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Table of Contents. Dust clearance The K4 kgeg earlier jigs have a robust and rigid dust collection port that gets the job done for most small-scale projects. A Drill Guide With 3 Holes 2. Both the Kreg K4 and K5 are excellent pocket-hole jigs. Once you recognize a pocket hole jib, you will realize that the basic idea is the same. Final words.

There is a smart design involved with these large support wings that they have storage compartments for drill bits, screws and other accessories. This issue has fixed with K5, it has a swiveling port can be rotated to to adjust the position so you can easily attach the vacuum hose with it.

We have already discussed the K4 features and the enhanced features of K5. Which itself draws lines Kreg Router Table Parts 01 between these two tools but let me summarize the differences. Both jigs have two clamps one to hold the workpiece and another to hold on the work surface. K5 comes with a built-in clamping system to attach on the work surface where with K4 you have to Kreg Pocket Hole Jig K4 Manual No provide your own clamping system. In terms of clamping the workpiece K5 comes with a ratcheting clamp which is easier and convenient to clamp the workpiece as compared to K4.

K5 wins in the clamping race. As discussed earlier the K5 has a smarter design over the K4. The K5 comes with two wings or storage boxes which support larger workpieces as well as helps to store other accessories of the jig.

Both K4 and K5 have dust collection ports but K5 has a swiveling port which you can rotate to adjust to connect with the vacuum hose, on the other hand K4 has a rigid port.

This feature of K5 is appealing but there are few customers who have reported that due to the hose weight it decouples with the port and the dust falls on the work floor.

But this minor issue could be fixed with a duct tape. But when considering larger wood pieces K5 produces better pocket holes thanks to its larger supported wings. You guessed it right, the successor K5 is pricier than K4 due to the extra innovative features, which makes it one of the convenient tools to use for pocket holes drilling.

Please watch this video from Fixit Fingers , the host addresses the differences between these two jigs. According to us, the new models are better than the previous one because the new model addresses all the shortcomings of the older model. References: kregtool. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Written by Milan Last updated on February 17, As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Customer ratings by feature. Easy to use. See all 1, customer reviews. Check Price on Amazon. Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig. A Drill Guide With 3 Holes 2. The Toggle Clamp 3. Jig Clamping 4. Drilling Angle 5. The Depth Stop 6. Ratcheting Clamp 2. Mount Handle 3. Support Wings 4.

Kreg K4 vs Kreg K5. Kreg K4. A Drill Guide With 3 Holes. The Toggle Clamp. Jig Clamping. Drilling Angle. The Depth Stop. Wood Chip Relief. Quick Recap of Kreg K4. Customer Ratings. Clamping Method:Toggle clamp on benchtop base Includes Kreg Jig K4, stepped drill bit, 6 inch square driver, starter Kreg Screw set, pocket-hole plug set. It comes with a removable 3 hole drill guide and stepped drill bit meaning you can get started right out of the box.

The KHC face clamp that is supplied in the kit is specially designed with a large face helping to keep your pieces perfectly flush and tightly secured. They have self tapping auger tips which eliminate the need for pre-drilling of stock pieces. Like all the drill guides in the Kreg range the guides have a lifetime warranty so they should stand up to years of usage.

The K5 is Kreg's Kreg Drill Guide View latest model in its range of pocket hole jigs. With each new model there are small but well thought out improvements made and the K5 is no exception. The K5 now has additional side tables. The side tables or "support wings" as some people call them help to keep your work piece stable. The side tables can also be used for storage when not in use which is a nice little touch. The dust port should connect to any standard shop vacuum. One gripe about the dust port is its positioning on the jig.

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