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The final cut the fun part! Newer Post Older Post Home. Question 10 months ago. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I look forward to all this little jig will allow me to build. The keys to flawless miters, besides having a well-tuned saw, are clean cuts and assuring that opposite sides of the frame are exactly the same length. On the two leftover pieces, repeat the process of measuring, marking, and cutting, this time using as a guide the shorter side of the picture to be framed.

Using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to create a simple picture frame I finally got some time in the shop tonight to build this simple frame to show the basics of using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. I . Sep 15,  · Here’s how to make and use this simple jig. Step 1: Select a piece of 1 1/2-in.-thick scrap (even a piece of 2×4 will work fine), and joint and plane it flat and square. Rip the scrap to match the usual width of your face frame parts — a 2-in.-wide jig is a . Jan 12,  · 6) Tablesaw Miter Jig. 7) 16 Segment Miter Sled. 8) Tablesaw Miter Jigs. 9) Keyed Miter Jig >> 3 Picture Frame Making Jigs 1) A simple picture frame clamp jig. 2) Adjustable picture frame jig. 3) The Perfect Picture Framer Jig. A Picture Frame How To: How to make your own custom wooden frames for your artwork, portraits and photographs.

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