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Telescope Setting Circles by instgct in Science. The last thing I need is to ruin my circular saw with a hidden nail. For the first few pallets, I started to disassemble them using the tools that I had at hand - a crowbar and a claw hammer. Next I cut out three more inch boards which will serve as the internal structure of the workbench's top. If you are the type of DIYer who is into creating interesting pieces of furniture, this pallet bench skull chair is a great project to start with. Its making a workbench from pallets yahoo is at about 24x28x8, though you can makinng alter it according to your needs and preferences.

Pallet benches are not just for people to use as a furniture to sit down to, but also a perfect storage for plants in the garden. This specific pallet bench project is designed for outdoor, garden use, where you can arrange your plants easily. If you are not using it for such purpose, you can simply turn it to its original design, that of a bench. This project will certainly be an amazing way for you to display your flowers.

Its dimension is at about 24x28x8, though you can always alter it according to your needs and preferences. While you can paint this bench, you can leave it the way it is to make it as natural as possible. Ted's Woodworking Plans contains complete instructions from start to finish, leaving absolutely no guesswork. Here is what you get:. A single pallet bench may be good enough, but a longer one will invite other people in.

Painting it with white even makes it more elegant when left outside under the refreshing light of the sun. Rather than throw away those extra pallets, turning them into something that is a combination of being creative and functional is a good idea. You can also opt to paint it using other colors so that it will best represent your unique personality.

When left out in a garden or yard, this single pallet bench will no doubt become an interesting addition to your home. What makes this pallet bench a simple one is that it is made out of one pallet that is cut in half. This means that this project is very simple to build, and is perfect if you consider yourself as a beginner in the DIY woodworking world.

You can also opt to paint this bench, especially if this is meant to be stored in an indoor space. All you need to do to make it even more appealing is to add the right cushions and pillows.

On the other hand, some choose to leave it as natural as it is when placed in an outdoor location. Why not create a romantic ambiance Making A Workbench Vise Email in your garden by creating this rustic pallet loveseat bench?

You can choose the color to paint this pallet bench, but it is better to choose a rustic look as it is perfect for an outdoor yard or garden. It Make A Cold Frame From Pallets No is big enough for two, especially for your partner and you, making it a romantic place to have a date without unnecessarily going anywhere.

You can create a single bench, or make another one to create a complete set for your outdoor area. If you have enough pallets to create something into an interesting furniture piece, why not try this corner pallet bench instead?

It is big enough to host a number of friends, and it can also be painted with any color of your preference. You may also just leave it the way it is so that it will help retain its natural look. This furniture project is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and it will certainly capture the attention of your visitors, families, and friends.

Why not create one now and showcase your artistic side? Yes, you have heard it right! It is possible to create a bench out of reclaimed pallet wood. In fact, there are a lot of items that you can especially make out of these seemingly worthless pieces of wood.

The top of the bench is made out of laminated strips, giving it a more elegant touch. These benches are very sturdy. I use them for wood and mechanical work in which case they are extra reinforced and I usually add a lower shelf or tray to keep tools. For wood and mechanical work you are standing and the lower shelf is not in the way. It makes a good place to store tools and adds reinforcement. I also make them for electronics work in which case I install outlet strips along the front skirt or rail.

I find having a strip of outlets there is very convenient. Also for electronics I build a couple shelves in the back so I can put instruments, components etc.

The frame is made with scrap wood from pallets and plenty of glue and nails. The top is just a piece of plywood or particle board which is cheaper. These things are made with the raw wood and are meant for the workshop or garage, not the living room.

They are extremely strong but cannot be disassembled. The solid top rails make it very strong but you cannot fit a drawer unless you place it below the rail.

I have occasionally fitted a hidden drawer under the top and between the rails. It is not convenient for constant use but it is hidden from view and might make a reasonably good hiding place from burglars.

You can hide some small, expensive tools there. The measurements in the attached diagram are generic and meant to make good use of a 4' x 8' board as the top is exactly one third of that.

In reality I adapt the dimensions to each project. One thing about pallet wood is it may have some twist or warp and you have to work with this and correct where necessary.

I have made many different kinds. Generally I make the top with some overhang all around but have made some with no overhang on one side so wood work pieces could be clamped vertically to the side. I guess it would be easy to make the top with a recessed tray like traditional wood working benches have but I have never done this. Anyway, this is the general idea which you can adapt to your own needs. The cost is just your own time to build it.

One tip I was given which has served quite well for me was to use a blowtorch to remove the splinters, you wave it over the surface and all the 'hairy' rough bits go up in smoke leaving a smooth surface that's easier to work further or even just ready to use. I've seen the technique used when pallets are 'upcycled' into furniture and it produces quite a pleasing effect if you're into that sort of industrial look for your furniture.

Quote from: CJay on January 30, , am. Yes, sometimes pallet wood has splinters and sometimes it has "fuzz" because the saw was not great.

I have dealt with these imperfections in different ways. Sometimes a rasp or file. Sometimes a coarse grinding stone. Sometimes I just leave it. On thing to take into account though is that pallet wood can be dirty with particles which can damage your tools so I will also only take a plane to a piece which I know to be clean.

Also beware of hidden nails. I am very careful to take out all nails and anything left I will mark very visibly. The last thing I need is to ruin my circular saw with a hidden nail. Note in the last photo the sides of the bottom shelf are just scraps of particle board and the back board goes all the way up. I just happened to have that piece but it adds much rigidity and it would stop anything from falling behind the table.

The following users thanked this post: cdev. Great tips, but wear a dust particle mask if you're going to blowtorch the fuzz, who knows what chemicals are in those deliver and toss woods A used nail stash can be gold, especially on a late Sunday afternoon at the finishing line, when the shiny new packet has run out or left you a few short to finish the job If hidden nails are a concern, get a demolition type circular blade, they are designed for wood with the occassional nail.

The sparks and screech will let you know there was a nail there, and just keep sawing. Diablo makes them IIRC, maybe the other players too DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee etc Or if you need a new or second circular saw, Evolution make a slower rev speed circular saw that can plough through hell apparently, including metals, and the price is very fair for what you get.

I reckon if you're going to blowtorch the fuzz, may as well give a quickie coat or two of cheap paint to seal in any nasties enter the heavily discounted 15 litre bucket of returned mis-tint, from a paint retailer that wants it GONE You have me thinking about maybe building a unit to hold all my printers. I have a stack of pallets in the shed. I have to figure placement first. I like your construction techniques. I design everything first in Sketchup because it gives me a better visual idea and helps with the building.

The problem with pallet pieces is you don't get long ones for taller shelves, bed rails, etc. Just for the heck of it I have joined pieces to make longer ones but it is better if you can avoid it. I always keep longer pieces of lumber I can get my hands on.

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