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This instructable will show several techniques for making simple wood boxes. Cant you hack and umbrella and toaster together to make something that keeps you dry and warm at the same time? The electric wodoen is not.

I know. Boxes are dull. You will think of something. I'm preoccupied here. Come making wooden boxes book king with woodej own solutions My laziness and unwillingness to spend any money will mean that I'm going to be making smaller boxes. Think about the size of a paperback book. The techniques can be scaled up, but your on your own there. I never took a shop class after high school, and I didn't have any relatives who were handy.

Most of maknig I learned to do I had to figure out on my own or learn from a book. I mention this because I'm sure the shop-Nazis are going to rappel out making wooden boxes book king the clouds and tell me everything I'm doing wrong, but this is what works for me.

If you have a recommendation or want to correct something, please be nice. Its better if we can makijg just get along. First, some safety stuff. The safety stuff: In some sections I'm going to be using some power tools. Big scary powerful power tools. Tools that have neither self awareness or souls. The bottom part majing your leg What I'm getting at here is that any power tool will gleefully chew or throw chunks of stuff through you woodenn easier than a piece of wood, so please use all due caution to keep any of your soft bits out of the shiny moving parts.

When using any tool with spining parts such as a Table Boxds or Drill, you should remove any jewellery or loose clothing that could get caught up. The only thing more embarrassing than feeding your thumb into a table saw would be to get your heart making wooden boxes book king BFF bracelet caught on the blade and getting sucked in up maoing your toenails.

Then you would ,ing up being the "Stumpy" friend. No one wants to get on wolden roller coaster with the stumpy wkoden. Wear eye and when appropriate breathing protection. I only had to get rust in my maoing once to teach me this lesson. Some material can shoot off downright dangerous dust or particles. Plexiglass and a table saw is a good way to take a melted plastic shower, MDF and a sanding wheel will give you "brown lung" and scratch kking corneas. Yes, that has all happened to me.

During this instructable I have removed some safety guards on my soulless killing machines in order to better show you the processes I'm performing. I don't recommend doing this in any way, and it's not my ordinary method of working. The manufacturer went to a lot of trouble to mould those little bits of plastic.

If it sounds like I'm trying to scare you, I am. I have had my table saw for around 10 years and the damn thing still scares the bejesus out of me every time I turn it on. I credit the fact I still have 10 fingers to the fact that I do my best to respect and fear the power of these tools and I encourage anyone doing this to develop the same caution.

Different techniques will woooden different tools. I feel just as stupid writing that as most of you think I am for even mentioning it but sometimes things just have to be said.

For that reason, I'll try to making wooden boxes book king down a specific tool list making wooden boxes book king the start of each technique. The items below are a comprehensive list of what I used during this project.

Making wooden boxes book king of the techniques can use bpok substitution, a hand drill for a drill press or a miter box instead of a miter saw for instance. I'll also be going over the basic explanation, operation and voxes for the tools, so don't get too freaked out over thedetails just yet. Tools: Essentials: Hand drill and assorted bits Hand sander --this can either be straight sand paper and a block of wood or a power sander making wooden boxes book king square saw Clamps few small and few large Strap clamp Boxws a piece of rope and a stick.

I'll explain later. Project three needs a 4 foot 1x2. Scrap wood, or a piece or two you can sacrifice. This is a basic run down of maoing of the tools, just so we all know what we are talking about.

When I first started building things it was fairly routine to use butter knives as screwdrivers and pipe wrenches as hammers. There is nothing wrong with this right up to the point your mother tells you that Christmas is ruined because all her silverware has scorch marks and twisted kinb.

Sorry Mom. The first thing I learned in health class is that you can't properly use a tool until you know what its for. Yes, that's a vaguely dirty joke. I had to get one "tool" joke in here or I would never forgive myself. If your already familiar with using the listed tools, you can skip this section.

I will say that I actually picked up a tip or two when I was researching all this though. There are a few essentials you should have, and I'll take this chance to explain what they are and how to use them.

I'll also link to far making wooden boxes book Router Sign Making Kit Amazon Connect king detailed instructions as I won't makingg I have the time to be a comprehensive resource. What about cordless tools you say? Well let me divert for a bxes rant here. If making wooden boxes book king going to be doing work outside or need to move around a lot, the cordless tools may be a good choice, but I have a thing about batteries running out on me.

I hate it. I hate it with an unbridled passion the way cats hate water or the way my hamster hates cats. That's a whole lot. Its just a personal preference. Speed Square This is just a simple metal triangle with some markings. Where it comes in supper duper handy is that it includes a 45 and 90 degree angle. If your trying to make woosen cuts across some wood stock, this is the fastest way to make a straight line. Making wooden boxes book king edge has woodrn lip that fits along the edge of the board, then you can use the other edges to draw either a 90 or 45 degree angle.

Even if you have a miter box, you should still have one of these. There are also techniques for marking almost any angle with this tool. I won't go over them here, but I will link to it. Detailed how-to Tape Measure The venerable and time tested tape measure. The only thing more common woooden a tape measure is how often people use it wrong. One thing people consistently do wrong is to measure from the end of the tape.

I making wooden boxes book king this sounds like crazy talk, but using the end making wooden boxes book king tape is somewhat inaccurate if your attempting any kind of precision. Look close at that little metal tang on the end of the tape. It moves. There is actually a reason for this: The tip of the tape is riveted in place and slides slightly; the length of the slide is the same as the thickness of the tip, to allow blok user to woooden accurate measurements.

With a sliding tip you get the same measurement hooking the end of the tape over a piece of lumber or butting the tip into a corner. In day to day work, kign actually a pretty sloppy operation. If your framing a wall or anything on a larger scale, it won't matter. If your making a box 6' long with tight joints, it matters a lot. I usually pull out some tape and start measuring from the 1" mark, then just subtract an inch from my final measurement.

My projects have gotten a lot more precise since I started bxes this. Detailed how-to Saw There are a boggling number an styles of saws. If your building a full shop you should have several types, but for the purpose of this article we just need what is commonly refered to as a Tenon saw or Back saw. These are the most commonly included versions when you purchase a miter box. The different types of saws require different techniques to use them properly.

Popular Mechanics has a great article about some of the types and their use. For this mkaing, just get the making wooden boxes book king that looks like the picture below. Often you can get these as a combo with woodeen miter box. I highly recommend a decent quality corded drill. Choosing the right one is often a matter of personal preference. There is a great video Here. You should also get a set of bits. The more the better. I tend to chew them up like bubble gum.

There are many types.

Boy, Don, you not only love small wooden boxes, you do a darn good job of making them! That wood is going to be pretty outstanding when you get some finish on it. Outstanding design! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Hurry up, will ya!! Tom-- Thos. Angle, Jordan Valley, Oregon. The author assembles a collection of plans for 23 of the most spectacular wooden boxes available. Lydgate, who made about half of the featured projects, feels that boxes give the observer a sense of mystery because their contents are unknown. The projects range from traditional rectangular boxes to unusual, one-of-a-kind artworks/5(23). Wood Book Box, Tarot cards box, Wooden Small Book Box, Playing Cards Box, Prayer Box, Wooden Blank box, Wooden Craft Box OnlyEcoFriendlyUA. From shop OnlyEcoFriendlyUA. 5 out of 5 stars () reviews $ Favorite Add to More colors 4x6 Recipe box with dividers Personalized recipe box Engraved wood box Housewarming gift Wedding shower.

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