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Will this allow me to modify block attributes, like changing the pitch of a note block? Any advice? Matthijs Chatillon says:. Thanks for taking your time?????????????????????????? The pro player says:. Keyna says:. November 27, at pm.

Any ideas please? Please update your copy of Minecraft PE the error message is not exactly the same. My Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0. Can you find for me this version of Toolbox that comptiable with Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0. Will this allow me to modify block attributes, like changing the pitch of a note block?

Can I craft things like fireworks in Creative mode where the crafting table is disabled? I already installed block launcher 1. You need ES File Explorer to find the apk file.

Then tap on the apk file to run the installation. Everything seems to work except my bow. When I try to use it the screen shakes and no arrows will shoot. Everything updated on my Galaxy Note Edge. Any way to fix? Was working with realms using When I try using Toolbox with I believe that only a Please update quickly and I will make a hefty donation for expedience.

Or just take your time and get it right but with only How do i use it with desnoguns mod. It always freezes after like 10 seconds and wont allow me to play. Did you try the apk archive? You can download the. Just use a file manager such as ES File Explorer to find the file and then tap on it to run the installation. Hard to tell. Maybe you will find something like Toolbox working for iOS in the future.

Only time will tell. Toolbox is cool.. There is an APK for 0. Ummm hello did my first comment not go in? I said the texture packs from your website are not working not sure if theyre updated or not please help. Is there any way to make both players have their full abilities with this mod?

We do both have the mod. Is this intended behavior? Is this for all versions or for 0. Because i have 0. Thanks for helping. Like this app. Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up. Plz can you tell me what happens? Is the mod available for the latest version of minecraft?

Because when I try to enter to toolbox programe it crashes? Editor, can you please enable this mod for Apple devices? We have Android devices and we already downloaded Toolbox Mod. The screen is too small but in Apple iPad the screen is pretty big which makes the game more easier to handle. Most mods work only for Android because iOS is a more restricted operating system.

Mods are loaded by third-party tools such as BlockLauncher. You will have to use a file manager app to locate the apk file in your downloads folder. Eveything works but flying.

Any advice? Samsung galaxy s5 sport. Hey editor I am 20 year old but can you tell that this mod only in other version or no? Like I would be happy that is in the other version to cause I am in 0.

Try one of the older versions, they might work for 0. Hey Editor, do u know a way to make this mod work on servers? As a host, sure u can but, u cant as a guest, right? ModPE and BlockLauncher addons are usually blocked by servers. The reasons are because users would use these things to cheat otherwise.

Either you can go to Google Play to get it from there easier. That process should be very easy. Then run the apk file. But same, here you need BlockLauncher to do it. When used, dyes disappear. Nothing in the search box when I type bone meal, cactus green etc. I think you need to make sure you are on the right tab. Download the. ES File Explorer to locate the downloaded. Then tap on the file to install it.

Not yet. Yep, it has taken a while. Will be done soon. Hey mrARM I have 1. If you are using older versions make sure to update to the latest ones. I already tried reinstalling the software but it still wont show up. Pls help. Does it work for 0. If there is a same mod like this for 0. Hello, the new feature of Block Launcher Pro 1.

Many bugs. When it does, pressing it causes crash 2 game. Oddly, anvils do like they should. Buttons stay pressed. Pressure plates sometimes work. Flames in Nether are fine. Flames in overworld are static pictures. I take it all back. It was Blocklauncher that was causing the issues. I just updated BL, all of the bugs have gone away. When it be supported for v 0.

Please make it soon its the best mod ever!? Please be patience. So Blocklauncher has just been updated so we could use mods in 0. Please can you update it? Toolbox will be updated some time next week according to the developer. Any idea when the update will be posted? Is this part of the search bug or something separate? APK mods are usually a lot better as they allow you to access more features.

When I try to access the M button or my inventory even the crafting table! It was working for the first hour. Im having problems with the mod 1.

Editor can you please help me? Can you possibly not use. APK mods are so much better. Just laying out the facts. I have installed the app,opened block launcher made sure my manage addons is on and enabled the mod and then restarted the app. But still the M button does not appear help? Try to press the three dots to the right of the hotbars and see if you can access it from there. Does that work? It makes Minecraft easier to manage and more fun to use.

Please help I have a kindle fire hd I have installed it and when I press the m or the 3 dots it crashes. Same thing for me … MCPE v0. OK I found my problem, it was the Pocket Creatures mod making it crash.. Open BlockLauncher and start playing. Press the M button in the top-left corner to option the Toolbox menu. When you click I got it the app gets hidden, because that is the purpose of that button.

Should I after downloading the apk should I open the app click I got it and open blocklauncher? Then tap on Manage Addon. So I restart my device and the toolbox app disappears.

Also I forget to mention when I open the app and click I got it the app also disappears. Help pleas? After you installed the downloaded apk you should restart BlockLauncher. Then it should work. Did you do this? Sorry for cap lock but that really has to be taken care of. Thank you DL for posting the working version!! But my question: Does it work for Amazon Tablets? If yes, how? Thanks for taking your time??????????????????????????

Not a spam. But two questions: 1. Downloaded by me before it stopped working. How can I get spawn egg? When you Making A Small Tool Box Yes are in spawn mode tap on the ground where you want the mobs to spawn. If you are trying to spawn a hostile mob you will first need to turn difficulty to max for them to be able to spawn.

Yes, that should be possible. I saw this mod a got so excited then realized it is android only. I have iOS!!!! U let me down editor. U let me down. But there is no link for IOS launcher. Yes, there should be a iOS version and not just andriod, but we have to remember that iOS and andriod are completely different and there is a reason it is for andriod. I know the struggle cuz I have a iPhone, so remember that to. No reason to be rude. Can it work on mcpe 1.

Because it is lagging horribly. I downloaded it from Google Play. I love this mod and I really want to get it. It is my favorite so 5? You must be logged in to post a comment. Importing Mods Toolbox can be used for importing. Importing Texture Packs Press the Launcher Options to open the interface for general settings and texture packs. How to use Toolbox in-game? Tap on the chest icon to get an overview of your inventory and armor slots. Launcher Features The following features will only work if you are using the Toolbox launcher app.

Use ES File Explorer or any other file manager app to locate the downloaded. Tap on the file to install it BlockLauncher is required to successfully install the addon. Or, if you want to use the Toolbox Launcher you should open the Toolbox app instead. MatPatCat 13 Jun, Batman 15 Apr, Night Witch 29 Oct, Law says:. September 17, at am.

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March 19, at pm. Josiah says:. March 11, at am. Help says:. February 17, at am. Tab says:. February 13, at am. February 9, at am. Riayian says:. February 8, at pm. Billcipher says:. February 4, at am. Tool Box by mcpdevelopment in Organizing.

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