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Kreg® has what you need to create your own personal workstation, anywhere. The Track Horse offers capabilities beyond an ordinary sawhorse – it’s easy to set up, it’s sturdy, and it’s packed with versatile features. The Mobile Project Center is a workbench, sawhorse, assembly table, and . Kreg Clamps® keep your work secure while you build and give you the ultimate helping hand you need to get projects done. Choose from a variety of sizes, right angle clamps, corner clamps, bar clamps, and Kreg Track Saw Accessories Inc more. Shop Kreg® Clamps. Clamp Table Refine by Compatibility: Clamp Table Clamp Trak Refine by Compatibility: Clamp Trak Clamp Vise Refine by Compatibility: Clamp Vise Kreg Bench Clamps Refine by Compatibility: Kreg Bench Clamps Mobile Project Center Refine by Compatibility: Mobile Project Center New or existing workbenches, 30" x 48" and larger Refine by Compatibility: New or existing workbenches, 30" x 48" .

Attach the Bench Top. With the top assembly complete, you can attach it to the bench base, as shown. You’ll see that it fits flush with the Leg Braces at the front and back, and overhangs the bench base equally on each end. Use 1 1/4" coarse-thread Kreg Screws to attach the top to the Front and Back Rails, the End Rails, and the Leg Braces. 1/4" Hex Bolts Refine by Compatible With: 1/4" Hex Bolts 12' Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape Refine by Compatible With: 12' Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape Meter Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape Refine by Compatible With: Meter Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape 3" Dual Locking Casters Refine by Compatible With: 3" Dual Locking Casters Clamp Table and Steel Stand Combo Refine by . Kreg Accessories | Dynamite Tool is a distributor of Kreg Machines and Accessories. Browse our category for descriptions and reviews, and place your order online.

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