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More by the author:. Mark six equally spaced boses along one of the 4" x 0. This is normally the most time consuming part of the design process. The best is probably titebond, but it's rather expensive. Level of workshop equipment.

Hobby — Hand tools, power tools and machines. Applied woodworking joints. Length mm 7. If you carefully study the drawings, the box assembly can be divided into the following parts: the box lid Part 2 to which the dovetailed sides Parts 3 are glued with dowels Parts 4 ; the box body Part 1 in which bullets Parts 7 and spring Parts 9 are installed with retainer pins Parts 8 which have the function to keep the bullets and spring from falling out; the dovetailed slider Part 5 that has a groove to which the key dowel Part 6 is glued.

The puzzle box opens very easily: The part named dovetailed slider blocks the opening of the box because it is in the shape of a swallow tail. On the parts named dovetailed sides there is a groove of the same shape through which the dovetailed slider passes. In order to open the box, the dovetailed slider needs to be moved so that the groove on it allows the passage of one dovetailed side.

The previous step is just half the job done to open this puzzle box. If you look at the drawings of the box, you can see that the bullets also block the opening of the box. It is necessary to press the bullets simultaneously, which will finally enable the opening of the box. Exploded view and parts list. Assembly drawing. The making of this puzzle box is not among the simple projects designed for amateurs because: You must pay attention to precision so that the locking mechanisms of the box will function smoothly.

Precision also enhances the beauty of the box itself. To make the box and leave it undecorated is just half the job. Mark the orientation on each piece for reference in later steps. Using a pencil mark a rectangle on one of the inner side walls of the box. The top of the rectangle measures 0. One side of the rectangle measures 0. Mark an identical rectangle on the opposite side wall as the first. These rectangles mark where the internal locking mechanism will be secured to the side panels.

Take one half of the drilled locking mechanism and insert 2" nails into every other drilled slot. Add a dap of glue to the previously marked rectangles on two opposing side walls and carefully align the internal locking mechanism.

Note the orientation of the nail heads, they should slide without falling out. Using a hand saw or bandsaw cut two pieces to serve as lid supports measuring 2. Glue the two lid supports to the inside faces of the box ensuring that the tops are flush with the locking mechanism and not obstructing the sliding nails.

From the same wood as the bottom panel, cut a 4" x 4" x 0. If the thickness isn't 0. Glue the second half of the locking mechanism to the inside face of the lid approximately 2. Using a hand saw cut 0. Using a handsaw or bandsaw cut a 3. Add nails to every other drilled hole verify that they aren't the same holes as the internal locking mechanism. Glue this strip in place to serve as a stop for the nail heads. I used walnut to contrast the maple lid. Start with grit sandpaper sand all faces of the box and locking mechanism.

Follow up with grit sandpaper until smooth. Using a lint free cloth apply a thin coat of shellac to all surfaces. Wipe away excess with a separate cloth to avoid pooling.

When dry sand with grit sandpaper and finish with 00 steel wool. Challenge your friends to discover the secret, store your valuables, bask in the glory of a job well done. Great work! What is the gap between those inner pieces when opened? Thanks a mill. Reply 2 years ago. I was looking far a box to make as a first project. My daughter wanted a money box too so this is perfect.

I voted your instructable because it is well done and the box seems simple but has that little extra trick that is wonderful. Reply 3 years ago. Thanks for the vote! Let me know if you run into any problems or if the steps are confusing, I'm happy to help!

Just try giving one to a friend and see how long it takes them to figure out how it works! This is a unique puzzle box idea made out of simple, inexpensive materials. Most of the materials are free since this puzzle box is built from paint sticks. Head down to your local home improvement store and pick up a few paint sticks from behind the paint counter.

Luckily, the steps are all thoroughly outlined to help you build it quickly and relatively easily. Here are thorough plans and drawings to build an elaborate wooden puzzle box.

Check Project Details Here Difficulty Level: Easy This wikiHow goes step by step through the entire process of building a puzzle box from start to finish. There are detailed drawings and pictures to give you a visual representation of what you need to do. You only need some basic tools like a table saw , drill , clamps , and sander. But the finished product is deceptively attractive.

Everyone will think you must have incredible skills to have learned how to build a puzzle box, but you can do it with a few tools and some basic DIY know-how. Check Project Details Here Difficulty Level: Easy Looking for a cheap project to fill an afternoon and provide some great fun and utility afterward?

In fact, even beginners can build this puzzle box with a little patience. Check Project Details Here Difficulty Level: Advanced This awesome trick box might be one of the best-looking puzzle boxes on this list. If you already have these tools, then this is a great project to test your skills on.

If not, then it might be a bit pricey to get started on. The tools you need are minimal, and the only materials are some wood and magnets.

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