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Aug 09,  · How to make a wooden fly box? Ok, Here’s the detail answer! Are you someone who has been a passionate fishing lover?If you are, then it is a must that you are always in need of different types of fly boxes, and this requires you to spend a good amount of hard-toil money.. But, what if we say that onwards you don’t need to spend such huge amount on the fly box anymore? 1. The black cut out area should be exactly /4" x /8". 2. The space between the four screw holes in the corners should measure /2" x 9". Normally, your computer will print them to fit on an /2" x 11" sheet of paper but will add a 1/8" border around the edges. They need to be printed at a ratio! Feb 15, - This is from a book I am writing on how to build wood fly boxes using a handheld router. Full instructions and templates included. PDF version of the latest edition is available for free. Just email me at gdis46@www.Woodwork Project For 8 Year See more ideas about fly box, flying, woodworking pins.

Aligned Grooves – Dry assemble the drawer boxes, clamp them together and run them past a box slotting bit chucked in your router table. This method ensures the grooves in the box are all in alignment. For the drawer knobs, I picked the 1/2" Veritas insert knobs. I like these as you can add whatever wood you like to the centre. Sep 04,  · I have two different wooden fly boxes. One that OSD made me a while back that is of solid cedar(?) that has been routered out. It is a great box, but is a tad on the heavy side. Looks beautiful on my desk though! The wallet on the right was handmade by another RBF member. The other is one that I got just the other day from Lars Andersson in Sweden. Dec 11,  · About the Wooden Fly Box. Our wooden fly boxes are handmade using exotic hardwoods, metal, shell — and extreme attention to detail. Just like our fine furniture, the wooden fly box is meant to be enjoyed and is designed to last for generations. As a maker of fine furniture — and a lifelong fly fisherman — Al designs and crafts these wooden fly boxes with the same exacting .

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