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CCMT Insert. Recently, I've been considering trying to turn some pre-hardened steel. How can we improve? CNMG Insert. Portable Case.

American-made Carbide Indexable Lathe Tool Holders with Carbide Inserts. These indexable tool Lathe Turning Tools For Sale 900 holders use only "TT" style inserts. 3/8" shank holders use TT or TT All other lathe turning Micro Carbide Turning Tools 45 tool holder sizes use TT, TT, or TT Available in 5 standard shapes or in sets. AR and AL tools cut to a square shoulder. These sets have five indexable turning tools with carbide inserts and a wood storage stand. When one edge of a tool's insert dulls, rotate it to use a sharp edge. Cutoff Carbide Woodturning Tools Reviews Login and Grooving Carbide Inserts Combine a Workzone Wood Lathe Question holder and carbide insert to perform cutoff and grooving tasks on a lathe. Oct 01,  · ANSI B, Turning Tools – Commonly Used Indexable Inserts (ANSI – American National Standard Institute) According to ANSI B standard, identification of the indexable insert includes 10 positions denoted by a capital letter. Each position (from 1 to 10) defines a characteristic of the insert in the following order.

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