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Using a sewing machine or Heat N' Bond and an iron, connect the three panels, with the accent fabric in the middle. Lifestyle Magazine. This is great, and so simple too. Did you make this project? Love to read it Mattress NZ.

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I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article packers and movers in delhi. I have been in love with all the play tents and tee pees out there but I just couldn't afford them on our budget so of course my DIY wheels started turning and hubby and I got to work.

We wanted to make it as a present for our little Holden bug's First birthday and keep it in our boys room to share. You guys this was so easy you will die when you read how fast and simple these really are to make on your own. Your kids will love it, you will love how much they love it, how long it will entertain them and how easy and inexpensive it was.

It is win wins and smiles all around. Now let me get to showing you how to make this bad boy, because every kid needs one of these. I promise they do! Lets start with the wooden A frame. First you are going to take your 1X2s and measure down six inches and mark each one, just that easy. Do this to all 4 pieces and make sure to do Easy To Make A Frame Tent Quality it right on that 6 inch line so that they all line up correctly. Now at this point if you want your frame to be painted now would be the time to do that.

Make sure to prime and then paint and letting it dry between coats. You would paint the 4 1X2s and the dowel the same color. I did not paint mine because I liked the look and feel of the raw would with the tent. Also this was for my two boys and I felt the raw wood was more masculine.

I just love me some saw dust smell! It reminds me of how hard I worked on my projects and that I made them. Kind of a pride thing. Once all 4 of the holes are drilled you are going to slide your dowel right through two of them on one side and the other two on the other side.

This is going to be the front and back of your tent. This is actually a really secure tent. I have two crazy, rowdy boys and it has held up like a charm. Then you will open the wood up a little bit so it makes an X at the top and it is able to stand up on its own.

Now for the fabric! Then to fit my tent I cut it down to 45 inches by 85 inches. Then you will do a 1 inch seam on it so it doesn't fray and looks more crisp, clean and professional. Then I pinned it all around, took it to my sewing machine and simply sewed a straight stitch all along the fabric.

Once the fabric was cut, pinned and sewn it measured at about 42x82 inches to 43x83 inches. Like I said earlier in the post I made my own fabric for this handmade tent. I could not find the perfect design that I pictured in my head so I whiped it up myself.

If you can find the perfect pattern for what you are looking for that is great! I just recommend getting the little bit of thicker and stiffer fabric for this project. It lays better, looks better and holds up better for the kids and all their playing. I used the plain white duck cloth. Once the fabric was all sewn and designed it was time to attach it to the wood frame. We wanted it to look very clean and professionally made so we decided the eyelets was the best route to go and they were pretty simple to apply.

We got the pack with the eyelets and the tool to hammer them into the fabric. You will mark on each corner where you want the eyelet to go. We did it about an 1inch from the bottom and side at each corner. Read How To Make A Frame Sleepover Tent Range the instructions on the eyelet packaging and hammer the eyelet at each marking you made. We used another piece of scrap fabric to attach the fabric to just to make it thicker and re-enforce the eyelet.

Once it was secure I cut around the scrap piece so you couldn't even see it. Then I used my twine to attach the fabric to the wooden frame. I draped the fabric over the dowel at the top and looping the twine through the eyelet at each bottom corner and tied it to its coordinating piece of wood. You can also loop twine around the ends too. To make the tent cover, start with a 46 x86 piece of fabric. These will loop over the bottoms of the Easy To Make A Frame Tent Zero molding and keep your fabric cover nice and tight.

To assemble the cover, just drape over the dowel and secure the elastics around the bases of the A-Frame. Folds up nicely for storage too. Jessica Begum is a crafty momma of two living on the west side of Los Angeles. Her blog Hipster's Tea Party is mostly mom and kid friendly crafts, partly ideas for more ambitious projects, and a sprinkle of art and recipes thrown in just for fun. As well as being crafty, she is classically trained in fine art and loves to paint with watercolors and oils.

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