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Steam-bent from solid wood + Finished part has best appearance with continuous end-to-end grain + No glue-up with visible glue lines + Strong; no short cross-grain structural weakness – Bending and cooling forms required – Steam box and boiler required – Ultimate curve shape may be somewhat unpredictable.  Lee Valley Hardware, , www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Additional Resources: USDA Forest Products Lab publication Bending Solid Wood to Form Lee Valley Hardware publication Veritas Steam-Bending Instruction Booklet. Достижений Steam: Показать все Доступные предметы в Магазине очков.  Посетить сайт Valley в Facebook Просмотреть историю обновлений Показать связанные новости Просмотреть обсуждения Найти группы сообщества. Поделиться HTML-код. Награды. Tool: Steam Bending Kit Manufacturer: Rockler MSRP: $ The first hurdle in steam bending is just getting set up. How are you going to boil the water?  Free Woodworking Downloads From Lee Valley. Techniques. Basics.  The kit contains a qt. reservoir with a built-in watt heating element, a 10′ long steam hose, a brass fitting to attach the hose to your box and two hinges and a latch for the box’s door. I found that if you fill the reservoir with hot water, you’ll get steam in about 10 minutes. It will last about 75 minutes, which is plenty of time for wood that’s up to 1″ thick.

Curves such as those of the Standup Desk below add visual interest. And steam bending creates attractive kkt parts. Every wood species, and even individual workpieces of the same species, can react differently to steam bending. Start with these best practices and then let experience be your guide. Keep notes on species, thickness, bend radius, and steaming time, and always bend at least one more part than you need.

When cooled, the lignin hardens, fixing the wood in the new shape. Steamed wood compresses considerably but stretches little. For tight bends less than 4" radiusa steel tension mit with attached end blocks applied to the outside of the bend minimizes stretching [ Drawing below ]. Mild bends, with minimal stretching along the outside, lre not need strapping. Parts incorporating convex and concave curves in the same plane require a two-part form to sandwich the workpiece [ Drawing below ] or special tension-strap lee valley steam bending kit youtube [ Sources ].

Tension-strap hardware also is available to form parts with bends in two planes. For best results, use air-dried lumber, with dehumidification-dried lumber a second choice. The heat of kiln drying makes lignin less susceptible to softening by steaming. Use kiln-dried lumber only for gentle bends. All temperate-zone hardwoods chart below steam-bend ele and, in general, bend better than softwoods. Steam-bending other temperate-zone species is possible, but limit their use to gentle bends.

Among tropical hardwoods, mahogany gives acceptable results. The bendding of highly resinous tropical exotics make them unsuitable for bending. Regardless of the species you use, careful board selection increases chances of successful bends. Choose straight-grained lumber without knots or other defects and avoid decay even slight spalting. The greater the run-off angle, the more likely the piece will break when bent.

Splitting wood from a larger straight-grained billet guarantees straight, parallel grain but is not always practical. Straight stock runs through a planer or jointer easier than bent pieces, so do as much sawing, surfacing, or shaping as possible before bending.

Surface irregularities can cause splintering, so remove rough saw marks. Holes lee valley steam bending kit youtube mortises distort or they cause the part to collapse or split; perform these operations after bending. Leave extra length at both ends for Rockler Steam Bending Kit Uk Mining trimming. Where a bend is near the end of the part, extra length also provides the leverage needed to anchor the bend. Cut stock for parts requiring tight bends so the annual rings lay flatwise against the surface of the bending form [ Drawing delow ].

For mild bends, grain orientation is lee valley steam bending kit youtube important. Steaming takes about one hour per inch of workpiece thickness and parts must stay on the bending form for one hour, so unless you make more than one form, the steam box only has lee valley steam bending kit youtube accommodate one part at a time.

For efficient use of the steam boiler [ Sources ], a steam box should be only large enough to hold the part blanks yuotube room all around for good circulation. For tight bends on thick parts, increase box size to accommodate resteaming a partially bent piece. The steam box shown in [ Drawing below ] holds two leg blanks for the desk benxing above and lee valley steam bending kit youtube resteaming of a partially bent leg.

Make bending forms from particleboard or plywood laminated to a thickness equal to the width of the bending blank. Bending a workpiece puts considerable stress on the form, so when in doubt, more lee valley steam bending kit youtube width beats less every time. Bent parts retain most of their shape after cooling but to minimize springback, must be held to a form until completely dry.

The forms shown [ Drawing below ] are for the desk, Steam Bending Kit Amazon 02 shown in photo above. We made six drying forms to accommodate four leg blanks plus two extras.

Securely clamp the bending form to a sturdy workbench. Have all clamps handy. Bending should be accomplished within five minutes after removing the blank from ,it steam box so you may want to rehearse your procedure. Fire up the boiler. When steam steadily flows out of the drain hole, slide your blank into the steam box. Steam blanks for one hour per inch of thickness regardless of the width. Remove the part from the steam box and bend it [ Photos below ].

Working quickly, position the steamed blank between the anchor block and the end block on the tension strap assembly. Clamp the blank to the bending form and bending arm, applying clamps both vertically and horizontally. Begin to bend the blank around the form. Setam parts, such as the legs on the desk, require significant force so put your body into the bend lee valley steam bending kit youtube enlist a helper.

Thick parts, such as the legs on the desk, require significant forcea so put your body into the bend or enlist a helper. Thick parts may not bend in one operation. When you feel too much resistance, remove the part from the form and re-steam it for 15 minutes. As the bend nears completion, remove the bending arm clamps interfering with the bend. Then draw the free end against the form with a one-handed bar clamp.

Clamp the straight portion of the leg to the form and then add clamps along the curved section. Allow the part to cool for lee valley steam bending kit youtube hour and then quickly transfer Rockler Steam Bending Kit Uk Open it to a drying form. Clamp multiple thin strips at the bend to prevent surface splintering. Leave the part on the form for one week. Safety note! Steam scalds skin on contact. Opening the steam box releases a cloud of steam, so keep your face and any other bare skin away.

Wear heavy leather gloves when handling steamed blanks. Make sure the drain hole remains open. Do not pressurize the steam chamber: Pressurized steam is detrimental to successful wood bending and extremely dangerous.

Source: Boiler: Steam-bending kit no. Sources: Spring steel strip. Tension-strap hardware for complex curves: S-bend unit no. Lee Valley Hardware,leevalley. When I find a woodworking plan I like well enough to graduate it to the workshop, I laminate a Skip to main content. Steam Bending. Team up heat and moisture to add bendingg to projects. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Text.

Printer-friendly version. Read more about Wood Preparation. Not So Dangerous Lee valley steam bending kit youtube Ahead. Routing Ovals With an Ellipse Jig. Introduction To Cold-Bend Hardwood. Adding a riving knife to a zero-clearance insert. For more related content, subscribe to our newsletter! Keep small cutoffs from escaping at the bandsaw. Pegs provide positive grip on shop jigs. Head off scratches with a light ikt.

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This is what you get! Aug 02,  · This week I decided to build a jig that is dedicated to bending crest rails for chairs. I find myself bending about 12 or more of these a year, so a jig that makes it easy (and foolproof) seems a good idea. This jig is based on details from several bending forms I’ve seen through the years. I am certain it is nothing new. Lee Valley Antique Tool Collection. Many traditional hand tools are critical to the art of woodworking. In this regular series, D.S. Orr takes a look at items from the Lee Valley antique tool collection. By examining their importance to woodworking’s past, he uncovers their significance to its .

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