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Lagunz accompaniment at Rw 16, Mangliawan village, Pakis subdistrict, Malang regency to create a clean and green environment. The effect of microwave irradiation on its crystal structure and electrical conductivity was investigated. Specifications: Laguna wood lathe prices 05 1. Environmentally literate individuals ;rices the knowledge and skills required to analyze the environmental problems so that they can behave pro-environmentally. UslanAsmiati and N Lestari. There were impurities detected, one of which was silica. Open all abstractsin this issue.

The method in this research is to use activated zeolite adsorption. Data from the results of water loss in palm oil as a pretreatment in the manufacture of biodiesel will be processed using response surface methodology RSM with the central composite design CCD so that a model and optimum point of zeolite concentration and adsorption time can be found.

The model produced using the response surface methodology RSM method with a central composite design CCD design in the form of quadratic equations. The optimization results produce an optimum value of water loss of 2. This optimum value is achieved by zeolites concentration of Soybean productivity can be increased through optimizing the agronomic performance and minimizing the yield losses due to pod shattering.

The objectives of this studywere to evaluate the agronomic performance and shattering resistance of F7 soybean lines. Twenty-one F7 lines including three check varieties Dega 1, Detap 1, and Anjasmoro were evaluated in two soybean production centers Blitar and Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia from July to October The field experiment was arranged in a randomized block design with four replications.

The screening for shattering resistance was done by the oven-dry method. The results showed that the plant height, number of filled pods, seed size, and seed yield were higher in Mojokerto than in Blitar, meanwhile, the average branches number in Blitar was higher than in Mojokerto. The yield of Detap 1 2. The agronomic traits for determining high yields differ between locations.

The assessment for shattering resistance resulted in seven highly resistant lines, twelve resistant lines, three moderately resistant lines, one susceptible line, and one highly susceptible line.

Three selected lines with high yield and resistant to pod shattering were recommended to be tested in the various environments. Wound infection on the skin surface is colonized a wide variety of microorganisms. Microorganisms that cause inflammation of the skin surface is group of pyogenic bacteria.

This study aimed to detect presence of Staphylococcus aureus on pus from wound infection on the skin surface. This study was descriptive qualitative. One of the environmental problems faced by the Malang Regency is the high amount of waste generated by the community every day. The regions that are the biggest contributors for garbage are Singosari and Pakis Subdistrict.

The main problems happening in the region were the level of awareness and understanding of the community in managing waste were still low and the environment was arid and hot. The solution to overcome this problem was to invite the community to conduct a comparative study.

The other activities were to provide accompaniment to the community of RW 16 to manage waste and to plant TOGA and vegetables. The program has been able to increase the community's awareness and understanding to manage waste, in addition, it can motivate the community so that they are willing to grow TOGA and vegetables in order to create a green environment.

D Mudiana and E E Ariyanti. It was succeeded in recording as many as seven species of terrestrial orchids, namely: Eulophia nuda Lindl. Koenig Seidenf. They grew in shady and damp places on thick or humid soil.

This paper will discuss the field notes of those terrestrial orchids found in Lappadata Forest Area. Bemisia tabaci is the main pest of many food crops, plantations, and horticulture. This pest plays an important role as a vector of various types of viruses.

This research was aim to study the efficacy of biological control of B. The experiment was conducted in the screen house and laboratory of biopesticide, Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute in The result showed that LD 50 of A. Application of A. Conidia suspension of A. Therefore, A. There are currently twenty textile companies in Indonesia that have voluntarily disclosed information about their release of hazardous chemicals from their production facilities on an internet page.

The information disclosure is carried out using the PRTR system approach, and individually by the twenty companies. In the period of to , together, 43 information disclosures were recorded. All companies that disclose their pollutant release data are located in locations with very high population densities.

In addition, only one company that voluntarily disclosed their pollutant release data is not located in priority watersheds. This study might provide the first step for further research on the driving or pulling factors of the voluntary information disclosure.

Information that should be the rights of the public. E Setiyowati and A B Mappaturi. This paper aims to compare these two different methods, which one is better yet easier to be used by the local community. This paper adopts a content analysis method in order to achieve the research objectives on bamboo as a sustainable construction material.

The variables are determine better ways with low cost, short period of time, and the procedure of the treatment. This paper shows that the natural treatment for bamboo is better and much more friendlier to be practised by the local communities.

Results of this study also inform that the procedures are complicated as compared to the chemical treatment but, it can be done easily by the local people who has more understanding of how to work with bamboo.

The time needed for this natural process is the same as the chemical treatment, but the cost is cheaper. This study highlighted the importance of using the natural bamboo treatment for construction industry in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country which exhibits full of dynamic in its physical development.

There are existing kampongs, within the city rapid development growth, preserve with their abundant cultural and traditional potentials. Muslim kampongs are one of the traditional settlements embedded with significant Islamic characteristics. Religious or belief factor is one of the issues that determine occupational typology. In traditional society, this is a dominant aspect that signifies their community identity.

In this research, the leading indicators include the nature of law, faith in religion and culture, design principal from Sharia law, and social principal. This study aims to investigate the relationship between traditional settlement patterns with religious influences, especially Islam in Indonesia through house orientation and their placement. This paper adopts a content analysis method to achieve the research objective of "Islamic Housing Typology. The existence of mosques and boarding schools are some of the factors forming the orientation of Muslim residential areas.

This study enhances the existing literature on the importance of house orientation and their placement in the Muslim residential area. Surabaya is a city that continues to grow from year to year.

Various problems that can be identified in the city of Surabaya include population density due to immigration. Statistics show that in Surabaya's population reached 3,, million with a total poverty line of , people or 5. Surabaya east is one of the industrial areas in Surabaya which contributes to increasing emissions.

The three locations have the same character in the form of industrial estate supported by residential areas both settlements and surrounding housing. This research uses descriptive quantitative and qualitative approaches. Observations were made on several environmental aspects which were grouped into aspects of Quality Q and load L.

The index results indicate that the region is approaching a sustainable status. Based on the results of calculations and scoring it is known that the environmental quality in this region is good at 3. However, the environmental burden received by this region is moderate, so the score obtained is 2.

This area used to be a slum settlement with a compact living community that received less maintenance and facilities from the local authority. This paper discusses the results of the rebranding effort of Kampung Tridi as the riverbank residential area as an essential tourist attraction in Malang. Territories are an important part of survival, not only in terms of physical characteristics but also social comfort that can be achieved through house setting, space organization, and wholistic spatial planning.

This study uses the content analysis method based on literature studying space territory in residential areas with variables, the stipulation of organization and spatial planning, identity, and agreement in the community or community. The results of this study indicate that the territories of public and private spaces in the Tridi village area after rebranding have changed the boundaries and characteristics of space territory caused by changes in the function of the area as a tourist village.

This study informs on the importance of rebranding the slump settlement into a productive and active local tourism product. Bamboo is one of the natural resources that are easy to find in forests, villages, and riversides area of tropical countries like Indonesia.

On the other hand, architecture education in Indonesia has not focused much on bamboo as the potential architectural design material. Whereas bamboo has many potencies for many elements in architecture design. Architecture education is a possible way to explore and develop bamboo as an architectural element and introduce its potencies to the local communities.

This paper is the initial desk study of multiphase research on the contribution of bamboo materials in architecture education towards sustainable community development. The objective of this paper is to explain the gap in the vast research topics on bamboo in order to define further research on how architecture education pays attention to the significance of bamboo as a sustainable material.

The result shows that research topics on bamboo material are vastly developed in some areas and on the contrary is rarely explored in other areas of research.

Research in architecture education and its teaching strategies to elevate the comprehension of the students on the topic of sustainable materials such as bamboo is hardly found. Solikin and S A Danarto. Agroforest has an important role to supporting food security, energy, and water sustainably.

Study aimed to determine cropping patterns types and plant diversity in agroforests applied by farmers in Wringin Village Subdistrict Wringin Situbondo Eat Java was conducted in March used explorative and descriptive methods. Data collection was conducted by field observation and interviewing the farmers. The field observation of the type of cropping pattern was conducted by purposive sampling in agroforests. The results showed that there were several types of cropping pattern in the fields.

Combination of paddy gogo Oryza sativa L. The cultivated plants in agroforests have potential as fruit, vegetable, food, spice, fodder, timber and medicinal plants.

L Indrayani and M Triwiswara. At present industrialists must begin to shift from the industry as usual to an environmental industry or what is now known as a green industry.

An important issue in the principle of green industry that needs to be understood and implemented is industries in their production processes implement sustainable efficiency and effectiveness in resources. The green industry is not only oriented towards improving the economic sector but also concerned with environmental sustainability.

So the negative impact on the environment and the use of natural resources providers of industrial supports, does not result in a decrease in the carrying capacity and capacity of the environment. Therefore to realize the textile industry and textile products that are environmentally friendly, the necessity to develop industrial performance by integrating the principles of the green industry into the production process.

This paper will explain the implementation of green industry characteristics that can be adapted into each stage of the production process in the textile industry and textile products, especially the batik industry. The characteristics of the green industry include the efficiency of the use of input materials, namely raw materials and auxiliary materials and the use of alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly, low energy and water intensity, minimization of waste both liquid and solid waste and reducing emissions due to the use of low-carbon technology.

Each characteristic is equipped with criteria in the green industry standard GIS that can be used by textile and textile products industrialists, especially the batik industry in implementing the principles of the green industry. A Wijanarko and A A Rahmianna. The experiment was undertaken to find out the performance of improved technology and superior cultivars on increasing pod yield productivity. The experiment applied a randomized block design two factorial with three replicates.

The treatments consisted of two factors. M Triwiswara and L Indrayani. The production of bottled tea beverages generates a large amount of black tea waste, which may cause serious environmental problems without proper handling. Black tea waste has potential as natural batik dyes due to the tannin contains.

In this study, the potential of black tea waste to dye batik on cotton and silk has been investigated. The fastness properties of the dyed samples and the effect of different mordant type on dyeing quality were also studied.

The fastness properties of the samples were in the range of good to excellent. The results show that there is a strong possibility to utilize black tea waste as natural batik dyes on cotton and silk. The research was aimed to determine soybean productivity in various technological packages for soybean cultivation under palm oil plantations on tidal swamps.

The research was conducted in Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan, using a randomized block design with four replications. The treatment consists of six technological packages, namely: 1 farmer's technology, 2 recommendation, 3 improvement-1, 4 improvement-2, 5 improvement-3, and 6 improvement The results indicate that plantations of oil palm on type C tidal swamps is suitable for soybean development.

On the tidal swamps with pH soils 4. Improvement-1 technology increase pH soils from 4. Increased doses of dolomite, organic, N and P fertilizers from improvement-1 technological packages did not significantly increase seeds yield.

This finding suggest that for developing soybean on tidal swamps, recommendation or improvements-1 technological packages could be recommended. J Purnomo and A A Rahmianna. The aims of this study was to evaluate the response of groundnut promising lines grown in various environments. A number of 18 groundnut lines and 2 checked cultivars were grown in 3 different environments i. A randomized block design with three replicates was applied in each site.

Location site , genotype as well as its interaction significantly influenced the growth and yield variables. Four lines gave good yields at all sites i. These four lines were less stable with its average pod yields were 4. Those pod yields were equal that those of checked cultivars Katana 1 and Hypoma 1. Instead of producing high pod yields, those four lines are resistant to leaf spot and rust diseases, so are merit to be proposed as newly superior cultivars.

W Handayati and D Sihombing. An assessment was carried out on the dry land of Banjararum village, Singosari district, Malang regency East Java, from January to May m asl. A randomized block design with four replications was used. As treatments were a. Control without P , b. SP with dose kg ha-1 standard ; TSP with dose c.

Urea and KCl fertilizer with doses of kg and 75 kg ha-1 were used in all treatment plots. Observation of harvest yield and components of the yield also showed significant differences compared to the control and treatments of TSP and RP in the lowest dose. RP fertilizer can use as an alternative to substitute of SP T Yulistyarini. The aims of this study were to know flowering and fruiting pattern of the four Cinnamomum and their response in relation to seasonal change in rainfall, temperature and air humidity in Purwodadi Botanic Garden.

The vegetative and reproductive activities were observed once per week based on the abundance of leaves, flowers and fruits using a scoring method from , for years of observations.

The rainfall per month, temperature, and humidity were simultaneously recorded. Data were analysed by Principal Component Analyses to determine the microclimate variables that have correlation to the reproductive activity patterns of all four species. Most species started flower budding during Juni — August, except C. Flowering of C. Six dry months preceding a long dry season in caused C. A preliminary study of the site-specific inorganic fertilization on lowland rice was carried out in Jambu village, Burneh District Bangkalan Regency East Java Province from March to July The experiment used a factorial split-plot design, with 5 replications.

The observations showed that there was no interaction effect between varieties and fertilization to the plant growth and yield. These parameters were affected significantly only by fertilization treatment. The highest weight of plotting yield and harvest yield was obtained in the fertilizer treatment of Thus the use of assistive devices, especially the PSTK and SSNM applications were more efficient in the use of inorganic fertilizers with the yields equivalent to the existing practice by the farmers.

The getting older of people age, the density of bone will be further reduced. The process speed of bone formation decreases progressively after reaching peak bone mass in the age range years. The reduction in bone density is known as osteoporosis. This phenomenon occurs due to an interruption on remodelling bone due to some conditions.

Therefore, this study is going to simulate the effect of mechanical stimuli on femur bone density using walking and standing mechanical stimuli. In this study, there are four stages passed. First, build the femur bone construction which consists of two layers cortical and trabecular. Then input the properties of bone based on age Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio.

Then calculate the stress, strain and strain rate and calculate the bone density using thermodynamic equation of V. Klika and F. Marsik with Runge-Kutta method of 4th orde. The bone density given standing mechanical stimuli N for age 25 is 0. Then the bone density given standing mechanical stimuli N for age 51 is 0.

This study was to evaluate the immunomodulatory effects of exopolysaccharides EPS produced by Leuconostoc mesenteroides strains isolated from palm Borassus flabellifer L. These results indicated that the EPS produced by two strains of Leuconostoc mesenteroides have immunomodulatory activity. N Istiqomah and C Tafakresnanto.

The research aims to observe the optimal dose of NPK fertilizer in rice growth and yields. This research is arranged in a Randomized Block Design with 4 replications. Characters observed are as follows plant height, the amount of productive tiller, panicle height, unfilled grains percentage, the weight of 1, grain, and yields. The result showed that those treatments are significantly different in terms of plant height, the amount of productive tiller, unfilled grains percentage, the weight of 1, grains, and yields, but those treatments are not significantly different in panicle height.

Aerial web blight caused by Rhizoctonia solani is one of the main soil borne pathogens which infects soybean crops. Biological control using antagonistic fungi has been reported promising to reduce the incidence of this disease. This study aimed to determine antagonistic activity of Trichoderma virens and T. Volatile metabolites produced by Trichoderma were also detected and identified. Antagonistic activity of five isolates of T.

Both Trichoderma were able to reduce R. The increase of total phenolic and flavonoid contents depended on Trichoderma isolates. Volatile compounds were detected in both Trichoderma.

Isolates of T. The availability of bioactive compounds in rice bran can be increased through fermentation. This study aim to determine the effect of rice bran fermentation time by Rhizhopus Oryzae and rice bran extract concentration on antibacterial activity against Salmonella thypi.

The time of rice bran fermentation were 5 and 7 days while as a control was rice bran without fermentation. The highest zone inhibitory analysis showed that the antibacterial activity of fermented rice bran extract for 5 days was The results of this study showed that the fermented rice bran ethanol extract for 5 days had the highest antibacterial activity for inhibiting the growth of Salmonella thypi. The wider the area of the blind, the more difficult it will be for them to carry out the activities carried out.

This study aims to develop a tool that can be used to detect obstacles for blind people. This tool was developed with Arduino nano because of its small size, so it does not interfere with their activities and power consumption against the speed of low command execution. The tool will be designed according to the needs of the blind so that they use feel safe and comfortable so that it is designed with feeling and the position of the sensor with the layout needed, based on the results of testing the blind visual aid to function correctly if objects are detected by proximity sensor and tool does not work if this tool is to identify holes because the sensor used is a distance sensor with a distance of 0 - 60 CM and GPS tracking can read the position of the user well with the position on latitude: 0.

Sprinkler irrigation is an alternative irrigation technology application that theoretically has a higher efficiency than open irrigation channels.

In the form of the field, production of high- efficiency irrigation is achieved when most of the irrigation network is designed correctly and use an excellent tool and smooth operation.

Tests in the laboratory by direct observation method. The statistical data analysis using the analytical statistic results of the T-test showed that the distribution of the automatic sprinkler water distribution compared to manual testing meets the T-test. M Rahayu. Nowadays, environmental problems are important issues that require people to respond in the right ways to prevent worse disasters.

For that reason, environmental literacy discourse is an important issue to be built informal and non-formal education and in the public sphere. Environmentally literate individuals have the knowledge and skills required to analyze the environmental problems so that they can behave pro-environmentally.

This paper has a purpose to know how the local young people in Trenggalek a rural district in the southern coastal area of East Java develop environmental literacy through a local portal of "Nggalek. This paper will explore the environmental literacy discourse presented in the portal by using Critical Discourse Analysis by Fairclough. This analysis applied three levels of analysis, micro, meso, and macro. The study shows that environmental literacy is a somehow essential issue in this portal, especially when it is related to governmental policy in environmental problems.

The awareness of the environmental problems shows a high level, especially because Robust Wood Lathe Prices Worksheet it is directly related to people's daily life, that is when there is "natural" disaster people got direct impact. Each instruction requires appropriate strategies and assessments, including instruction of chemical literacy.

The subject matter of salt hydrolysis, which is closely related to daily life, is suitable for the instruction of chemical literacy. The purpose of this research was to produce a valid and reliable chemical literacy test CLT on salt hydrolysis to assess high school students' chemical literacy. This study applied the design of research and development and also surveyed. The test development was carried out through five stages, namely 1 literature review, 2 item development, 3 expert judgment, 4 pilot study, and 5 finalization.

The survey was carried out integrated with the pilot study phase of the test development stage. The data of the pilot study collected by a valid and reliable test produced in the development stage was analyzed as survey data.

The research and development produced a chemical literacy test consists of 24 accurate items with Cronbach's Alpha reliability coefficient of 0. Analysis of student performance using valid and reliable tests shown that the respondents' average chemical literacy score was This score belongs to the upper low or lowers moderate category. The addition of fix drag-reducing instead reduces the performance of the wind turbine model considerably on all variations of wind speed tested.

New Organic Architecture stated that building must belong to the hill, not of the hill. One of the new organic principles is to be inspired by nature to be sustainable, healthy, conserving, and diverse. This paper explains how the new organic architecture approach is applied on the building to create the illusion of no boundaries between interior and exterior of the building. Methods of this study is descriptive qualitative methods on how the building applied the new organic architecture principles, adopting content analysis and cross-reference by the Holy Qur'an and Hadiths.

Producing environment-friendly building which merges with surrounding nature. Ferns have been used as medicinal plants in many tribes and communities all over the world.

Nevertheless, some of them are less studied and rarely explored. Herein, we conducted the preliminary phytochemical screening and evaluated the antibacterial and antioxidant activity of methanol extract of Pneumatopteris callosa , a fern species used by Balinese community for medicinal purpose.

Tannins, alkaloids, triterpernoids, flavonoids, and reducing sugar were present in the extract. Moreover, the extract exhibit antibacterial activity against Gram-negative bacteria Eschericia coli and Pseudomonas sp and Gram-positive Bacteria Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureus. The extract also shows the moderate DPPH free radical scavenging activity. These results validate the use of Pneumatopteris callosa as a medicinal plant. Uslan , Asmiati and N Lestari.

This study aimed to determine the diversity and clustering of Faloak Sterculia quadrifida R. Br from Kupang District based on morphological and anatomical characters. This research used descriptive qualitative and quantitative methods. The anatomical characters showed a clear similarity on the epidermal cell, thick inner wall, guard cell, and stomatal pore.

The type of trichome on the leaves of Faloak plants from these two sub-districts also showing a similarity, namely non-glandular trichome type. Cadmium pollution originating from factory waste and human activities is very dangerous because it has high toxicity and becomes a threat for aquatic organisms including tilapia as an aquatic animal that is sensitive to heavy metal pollution.

Cadmium contained in water will enter the body of fish and damage organs, one of which is the testes. It will affect the productivity of tilapia and harm the farmers. Therefore, in this study, supplementation of probiotics and vitamin C was provided to repair testicular damage Robust Wood Lathe Prices 5th due to cadmium exposure. Based on data analysis of MDA levels and GSI values, it is known that supplementary feeding probiotics, vitamin C, and Prices For Wood Lathe Tools Zero a combination of both has a positive effect on the value of GSI, but testicular MDA levels only feed with vitamin C that can provide a positive effect.

E Rustanti and Z Fatmawati. The aims of this study is to determine the effectiveness of antifungal Soursop leaf extract against the fungus Candida albicans and determine the class of compounds that act as vaginal discharge.

The class determination of active compound by using multilevel composition fractionation method with n-hexane, chloroform, and ethyl acetate solvent. The effectiveness test of antifungal of each fraction toward Candida albicans by diffusion method is so that the researcher can look at the inhibitory zone diameter, then identify them by using UV-VIS and FTIR spectrophotometry to determine the active compound as antifungal.

The highest antifungal effectiveness of soursop leaf active compounds was the n hexane fraction with inhibition diameter The compound which is thought to have antifungal activity from the n- hexane fraction of soursop leaves is a terpenoid compound. This study used completely randomized factorial design with 2 factors: skim addition and fermentation time.

The number of LAB increased along with the length of fermentation. The longer fermentation time indicated that the pH of soyghurt was smaller. To increase the effectiveness of therapy and prevent such damage, nanocarriers can be used as drug carriers through intraarticular injection.

The active ingredient of the drug is bound to the nanoparticle-wrapping membrane which is controlled by a magnetic field from the outside. The nanoparticles used in this study were nanomagnetites which were synthesized by the coprecipitation method. Then nanomagnetite is coated with a coating agent that can bind the active ingredients of the drug while preventing agglomeration and oxidation. The coating used carboxymethyl kappa-carrageenan CMKC. CMKC synthesis was carried out by modifying kappa-carrageenan through two steps, alkalization of k-carrageenan using NaOH, to form alkoxy-k-carrageenan, then etherification of alkoxy-k-carrageenan with monochloroacetic acid MCA as reactant to produce carboxymethyl k-carrageenan CMKC in isopropanol and ethanol solvent media.

The absorption of diclofenac sodium into nanomagnetite coatings was carried out on a phosphate buffer media of pH 7. From the results of the research note that sodium diclofenac successfully adsorbed onto nanomagnetite coatings.

Moslems are required to remain consistent in wearing syar'i clothing. Sometimes, however, it is very difficult to distinguish between syar'i clothes and the non-syar'i ones, especially in the current millennial era and until the end of time there are many temptations that are not good. The bed is made from steel which allows the cast iron headstock to travel incredibly smoothly.

Steel is the preferred material due to its well known longevity and strength. Electronic variable speed is obtained via a VFD that converts 1 phase input to 3 phase output, so even at low settings you will get an incredible amount of torque.

Changing from high to low settings is made easy by using the quick release handle. The headstock and tailstock lock handles are situated on the back to eliminate any interruptions to your work flow. Ergonomically designed handles use a cam lock resulting in a firm feel with no deflection. Laguna Lathes.

Revo 15 24 Lathe With the launch of the Revo 15 24 Laguna is filling the Robust Wood Lathe Prices 80 gap between the Revo 12 16 and the legendary Revo 18 36, providing space constrained users with more power and capacity. With variable speed control, you can ensure that you are using the correct frequency for your specific project. Find A Dealer. REVO 12 REVO 15

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