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So, the work area will be clean, and you will tool face any distraction while drilling. These face clamps actually support materials slightly thinner than the designated thickness support. This model provides beneficial integrations that professional woodworkers can utilize when working on their various projects. The main difference between these two machines that you will soon become aware of is the capacity. Everything that you need to know about their features and capabilities is listed all throughout this article so uses it as a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Toolstation Log resource to gain all of the knowledge that you need to begin curating precise holes and alignments with ease. One kreg tool k4 vs k5 that you will notice is the K5 is larger than the K4, due to the added compartments that the product kreg tool k4 vs k5.

Any type of woodwork will create wood chips or sawdust. A good dust collection system is necessary to keep the drill holes free from debris and improve visibility. With the Kreg K5, you have a vacuum outlet. This outlet moves from side to side so you can position it in the best place for you. The vacuum outlet fits most standard vacuum hoses. Accessories will vary from brand to brand, and in this case, from jig to jig.

You will receive the jig, stepped drill bit, a 6-inch square driver, a dust collection shroud, a starter screw set, a starter plug set, and a helpful DVD to give you tips and advice. It comes with the same accessories with some differences. There is no DVD or screw and plug set. Instead, there is a link where you can download plans for a coffee table, a coffee table with storage, a garage organizer, a media center, a glass door media center, and an entryway organizer.

It helps to know that Kreg Pocket Tool Kit 3d the drill guide has a lifetime guarantee. It is a little more expensive than the Kreg K4 but it does have some clear advantages and the lifetime guarantee for the drill guide. And now for a few pros and cons of the Kreg K4 and the Kreg K5 before we offer our final verdict. We originally thought that the decision is a no brainer.

The Kreg K5 is an improved version of the K4 and comes with some nice little extras like the storage wings and the downloadable plans. But, after speaking to people who had used both, we are going to go with the Kreg K4 It does a wonderful job, it Kreg Tool Replacement Parts 800 is easy to use, and the dust collection holes may not be as modern as the vacuum outlet but at least it works.

It is cheaper and at the end of the day, it is easy enough to download plans to make furniture. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Table of Contents. Kreg K4 vs Kreg K5 — Similarities. Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig. Black and blue. Hardened steel core. Wood chip relief holes. Vacuum hose outlet. Check Price on Amazon. Our Pick Title. A Clean Workspace. Value for Money. K5 may have surpassed K4 regarding style and features, but once it comes to the performance. They are at the same water level. Both will make pockets at the same quality. Whether it is the wood thickness they can accommodate, screw centring, or drill spacing, both offer the same class.

Even the drilling angle for both the jigs are the same. Maybe because they are coming from the same brand. However, the presence of extensions and comfortable clamp handle on K5 may process the work faster, if you are experienced to use them. Both K4 and K5 gives you a dust collection port to connect an external vacuum.

The only difference is the facility to swivel. While K4 has a fixed dust collection port, the adapter of K5 can swivel to make a secure connection. So, the work area will be clean, and you will not face any distraction while drilling. Few users complain about falling off the dust pipe from dust port. So, match the sizes of both tube and port to avoid any trouble.

If you are assuming that K5 has a higher cost because of the added punches, you are right. With some innovative features, K5 will cost you around twenty-five per cent more than K4. The performance, pocket hole drilling has the same results for both the jigs. K5 has dual clamps, extensions that also work as a storage box and a swivelling dust port, but K4 has a lower price tag, but it asks some investment in the table clamp.

You can see that K5 has a better range of accessories that will help you a variety of projects, mainly if you will use it in the workshop. Have to have it, this is the comment we got from K4 users.

They further explain that it is easy to use and produces quality joint hole for cabinets, benches or shelves. Most of the users say that this is the best tool to make pocket holes. Beginners are happy because of the drill guide and professional are satisfied because of the accuracy. Overall no complaints from the users. Every K5 user describes it as one of the incredible tools they have seen.

Easy to use clamps and extensions are the biggest positives for all. K5 leaves no stones unturned to provide an exceptional woodworking experience. However, as we stated earlier, some of the users were not able to use the swivel dust port properly, all beginners.

So, after some practice, they will be able to use all the features. Both K4 and K5 are incomparable with any other pocket hole jig in the market as the brand always make sure that you complete the woodworking jobs conveniently. But, if you have to choose one between them, go for K5 as it has some extra features like support extension, swivelling dust port, and an extra clamp.

It is the latest offering from Kreg, and that is why it is supposed to be better. Yes, you will be paying a higher price, but if you are a woodworker, you are going to recover that 25 per cent within hours. On the other hand, if you are working on a one-time project and you know that you will not be using the jig much in the future, then there is no need to spend the extra bucks on K5. Opt for K4 and complete the work. The new entry from Kreg has all Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Toolstation Zip the features that professionals can expect from a pocket hole maker.

Easy to use clamps, extra support and dust port that can swivel are small but significant improvements that will allow you to complete the work faster. So, the winning trophy goes to K5. You will not mind the extra bucks spent on the jig once you use it for a couple of projects.

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