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The shoulder plane (a specialized rabbet plane) is the ultimate tool for trimming a joint to a perfect fit. There is no better plane for trimming the shoulder of a tenon to perfection or for rebating work. The Veritas medium shoulder plane is proportioned for versatility; Brand: Veritas. Our O1 blades are oil-quenched and double-tempered to Rc While O1 sharpens Shoulder Plane Replacement Blades Pdf more easily than A2 or PM-V11, it also dulls more readily. O1 blades are a good choice for rapid honing, but require it more frequently. Our A2 blades are air-quenched and double-tempered to Rc They hold an edge longer than O1 but require more effort to sharpen. Blades are lapped, 1/8" (") thick, and come in A2, O1 or PM-V11 tool steel. For those who want the performance of a superior shoulder plane, this tool is the solution. Made in Canada. Patented. In response to several customer requests, we offer brass knobs (available separately) to replace the hardwood knobs provided with the www.Woodwork Project For 8 Year : Veritas.

Blades (80) Maintenance & Accessories (36) Veritas Large Shoulder Plane. From: $ This image has not been Stanley 93 Shoulder Plane Blade Zoo loaded. To print the images, close the print view and scroll to the bottom of the article. Please enter the email address associated with your Lee Valley account and we will send you an email with your username. Email. Blade Sharpening The medium shoulder plane has a bed angle of 15° and the blade comes fi nely ground at an angle of 25°. Since the blade is used bevel up, the effective cutting angle will be 40°. Additional honing will improve performance. The fi nely ground blade face . Our shoulder planes have many unique features. Through-holes in the body let you insert a finger for improved grip and control. This reduces the chance that the plane will accidentally slip out of your hand, as occurs all too easily with typical shoulder planes, which are .

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