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Feb 20th, by FMM. Great quality and easy to install. Now, our situation is a bit different in that the bathroom mirror had fallen and broken, so our friend had to purchase one to start the project. Our tips frams tricks will show you how to make a mirror frame in just a couple of hours! Painter's Tape 7.

Grab your level, liquid nails in the caulk gun and painters tape! Spread the liquid nails on the backside of the frame pieces in a wave pattern as pictured. Then, using the level, place the bottom piece of the frame on the mirror and ensure the bottom edge of the frame aligns with the bottom edge of the mirror. You can double check with the level. Once you get that in place the liquid nails should gently hold in place wrap a piece or two of the painters tape as shown.

Then, place the two sides, being careful to align them with the corners of the bottom piece as pictured. Finally, place the top piece. NOTE: The liquid nails does not dry immediately but it does start to set within 10 minutes or so. I left my tape on for a few hours to ensure it was set. By JasonO51 Follow. More by the author:. Liquid Nails All Surface - as pictured 3. Caulk Gun - for How To Make A Frame With Vinyl Mac easy dispensing of the liquid nails 4. A level - any will do, the smaller the better 6.

Painter's Tape 7. That's it for the cheap, easy, DIY mirror frame! Did you make this project? Layout the frame, face down, onto a flat surface. Make sure each corner fits clean and tight. Spread a small amount of wood glue on each face, and join with a coarse thread pocket screw.

If any corner is slightly twisted, an gauge finish nail through the corner can be used to pin it until the glue dries. Allow to dry for at least two hours. Once the glue has dried, finish the front with your choice of treatment. In this case, I wanted a white wash to show the beauty of the cedar grain while toning down the reddish color.

To white wash, apply any white paint with a brush, and then wipe back with a wet Make A Frame In Canva Online rag. Wipe until you achieve the desired tone.

Test fit the completed frame over the mirror, and make sure it fits flush to the wall. Most frameless mirrors that are not fully adhered will have some sort of retainer at the top. The plastic retainers on this mirror were too deep to notch into the back of the new frame.

An old sink drain strap was cut into two small pieces to replace the plastic retainers. The Frugal Homemaker Your guide to turning your house into a home February 10, by Christina 29 Comments.

I used tape to hold it in place while it dried. I absolutely love it! It give the bathroom an even more updated look. And I just love the contrast between the white and dark walls. Have you framed out your bathroom mirrors? It can make a huge difference! February 10, at PM. Rosemary Motz says:. September 3, at AM. Emily says:. Lanita says:. Suzie homemaker-mom says:. February 11, at AM. Robyn SawdustAndHoops. February 11, at PM. Kathy F. February 12, at PM. Martha says:.

Sherri S. Looks great. Your new light fixture is lively as well. Ashley Steele says:. February 17, at PM. Patricia says:. February 25, at AM.

Teena says:. January 11, at AM. Looks great! Planning to do my bathroom mirrors. Jodee says:. June 7, at AM. My mirror does have the little clips. Any ideas about that? LP says:. February 27, at AM. Vickie says:. April 6, at PM. Shoemaker says:. July 26, at AM. Muller Designs says:. July 13, at AM. BrownHaynie says:. April 1, at PM.

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