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A heavy top workbench like this is ideal for any shop. Plain Workbench Plan 5. Thanks mdavis19 for the really helpful tutorial and video. Answer Upvote. Repeat three more times. The workbench presented here is 80 inches long by 36 inches wide by 34 inches tall, and rock solid. Please have a look at the project on treaded bars and bolts making a workbench uk 77 more ideas about what you can use.

Build your own without mortise joints using bolts, nails or threaded bars : This is probably the cheapest route to take. Preferably you should drill and bolt the legs and struts together. Always remember to drill pilot holes when screwing timbers together; however they could be nailed if you are in a real hurry. While this will be quick, it is the least robust solution Making A Workbench From Pallets Yahoo and highly prone to wobbling.

This would not be suitable for a workbench and you may split the timber in the nailing process. Make a Workbench that will survive in your garage unlike this rickety old work bench The Other Option for Garage Storage or Work Benches There are a number of other options that are available that will provide strong and long lasting storage or a tough workbench.

Here are a number of the common types you might consider: Shelf Brackets — these come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours Traditional shelving bracket Fixing Plates and Brackets — These are considerably more varied in size and shape and will add extra strength and rigidity to your construction.

Fixing plates always seem to be the obvious solution for the DIYer or home improver as even at a glance it is obvious to see what they achieve and how they achieve it. However, things are not always as they seem! While brackets like these look very strong, they do not cover much of a surface area and the screws are all in a line. This is in fact a big weakness and after the bench has been used a couple of times, or the shelves have been shifted around, you may well find the joints are moving a little and the whole structure is becoming a little wobbly Selection of brackets for building shelves and workbenches Bolts and Treaded Bars or Rods — These can be use in conjunction with the brackets and fixing plates above or not, depending on your design.

Please have a look at the project on treaded bars and bolts for more ideas about what you can use. Long Making A Workbench From Pallets Wow threaded bars give you the option of "pulling" two joints against each other which gives a lot of strength to a unit, be it a work-bench or a shelf.

You will however need a wood bit to drill the 8mm or 10mm hole required for the bar to pass through. A range of the types of nuts, bolts and threaded bars your might use to make your garage workbench or shelving Purpose built Kit — These are kits which have purpose built metal brackets which allow you to easily join the timber struts and supports of your bench or shelf. We have had a little experience of a building a kit provided by Simply Built It from Simpson Strong-tie, who are better known to the trade for supplying heavy duty steel ties that typically are used in the structure of a house construction, tying joists and rafters into the main framework or masonry of the building.

This is a connector or metal bracket designed for building shelves or a workbench How to make a Workbench or Shelves with a Purpose Built Kit We are going to be talking about the Simpson Strong-Tie Simply Build It Kit in this section as this is the kit that we used and if you want more details please have a look at their website. There are a wide range of designs on the Simply Build It website and imagination is your only limitation when it comes to work out what you should build Components for DIY workbench with shelf Heavy duty log storage unit Garden pergola Pet hutch or house Kits will have comprehensive instructions and you can have a look at our video of making a work bench below.

Follow these steps to build your workbench: Cut the timber to the sizes required. When you have the timber cut the right sizes mark up the timber so that it is clear where the brackets will fit onto each post or leg. It is useful to use your square to mark up the timber. Mark up where the connectors will sit on your timber Fit the brackets to the posts.

Start with the bottom brackets and slide them on to the post up to the line that you have marked. Ensure that the front side on the bench has the short width of the timber facing outwards. This will mean that you can get maximum access to the shelf from the front of the bench without the post getting in the way.

Slide the connector on to the post or leg of your workbench or shelves Fit the rails. Then add one screw to each connector on the outside so that there is still a little play to move things about and make sure it is square before you add any more screws. As you and happier that things are square fit the remaining screws on the outside of the connector. These two screws which go into the tabs are critical to pulling the timber in tight and ensuring a true corner, the remaining screws on the inside face simply secure the rail to the bracket.

These screws are critical to making the corner between the post and rail Fit the bottom shelf. First of all you will need to mark out where the post will go and this is easiest done by placing an off cut of the timber used for the rail on the face of the ply that will become the shelf and draw around it. Cut out the area that you have marked and then drop the shelf into place and screw it down. Ideally these screws should be countersunk you can see what we mean in the video below.

Mark out where the posts will go on the shelf before cutting out Fit the shelf and screw it down to the rail with counter sunk screws Fit the top brackets and rails. Repeating the process you followed for the bottom brackets and rails fit the top ones. Fit the top of the workbench or top shelf. As before these should be screwed down using a countersunk screw so that the screw head is flush. Back to the Top. Find a Reliable Local Tradesman. Don't fancy doing this project yourself?

We work with the industries best to ensure that we recommend only reliable and trustworthy tradesmen. Let DIY Doctor help you find a tradesman. More Help. Give us Some Feedback! Was this page useful:. Yes No. First Name: required. Email Address: required. We read and respond to all feedback by email. To allow us to do so you will be added to our email list, however you can unsubscribe at any time using the links at the bottom of any of our emails.

Find out more in our privacy policy. Any DIY questions should be posted to our Forum. Footer DIY Doctor. Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on YouTube. Follow us on Pinterest. Follow us on Tumblr. We think this workbench will make a wonderful fit for your workspace, and while being gentle on your budget, it can become the foundation of multiple DIY projects you will enjoy further on.

This workbench is called the Ultimate DIY workbench for a good reason. Once you construct it, you will be able to have quick and reliable access to all your woodworking essentials, including a compressor, miter saw, table saw, and vacuum. If this sounds like the workbench you want to have available, then you can also take advantage of the full video tutorial, which goes into detail to help you construct this workbench with ease.

These are based from the ground to the work surface. If you are just starting to work with wood, then this cheap and strong DIY workbench plan is a wonderful choice. Nevertheless, we crowned this workbench tutorial one of the easiest to grasp, with no unnecessary explanations but only actionable, practical guidance.

Free plans are also available, which is another great plus. Best of all, even though this workbench DIY project is pretty cheap, this is a very durable model which can last you for quite some time, so thumbs up.

This particular workbench is called heavy-duty, and it does live true to this name. Out of the multiple plans and tutorials we have stumbled across, this one is a brilliantly durable design. In fact, this workbench can easily hold up to pounds.

This workbench is not a bad choice even for beginners but due to the fact that the video tutorial lacks a good angle from time to time, it can get a bit confusing. Thus, we think this workbench plan is better suited for those who are a bit more experienced working with wood. Not only is this workbench budget-friendly but it is also beginner-friendly, as well as time-saving. In fact, after getting acquainted with all the details shared in the video tutorial, we think this DIY workbench plan is one of the most entertaining and easy-to-digest ones you can Making A Workbench Top 64 stumble across.

Ted's Woodworking Plans contains complete instructions from start to finish, leaving absolutely no guesswork. Here is what you get:. The instructions provided are simply excellent, and we highly appreciate that the additional explanations aim to help even those who do not have their very own stationary tools. When it comes to the free plans , they are extremely easy ones, as well, but also very precise. All in all, you can have this budget-friendly workbench built within as little as just a few hours.

As you can already guess by the very name of this workbench, this model is well-suited for those of you, who want to build a professional workbench for their woodworking needs. On the contrary, thanks to the step-by-step easy and complete video tutorial, anyone can build this workbench, as long as you are attentive to the details and guidance provided. Ultimately, we enjoyed all the instructions and find these extremely helpful. If you are looking for simplicity when it comes to constructing your workbench, then this easy-to-build model might be a wonderful option.

However, even though the design is not pretentious at all, it is very sturdy, so taking the time to create this workbench yourself will be worth the efforts. The dimensions go as it follows — in.

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