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I'm going to focus on the Kreg Mini Jig, since its easy to find and is inexpensive ($20 vs. $40 for the R3). With this kit you get a single hole jig, a drill bit and a stop collar. The Drill Bit The drill bit is a special stepped drill. The main body of the bit is 3/8" and it has a smaller bit on . Mar 08,  · Set your drill bit collar to the correct depth. Line the pocket hole drill bit up with the specifications indicated on the base of the jig. The step (the place on the bit where it narrows to a point) should be even with the notch that corresponds to the thickness of your board%(52). The 3-hole Drill Guide lets you make perfectly placed pocket holes in a wide variety of material widths and thicknesses — from 1/2" Kreg Pocket Hole Drill Bit 01 to 1 1/2" in 1/8" increments. Every Kreg ® Drill Guide features a hardened-steel core that carries a lifetime guarantee/5().

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