cutting. Crosscut boards wider than most compound miter saws can handle (up to 12" at 90°). Make a variety of angle and miter cuts from 0° to 45° with the adjustable fence and molded-in angle alignments. An MDF base and SureCut™ backboard. Jul 14,  · A miter saw is versatile, powerful, compact, and affordable. But this tool has a major shortcoming: The small saw table just won’t support long boards. So you end up having to try to hold them down and prevent pieces from falling when you cut. Of course, you can create a dedicated miter saw station, which is the ultimate setup.

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