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While this wouldn't maple dowels home depot us the best for fingerstyle, the smaller body mapls maple dowels home depot us contribute to better note definition than a mahogany dreadnought. They are nicely appointed, have quality hardware and hlme sounding pickups. Simple to use digital reverb that sounds superb and gives you much more control than you'll find on your amp. They're very lightweight, easy to play in the upper register, and the slim neck seems to make me faster somehow. There are plenty of switching options with the S-1 switch click herewhich doubles the tonal choices of the 5-way selector, plus a "Passing Lane" pushbutton, which, regardless of the 5-way and S-1 selection, takes you directly to the bridge humbucker wired directly to the output jack for maplee, powerful rock tone.

Personally, I wouldn't change them. Other features include 5-screw neck attachment, vintage tuners, single-ply beveled flat black pickguard and chrome hardware. Playability is excellent and for the money this one's hard to beat. At around the same price as a Squier Classic Vibe I think this one would win a shootout. Radial Tonebone Plexitube.

From their various overdrives, to switchers, to loopers, they always do a lot more than you expect. The Plexitube is no different. Utilizing a 12AX7 tube to add warmth, and true bypass to avoid signal degradation, the Plexitube produces four generations of Marshall Plexi tones.

It features two distinct distortion channels for quick switching between rhythm and lead settings with Channel 1 optimized for chunky rhythm tones and scooped mids and Channel 2 is voiced for solos with fat mids and great sustain. It also features an effects loop that can automatically turn your delay, i. Lovely condition and part of the original run of this model which included all mahogany construction and rosewood fretboard and bridge instead of the later Morado.

This model has its roots in the Martin , which Bob Dylan used exclusively for during his early career, which is an all-mahogany size produced from Mahogany is a great wood for just sitting around playing by yourself.

It's a warm, cozy tone that covers lows-mids-highs without discrimination; very well balanced and an excellent strumming guitar. While this wouldn't be the best for fingerstyle, the smaller body seems to contribute to better note definition than a mahogany dreadnought. Very comfortable set up and at 20 years the tone is open and warm.

Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion , pic2. Keeley's take on a British amp in a box and it does the job nicely. It features the usual Distortion and Volume knobs plus a 3-band tone stack of Bass center frequency hz , Middle frequency range of hz Keeley offers that in Tube Amp Crunch the LED lights up and is actually part of the clipping circuit while with the switch down Lead Channel the LED doesn't light up and it provides higher gain and more saturation.

You would think this pedal would be a Marshall clone but many folks online have suggested it shares more with a Rat pedal than with Marshall. Whatever, I think it sounds excellent. This particular one is "as new", not a scratch, in the box with all the stuff. Reissue of one of the most popular Distortion pedals of the 70s and 80s.

It sounds as good today as when I played in my high school garage bands. Offered in "as new" condition in the box with rubber feet, manual, sticker, etc. I love this technology. It uses a guitar input as the source for determining which harmony to add so there's no programming required.

The harmonies change from major to minor based on your chording. It's the same technology used in the Helicon "Harmony G" which is was my favorite unit for a few years.

It features 8 different harmony arrangements, 3 reverbs room, hall, club , a separate mix level for harmonies and an Adaptive Tone control. This tone control isn't your basic tone and it actually adds in EQ, compression and de-essing, giving your vocals a sparkle that aren't there when that features is turned off. Here is a very pro demo by TC Helicon link and one from a regular guy link. Previously posted as a single-pickup Esquire.

I decide to re-do this one as an HS Tele to appeal to more players. It features top quality components using a '00 Fender American Tele body dated in pic here as a starting point. About the only other thing that's stock is the bridge assembly, wiring harness and neckplate. The neck has been changed to a newer Warmoth with the truss adjustment on the treble side near the butt. It features an Earvana compensated nut and Hipshot locking tuners. Neck profile is Warmoth's 59 rounded, based in a '59 Les Paul very much like a 90s Gibson LP and is rather substantial but not at all chunky.

It had relocated string trees at some point and since the staggered Hipshot locking tuners don't require trees it has 4 holes where trees were once installed, and impressions from previous vintage tuners.

That's the worst aspect of the guitar and it doesn't affect the integrity or tone in the least. Neck has been painted black with the back of the neck hand rubbed to a very comfortable satin finish. Pickups are a Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck humbucker controlled by a mini 3-way switch to control the neck humbucker so you essentially can get 7 tones.

Tonally it has a very spanky Tele tone or a fat tone for all your Keith Richards tones. Set up is excellent, probably better than it was stock since I believe Warmoth necks are generally better than stock Fender. The body is in clean shape other than a few clear coat scratches. Focusrite Trakmaster Pro Mic Preamp , panel back , box. Just found these, hidden away for years … Brand new, out of the box only to shoot pics.

The British company Focusrite has been a leader in top quality, but rather expensive, studio gear for years but in recent years has developed some affordable gear that most home studio's and club bands can afford. This unit is an updated model over the original Trak Master, which had a typical class A Platinum design, based around a Rhom transistor.

Other enhancements of the TrakMaster Pro include a Lo-Z setting for use with older ribbon mics; a port-hole style moving coil peak level meter which can be switched between input, output and comp gain reduction , and a latency-free monitoring section which allows you to route the output of your DAW through it and create a monitor mix with the signal coming direct from the unit headphones and speakers.

For a review check out Music Radar here. Includes all paperwork and external power supply. Just found after a year MIA in a mislabeled case. Great feeling guitar with quality tone, Petrucci vibe, with a few mods. The logo has been removed from the headstock — the body, which is factory satin finish, has been lightly buffed out to a semi-gloss finish compare to headstock in first pic above. A trem stop has been installed, allowing for down pressure only, EVH style, with advantages such as tuning stability during string bends and string breakage.

The JP is a rather unique, well made guitar, The neck and headstock picture are one, meaning no scarf joint, which is more expensive to manufacture but adds stability and avoids potential separation. Stock features include Basswood body with custom deep forearm contour, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and custom Sterling Petrucci Neck carve, reverse controls 3-way closest to your picking hand , Locking Tuners, 24 medium-jumbo frets, Sterling Modern Recess Tremolo with a really solid block, If you can live without a Sterling logo, this has some tasteful upgrades and superb playability at a nice price.

From Ibanez's extensive bass line the ATK was always the big boy, with a large ash body, beefy neck and excellent selection of tones that can dial in virtually any style of music you're playing. The tone compares favorably to a Music Man Stingray, partly due to the electronics suite. Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator. Super clean; perhaps the best acoustic pedal ever made. Much more versatile than a Fishman bridge - and cheaper too. For players who are looking for electrics with an acoustic bridge, this thing sounds better and works with any electric guitar.

Has settings for Jumbo, Standard, Enhance and Piezo. Updated version of the RC Create some real magic with these baby - loops and riffs can be stacked repeatedly until the entire massive 16 minutes of recording space is full.

Never before has it been so easy to create a large one-person-band sound in real time. Save up to 11 loops at a time. Undo function makes it easy to create perfect loops. Built-in auto quantize for simple and accurate loop timing. Change loop tempo without changing pitch. Footswitchable loop select with optional footswitch. This is a killer toy and an even better tool if you know what you're doing. You can do "The Edge" type songs with ease and so much more.

Clean shape in the box with CD, manual, etc. Sennheiser e Silver Instrument Mic. Excellent quality instrument mic. The design and specs allow for simply draping over the top and resting on grill cloth if you prefer to not use a mic stand. Also works well with drums. Features include rugged metal body, advanced shock-mount design, super-cardioid pick-up pattern, and hum compensating coil.

Love this new series from Fender which debuted in June This series celebrates the different vintage eras 50s, 60s, 70s with the fundamental design of original models Strat, Telecaster and P-Bass remaining largely true to the original but with slight unique features, primarily sound, colors and pickups. The "Modified" aspect of this model takes it a step further and adds modern features, the flatter 9. This guitar also has 3 nice aftermarket upgrades. Specs include alder body with Olympic White gloss poly finish, modern "C" neck with Pau Ferro fretboard, gloss Urethane headstock face with satin Urethane neck and back of headstock, synthetic bone nut, 2-Point Synchronized tremolo with stamped steel saddles, 3-ply mint pickguard with white aged knobs.

This guitar sounds fantastic, very expressive and articulate with very good sustain. Set up is impeccable: low, no string rattle. Pristine condition with no flaws noted. Includes Fender deluxe gigbag, manual, hangtags, and trem arm. Excellent 2-channel mic preamp and DI. If you do any recording you need a quality preamp to prevent your vocals and instruments from having a sterile tone. It's very versatile as well, with two channels, offering Class A solid-state preamps for a clean and clear sound, plus parallel 12AX7-driven tube preamps lets you blend in tube saturation to warm up your tone.

Some solo artist gig with these in place of a mixer, plugging their mic into one channel, their guitar into the other. Super-shallow bowl makes this very comfortable to play and the typical Ovation USA quality means this guitar can be enjoyed for many, many years. Although Ovations have a good acoustic tone where they made their money is their amplified tone, which is why they virtually owned the stage for all popular acoustic players in the 60ss, frequently playing a Balladeer with cutaway like this one.

Not surprisingly, I was completely impressed with this guitar through my regular guitar amp. As I mentioned Ovation has a reputation for amplified acoustic tone which is due to both the body's design and with quality electronics, which were always a step ahead of the competition. This era used Ovation's ET-3 system which consists of a saddle transducers and preamp with volume, 3-band EQ and battery check. This guitar had a top crack which was expertly repaired by my tech Martin who closed up the crack and finished over it.

Plays very nicely and sounds excellent, especially as a stage guitar. If you don't mind one non-problematic top crack it's in otherwise nice shape and an excellent deal on this guitar, which comes from a great era for Ovation USA. Truly a stunning acoustic with some of the best flamed koa you'll find and a genuine vintage guitar Santa Cruz, serial number The label is imprinted with the names of Richard Hoover and Bruce Ross. The year after this one was built Hoover bought out Ross so this is the last full year with the Ross name association.

Back in the 's, when the Orchestra Model OM size first came on the scene it was a large guitar and was designed to be heard above the orchestra instruments. Within a few years though the larger dreadnought came on the scene and became the size of choice for orchestra guitar players. SCGC was one of the key builders who brought the instrument back into popularity in the 80s.

The OM is noted for its versatility, equally at home with fingerstyle and flatpicking, with clean, loud mid-range and trebles and a slightly predominant bass.

Suffice it to say it's nicely appointed and features very choice woods throughout. The fretboard is very tight grain and has some tan streaks in it so I suspect it's Brazilian. The neck is a V-shape, but it has more shoulders than most and it's not terribly deep and it's easy to get your hand around. Tonally this one just blew me away, largely due to the pronounced bass response which sounds more like a dreadnought and an OM.

The mids were punchy, the highs were clear. Very balanced overall. No excuses. Includes original case and work order receipt from SCGC. Beautiful condition! Limited run model for Sweetwater that's factory equipped with an Eminence Red-White-Blue 12" speaker which is a big upgrade over the regular-production Jensen CN.

These amps are highly regarded as a quality club amp and this limited edition model in lacquered tweed covering has the 50's vibe but with features that will go from old-school rock 'n roll to hard rock. The Blues Junior is an all tube combo with a pair of EL84's delivering a very loud 15 watts, with a trio of 12AX7's in the preamp section. It comes with plenty of tone shaping with bass - middle - treble controls, with a "Fat" switch also selectable via included footswitch that boosts the mids and really makes this amp sing.

A separate volume and master volume allow overdriven tones at any volume plus you get that great Fender spring reverb tone. Also features an extension speaker jack, should you want to run a larger rig.

The size of this amp is ideal for players for whom space is a premium such as a home studio or traveling to gigs in a small car. The tone, however, is anything but small.

The 15 watt rating is deceptive and it's definitely loud enough for club gigs, as long as you don't need a totally clean sound at max power. Footswitch is included. High output With soft picking you get cleaner tones; pick hard and you get more grit and fatness. Kent Armstrong Spitfire Strat Pickup. Seymour Duncan Strat Pickup Set , pic2. Mounted on a new single-ply black guard.

Inexpensive upgrade for your Mex Strat. Fender borrowed design elements from the Prosonic in designing the Supersonic 22, using a pre-Silverface voiced clean channel along with the cascading-gain drive. To add a bit of shaping the clean channel includes a two-band EQ, as well as a "voicing switch" which offers tones inspired by the classic Fender Vibrolux and Fender Bassman amps.

Initially offered in a higher powered combo, the new Supersonic 22 delivers a fatter tone with more bass. One important upgrade over most old Fenders is the effects loop, deemed essential by most pro players. For a rundown of all the features, click here for a demo — while a good performance demo is here.

Offered in beautiful condition with no flaws noted and very little playing time. Includes Fender cover and 4-button footswitch with long cable as well as assorted paperwork new tubes, upgraded speaker, etc.

The top has some figuring, which is certainly more interesting than a plain piece of maple. Unlike a lot of old archtops with high action, this guitar plays with ease, as the neck was quite possibly, and very professionally, reset. This guitar sounds very good for Delta blues playing and it has a full tone for an acoustic archtop.

Overall condition is very tidy and it includes some nice case stuff like original packaged Guild polishing cloth, warranty card, and key manila folder. Likewise, original case is in beautiful condition as shown. Here are a few of his builds on the Warmoth site link. A few really nice touches on this one starting with the lovely South American lacewood top, which is a thick slab and not a veneer, chambered Khayan mahogany body, ebony fretboard with abalone dot inlays, wooden pickup bobbins and rings, ebony volume and tone knobs, Gotoh locking tuners and 4-way Super Switch.

Other features include I'm not sure what the pickups are but they sound good in this chambered body; rich sounding and not too dark. What it really excels at is harmonics. Perhaps the most harmonically rich guitar I have in stock. It doesn't sound like a Tele but for many of you that's not a bad thing. It also has good projection and a nice acoustic tone. Includes choice of a nice gigbag or not-nice case. Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Pickguard.

Vintage Kalamazoo KG-2 Pickguard. Lindy Fralin P90 Cover. Might have a pair of these in stock. PRS J. Hiland Aluminum Truss Rod Cover. Etched signature but not gold. Solid aluminum.

I got tired of looking for missing trem arms so I ordered too many new ones. Vintage Stompbox Battery Cover for this type of pedal. Includes reflective decal and two stars, reflective decal and two more stars, one Kramer Pacer logo, and CD on building a replica.

SWR 1-button Footswitch. Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb , pic2. If you need an outboard reverb, whether your amp isn't equipped with it or you simply need more versatility, the Oceans 11 is an excellent choice. Simple to use and it sounds great. It features 11 reverb types with up to 3 variations for many reverb types via the Mode switch. The Tails switch allows you to choose whether or not your reverb cuts off abruptly when you bypass the pedal while a Secondary knob mode allows access to "hidden" parameters with details contained in the included manual.

A cool spring reverb emulation allows you to "crash" the virtual reverb tank yeah, THAT sound by double-tapping the footswitch. You can also connect an external footswitch to trigger infinite reverb effects. You may only want to use traditional reverb effects but should you want to get frisky with some new sounds, especially in the studio, this baby shines. Runs on a standard 9V DC power supply, i. Although it doesn't include the wall-wart, this one is "as new" in the box with manual, warranty and sticker Electro-Harmonix Double Muff , pic2.

You can use just one Muff for a hint of milky distortion, or cascade the second Muff for over-the-top overdrive. In single mode, the amount of overdrive will lessen as you decrease the volume on your guitar.

You can compensate for this by increasing the volume of the Single Muff. In Double Mode, the Muff knobs will interact with each other so that you can tweak your sound for the that perfect distortion. Muff 1 sets the overall output level for the Double Muff in either mode. Muff 2 sets the output level for the first Muff in Double mode in Single mode this knob is inactive.

Features true bypass and runs on 9V or external power supply. Some of the logo rubbed off during polishing but otherwise mint condition in the box with manual and warranty. Pics and specs of guitars, amps and accessories. Super lightweight 6 lbs 5.

Beautiful Tele built from quality components. Stunning birdseye-maple Warmoth neck with factory-finished Warmoth ash body, translucent blue finish. Neck features the popular Warmoth compound radius which goes from a rounder 10" at the first fret to a flatter 16" at the top fret, which lets you form chords easily on the steeper curve of the lower frets, while the flatter upper frets are perfect for bending and leads.

It's a chunky neck, measuring. Body has never had a pickguard installed, to better show off the nice grainy ash, but we can install one upon request. They're well balanced and sound good. Hardware includes Grover Rotomatic tuners and a Fender vintage style bridge plate with 6 barrel saddles.

Includes choice of an SKB case in fair condition or gigbag. Mint in the box, never installed. Standard Fender style install using 2 pins to prevent shifting rather than a set screw. Features stagger height which makes string trees optional. There are a lot of Tom Delonge fans out there. Like the Fender Tom Delonge Strat, the Epiphone signature model has tripled in price since the models were discontinued.

Both models share one thing. Both feature just a single humbucker and a volume control. That's the entire electronics package. Built to the exact specifications of the Blink guitarist, it's an archtop semi-hollowbody design with a powerful Gibson Dirty Fingers humbucker with a mahogany center block for increased sustain and feedback resistance.

It's instantly recognizable with Delonge's paintjob with a cream-colored racing stripe down the center of the olive green satin finished body. The set up is similarly superb with very comfortable action and no dead spots.

Designed as another tribute to perhaps the most iconic Strat player of all time. It as the general look of a flipped over Strat, as Jimi's looked as a lefty who played righty guitars with a reverse headstock and "backwards" tilted bridge pickup.

More than just cosmetics, you'll find different mojo in your tone by having the bass strings closer to the bridge; treble strings further away.

Likewise, while the scale length is your standard On a traditional Strat, the highest strings E, B are longest while upside down they become the shortest, so they don't have to be pulled as tight to be in tune.

The fact that they were easier to bend allowed Hendrix to give songs like "All Along the Watchtower" that Jimi sound. Features include alder body with gloss poly finish, 21 medium jumbo frets on a C-shaped maple neck, 9.

It's a pro install. I'll upload a pic tomorrow. A perfect all-in-one recording solution for Apple products and connects to guitar, bass, or any mic, but it already has a studio-quality built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone that's likely as good or better than most home studio. For details click Dowels Home Depot Number here for the Apple Store. Electro-Harmonix Soul Food , pic2. The Soul Food was designed to yield the same transparent overdrive with the great touch and response.

Its circuitry features boosted power rails which give a lot more headroom and increased definition plus selectable true bypass or buffered bypass modes. The 2-band EQ gives you control not possible with the common Tone control. You can dial out the mud in your lead tones which isn't possible with a single tone control. It also features a Voicing switch to further fine-tune your bass response.

Typical TCE quality, made to last. It also features true bypass, easy access battery and high quality components throughout. Versatile distortion capable of loads of dirt, whether it be vintage low gain tube amp drive or modern scooped metal tones. The 3-band EQ is key here and with the gain control you can dial in a very wide variety of OD tones, as mild or nasty as you want.

The Badass Distortion gives you true bypass switching, a robust housing, and bulletproof components. Clean shape. With more and more of our customers doing some great home studio work I've been on the lookout for nice studio gear. The JBL P MkII studio monitors provide quality near- and mid-field monitoring for any home or professional studio when accuracy is a must.

With JBL's Image Control Waveguide and superb transducers you're guaranteed excellent accuracy and dimensional stereo imaging. Unlike much of the competition they have a broad sweet spot - a much larger "perfect position" to hear an accurate stereo field. With many others what sounds great from the engineer seat sounds completely different to the guy standing 5 feet over his right shoulder. Their Boundary EQ settings compensate for low-frequency anomalies caused by the environment while the patented Slip Stream low-frequency port provides superior bass performance.

Features 10dBV input-sensitivity switch as well as a volume control. They're sleek and modern looking and, more importantly, are shielded for placement near magnetically sensitive equipment. For full specs and videos go to JBL's page here.

Two excellent MIJ pedals in nice shape. They share an identical case, possibly made in the same factory. Use as a volume pedal via Input-1 and Output-1 or as an expression pedal when using Output The Boss FVL is a low impedance unit. Boss makes a FVH high impedance volume for using the unit before the input of your amp while this 50L unit is low-impedance allowing direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units.

The latest and greatest from Boss, gives guitarists a wide range of classic auto-wah and dynamic wah effects responsive to how hard you pick , plus a new "Humanizer" effect, which can simulate human voce-type vowel sounds. A dedicated Bass input even provides a variety of funky wah sounds for bass guitar.

Tempo can be set for pedal control or at fixed rate via Manual mode. Includes daisy chain and 9V wall adapter.

Room for the PSM and 5 more pedals - plus a slot for tuner. Makes stage setup a breeze. Upgrades include a fairly hefty.

The neck looks new with no fret wear. Includes Fender Pro Series case and trem arm. A real beauty in Vintage Cherry, offered in flawless condition. We've been going through some SG's lately, both Gibson and Epi.

This '61 model has all the styling of the vintage models including slim taper mahogany neck, trapezoid inlays, crown headstock emblem and a bound rosewood fingerboard.

The lacquer-finished mahogany body features deeply sculpted body scarfing, a 5-ply teardrop pickguard and a 22nd-fret neck joint with nickel-plated hardware includes a classic ABR-1 bridge and dual-line, single-ring keystone tuners. Gibson's pickups for this model were voiced especially for the '61 and include the 61R and 61T humbuckers which are more aggressive than most Gibson humbuckers, but clean up nicely with the volume dialed back.

Electronics also features audio taper pots orange drop capacitors. For me, I've always found SG's fun to play. They're very lightweight, easy to play in the upper register, and the slim neck seems to make me faster somehow.

This guitar could be sold as new - not a scratch with the plastic film still on the pickguard. Includes brown Gibson case in similarly perfect condition. It debuted with a slab body and single Tele style pickup but by it took on the appearance that stayed with it until today with the contoured edges, belly cut and split-single coil pickup which is actually a humbucker. This one sounds the way you want a P to sound with a deep tone and a killer thump that sounds at home in Motown or heavy metal.

The set up is low and comfortable and the tone is fat with good sustain. Get this one with some nice upgrades, plus a quality gigbag for less. Designed by Fender Master Builder Greg Fessler, this fine Strat features a blend of the old and the new, something Fender has been featuring throughout much of their line in the past 15 years.

Includes Fender gigbag. Lovely condition, finished in classic 3-tone sunburst with maple fretboard. This is one of the last version Deluxe's with the 3rd generation of the Noiseless pickups N3 , with a DH-1 Atomic humbucker in the bridge.

There are plenty of switching options with the S-1 switch click here , which doubles the tonal choices of the 5-way selector, plus a "Passing Lane" pushbutton, which, regardless of the 5-way and S-1 selection, takes you directly to the bridge humbucker wired directly to the output jack for pure, powerful rock tone.

The new compound radius fretboard which goes from 9. These SCN N3 pickups were the latest and greatest from Fender for creating warm tone and responsive bite, a genuine vintage tone, but without the noise, which the DH-1 bridge humbucker is fat, loud, and meaty. Like most Deluxe's, it has a great neck which for fantastic low action and crystal clear bends. Offered in excellent condition with perfect frets and a killer low set up.

The silhouette is pure Tele comprised of a traditional two-piece light weight 7 lb 3 oz alder body attached to a one-piece quartersawn maple neck and fretboard. Although it has its share of clear coat dings, edge wear, and finish checking, by Relic standards it's on the NOS side of heavy relic.

The neck features authentic looking "wear" to the fretboard in all the right spots with the back bare wood throughout the heavily traveled area.

Just nice enough to be an authentic year-old working Tele. This model features a TV Jones Classic neck pickup 3. You'll note the reversed control plate which is an old Nashville trick to make it easier to do volume swells. A few obvious modern touches include medium jumbo frets that are tall and thin as well as the flatter 9. A few other hot-rod features include nonlocking Sperzel tuners with lovely pearl buttons and a Fender RSD bridge with its distinctive Tele coverplate outline that offers a lower profile wall and three offset 'intonated' brass saddles.

You'll note the outer saddles are machined with bullet ends while the middle one looks like it's a 2-piece but it's just machined that way and is simply an offset barrel. As I mentioned, with the hand-wound Tx Spec bridge pickup it delivers the classic Tele honk while the TV Jones in the neck is slightly more muted than a traditional Tele neck pickup.

It almost sounds like a humbucker and has more clarity than a Tele neck and it excels at touch-sensitivity and works great with your pick attack. The Greasebucket tone control with these pickups focuses on the upper frequencies.

As you back it off it brings down not only the highs but a bit of the mids as well. It's a killer player with low action and for your chunky neck fans will appreciate the larger U-shape neck that measures. This is a superb Tele by any measure. It plays beautifully and has excellent sustain, and can deliver both traditional Tele tones and some sweeter tones not normally associated with a Tele.

I would describe it's condition as "relic mint" with no wear of flaws other than factory. Frets are perfect. Inside the case you'll find the certificate, original Shop Traveler build sheet, Fender leather strap, leather tri-fold portfolio, serialized hang tag, Custom Shop picks, bumper sticker, and a comprehensive custom guitar design guide. Ibanez Wau Wau Standard Model 57 , pic2 , inside. Made from ca. Does a good wacka-wacka tone and fatter sounding than the Crybaby's which were more prolific in the 70's.

These pedals seem to run forever so you'll likely have many years of use without problems. Pretty nice vintage condition. This is a top quality from ca. Victory Amplifiers of England have teamed up with the great Richie Kotzen for a superb signature model combo a head is also available. The combo version uses a single 12" Celestion G12M Creamback speaker to deliver a decidedly mid-focused tone with 50 watts of beautiful British-made power.

Using a duet of EL34's and a trio of 12AX7's, it yields versatility despite its single channel. In true Kotzen fashion it's built for incredible, saturated gain tones with loads of dirt when you crank the gain.

Far from a one-trick pony, it also delivers a powerful clean as well, simply by backing off the gain. For you no-nonsense players who appreciate a true grab-and-go amp this is as simple as they come.

You've just got gain-tone-volume plus onboard spring reverb and tremolo circuits. It includes a footswitch for the reverb and tremolo, as well as a separate footswitch to engage the boost function. I understand that Richie runs his amps at 9 watts in the live setting. Go figure. On the rear panel you'll find a switch for speaker damping, turn off for increased bass response and speaker resonance. You'll also find a series effects loop for running your outboard effects after the preamp section as well as external bias test points and adjustment and external speaker outputs.

The top, bottom, and sides are built from solid pine, with the back and baffle built of ply. Here's a good demo by Anderton's link with mostly shredding but at around you get to hear some cleaner stuff. Includes a nice Victory slip cover, both footswitches, and manual. Ships in original Victory box with cover, footswitches, and manual. If you're looking for a big sound from a small guitar, the CA Cargo guitar beats anything I've heard. This baby is quite loud, both from the audience perspective and even more so for the player due to the offset soundhole located on the upper bass bout.

One of the few travel guitars I've heard that can be played in a performance situation, where the audience wouldn't suspect that the tone is coming from a travel-sized acoustic.

Best of all, it's built entirely of carbon fiber, which is impervious to climate changes. You can take it from the heat of your car trunk, into an air-conditioned venue, and just begin your set. For you actual travelers, the Cargo easily fits airline overheads or anywhere space is tight and is extremely durable, able to be battered around with no ill effects.

Features include carbon fiber neck and body, precise Hipshot tuning machines, proprietary carbon fiber bridge and saddle materials, and L. Baggs Element pickup system with volume control protruding slightly from the soundhole routed to an endpin jack.

While you might notice a slightly shorter scale, the increased string spacing, side to side, allows easy chording and fingerstyle work. It's as comfortable to play as most standard guitars. The rest of the spectrum is well balanced with Walnut Dowels Home Depot Yoga sufficient mids and crisp highs. Here's a demo link by Acoustic Guitar Mag fast forward to to hear it in action. If you want some interesting background info on CA and carbon fiber guitars, Click here for a 2-part factory tour and manufacturing process.

Includes CA gigbag. Clean, modern lines that exude the elegance the 50's were noted for. The Model is a dynamic omnidirectional microphone designed for use where "reverberation or random noise is not a particular problem", to quote their design sheet. It is equipped with a "on-off" switch and can be mounted on a floor or desk stand or held in the hand.

Offered in average condition for its age and works properly. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal. The '60 Classic has all the classic features including '60 slim taper neck and mahogany body with figured maple cap, all finished in a high-gloss, hand-sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer.

Its resonance and sustain are only further enhanced by the deep-set quarter-sawn mahogany neck with degree back-angled headstock. Other features include Nashville bridge with stopbar tailpiece, trapezoid fretboard inlays, bound body top and back, bound neck, inlaid headstock logo, and vintage-style tuners with tulip buttons.

Pickups are the R in the neck position, wound with AWG wire like a traditional PAF for rich, warm, vocal-like tones, but carries a ceramic magnet for enhanced punch and clarity - plus the T in the bridge, wound with finer AWG wire to pack the coils to the max and built with a ceramic magnet for hotter leads, excellent sustain and controllable feedback. These came from the factory without pickguard holes drilled and this one has never had a pickguard attached so no screw holes.

If you've looked at a few of these you're likely aware that this is one of the nicer Plus models you'll find. Includes original brown case with plush pink lining and protective shroud. Includes Gibson black case, warranty, and cream pickguard with mount. With its laminated maple top, back and sides in the semi-acoustic construction of the ES, and a solid mahogany center block for sustain and feedback reduction, the ES-Les Paul is truly a new guitar; an instant classic.

Other features include: mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 12" radius, pearloid trapezoid inlays, 1. Presents as new and untouched with plastic still on the pickguard. Includes Gibson brown case and certificate. It also has a cool non-destructive modification to make it even better. It will include the Bigsby vibrola with Vibramate that can be easily removed and returned to stock should you prefer.

With the Vibramate kit there's no drilling into the body required so it's as good as new if removed. This model was called the Class 5 Modern Standard later in its production run but it's the same identical guitar. This limited edition model was available in a rainbow of 7 colors but for me this amber looks the best and looking.

Also, if you look around Reverb at other examples this guitar is the best flame you'll find on this model. Includes custom shop case, certificate, original bridge and tailpiece, Gibson-supplied extra 3-way switch cover, polishing cloth, extra knob set, warranty, hang tag and more. A beautiful top of the line Epi that does it all. It's a dual-humbucker electric guitar, an acoustic with a Shadow NanoMAG pickup, and even records directly to your digital recording deck with a USB output. Plus, it even has a built-in chromatic tuner built into the bridge pickup ring.

Rather smartly, there are two separate output jacks so you can run acoustic and electric summed, or split them to go to separate amps or mixing channels. Plus you get the USB output that's also mounted on the output plate.

It features a chambered mahogany body, mahogany set-neck, bound body and neck, ProBucker-2 and ProBucker-3 pickups, a genuine ABR-1 bridge with the wire, stopbar tailpiece, Grover tuners and chrome Walnut Dowels Home Depot Industries hardware. Specs call for a Pau Ferro fretboard but it's very dark, black like ebony so I'm not sure about that.

The neck profile is very thin, at least as thin as a '60 Thin Taper, and has a satin finish on back which makes it feel very fast. The rest of the guitar is a gloss finish.

The NanoMAG acoustic pickup is discreetly mounted at the end of the fretboard where it picks up both the body resonance and string harmonics for quality acoustic tones. On the back of the guitar there's a control plate to preset your acoustic bass-treble-gain, along with a 9V battery door. This guitar plays beautifully and sounds excellent electrically with a fairly authentic acoustic tone. It's offered in stunning showroom condition. Excellent value on a USA guitar.

At one time I had of the Pine Island guitars and this one was just traded in after three years. Pine Island, located in Southwest Florida, used good quality parts and, most notably, their own hand-shaped bodies, made of alternative or exotic woods.

This one was the most traditional of the Tele's from Pine Island and features a solid poplar body with a butterscotch blonde finish and black pickguard, giving it the appearance of the legendary '52 Telecaster. Poplar is nearly identical to alder in its tonal properties so, with a set of Fender USA Hot Tele pickups, it has all the Tele twang you know and love. This one also has a modern C-shaped neck, 22 medium jumbo frets, rolled body edges, 6-saddle bridge, WD electronics and Gotoh hardware.

Set up is excellent. An incredible value…read the description: The BR is reminiscent of a fine American , namely the , built prior to WWII, made with the same techniques as their vintage counterparts, including many by-hand processes, and built of all solid woods.

The looks, feel, and tone of this guitar are reminiscent of a USA "Golden Era" and you'd never guess it was an Asian import. Like true quality heirloom instruments, Blueridge guitars aren't overbuilt; they're crafted to be light and resonant. Meticulous craftsmanship is displayed in the traditional, forward-position, hand-carved parabolic X-bracing which allows the solid Spruce top to ring loud and true. It also features a traditional dovetail neck joint, slim mahogany neck, adjustable truss rod, and butterbean-button, Kluson-style tuning machines with an updated mechanism for modern precision and feel.

The BR is hard to find and on back order in many stores. For looks, tone, vibe, and playability, it's impossible to beat this guitar for the price. Specs are the same as the DK24 above. Flawless condition — excellent value in a short scale bass! Unlike a lot of short scale basses, which are lower quality, if not toys, the Mikro Bass has the same quality and backing as their full scale Soundgrear basses. With a It also uses a new truss rod cover door that easily slides to the side - no more screw to remove for adjustments.

The body style is the same as other Soundgear series with the elongated upper horn, short lower horn, and deep cutaway for playing the high notes. I'm amazed at what some of the companies are doing in China these days. This Recording King, Blueridge acoustics and Eastman archtops are clearly in a league of their own.

The fret RPC was inspired by s Gibson flattops, with a cool vintage vibe and a atone that's clear and articulate. With this line Recording King has revived the brand of Depression-era guitars which were originally made for Montgomery Ward. It pairs an 0-size body with a cutaway design with the longer scale length Amazingly, it features a torrefied Adirondack spruce top, the tonewood of choice for most golden-era guitars, but usually found on expensive acoustics.

Torrefied woods are organically aged through a strictly controlled heating process to achieve greater resonance and stability, just like a an old acoustic having a richer, open voice. As part of the Torrefied process it takes on a vintage-y amber-colored top.

Other features are also vintage with its slight narrow waist, stained mahogany back and sides and vintage banner headstock logo. It is well constructed, very neat all around, with a perfectly cut bone nut and saddle, tip-top fretwork after some bench time , and an immaculate gloss finish. It has a V-shaped neck that feels vintage but is easy to get your hand around, with vintage Grover butterbean tuners installed.

The wide 1. A pretty radical guitar, even for Gretsch, with an interesting history. The Billy-Bo is based on the original model that Bo Diddley designed in , and one of 3 that Gretsch built for him back in the day.

Eventually Bo gave one of his original Bo's to Billy Gibbons who used it on stage from time to time. Fast forward to the new millennium: Billy and Gretsch teamed up to design this production model Jupiter Thunderbird, model G Cosmetically it's as clean as they come and could be sold as new despite being 15 years old.

Action is super comfortable and it sounds excellent with balanced pickup output and by rolling back the volume a tad it's capable of doing a variety of music styles. Includes Gretsch case and certificate, hangtag, and all other paperwork. One of the legendary OD pedals of all time and a personal favorite of mine. Every small tweak of the knob changes the tonal character, from fat and dark, to cutting and bright. Earlier Rat pedals like this one LMN chip, pre-led eye in the middle of the logo continue to appreciate on the vintage market.

Includes some pics of Ed of course, color chart, specs on each model, and manufacturing pics and details. For pics of each page visit Vintage Kramer , the premier site on the web for all things Kramer.

Peavey Wolfgang Special Accessories , pic2 , pic3. This model features that wonderful feeling hand-rubbed Charvel maple neck plus killer pickups - Duncan SH Full Shred in Round Dowels Home Depot Java the bridge and a Duncan SH-2 Jazz in the neck - allowing a wide variety of tone and good response to playing style and volume control. The Full Shred SH is noted for a big, focused low end with incredible sustain while the Jazz has great touch dynamics and a sweet high end that's great for cleans or on the edge of break-up.

A heel-mounted spoke wheel allows easy truss rod adjustments while four heavy-duty bolts provide excellent energy transfer from the neck to body. Note also the sculpted heel which allows easy access to the upper register. The two-piece maple Speed Neck has 24 jumbo and a pair of graphite reinforcement rods to make it as stable as a neck can be.

The rolled fingerboard edges give it a nice broken-in feel and seems to allow me to play a bit faster. The neck is a compound radius 12" to 16" with a hand-rubbed urethane finish. I especially like the output jack location, on the back of the guitar and facing up to prevent accidental pullout when someone steps on your cable.

Superb condition, only flaws are very slight discoloration to the maple board and a small glossy spot under the pickups. It has a fantastic low setup and is a very good sounding guitar.

Includes case and trem arm. Housed in heavy duty brushed metal housing with the tube glowing through vents, it's built for the road. If you're using an amp without sufficient input gain, this can be used to beef up your amp's natural distortion, or if you're looking for a Vox amp tone, this thing does a pretty good job on the treble boost setting.

In the Full Range Boost position it enhances all frequencies, adding lows, mids, and some highs while the Treble Boost mode and is good for pushing a slightly overdriven amp into heavy overdrive.

Also good for warming up the tone of a sterile solid state amp. Click here for a demo which moves rather slowly along; just forward to around to hear it after he starts cranking the dials a bit. These are quality pedals, made in Japan, and run on a standard 9V DC power supply or 4 AA batteries which are included. Excellent quality Japan model that has the same vibe and tone as the original 60s Ventures models that I've played.

For being nearly 50 years old it's one of the cleanest vintage guitars I've had and includes both original hangtags and even a Mosrite string pack. Includes a quality original case in similarly clean condition. Semie Mosley wasn't the best businessman so Mosrite agreements and such are written in pretty muddy water.

But, based on some web info I've gathered, here's some background on this model. It was built in Japan as a result of an agreement between Semie Moseley and the Firstman company. It has the classic Mosrite design aspects including a deep German Carve on the basswood body, zero fret, Moseley-branded vibrato tailpiece, two overwound 8.

The maple neck has a rather shallow C profile with very rounded shoulders. The bound rosewood fretboard has original medium jumbo fret wire with more meat and height than typical Mosrite wire, exhibiting only light wear beneath the plain strings on frets and fainter flattening of the crowns until fret 5.

The only mod on the guitar are upgraded modern Kluson-style tuners. It weighs in at 9lbs 3oz. Cosmetically it's in stunning vintage condition with just a little patina on the chrome hardware and only a few very minor nicks and scratches in the black gloss finish.

Original Tolex case is in remarkably nice condition as well and included inside are 2 original hangtags and a Mosrite string pack.

If you're a fan of the Johnny Ramone, The Ventures, or any of the other Mosrite endorsers from the 60s and 70s, this is a nice find. If you've been wanted to check out the possibilities of playing an extended range guitar and want a killer player without spending a fortune, here you go.

The RG line has been around since the 80's and they offer excellent balance, comfort, and the deep cutaway allow easy access to the upper frets. The RG features a basswood body with a 5-piece Wizard II-7 neck with 24 jumbo frets, 7-string standard fixed bridge with string-thru-body stringing, The neck heel is contoured very shallow which makes playing in the upper register more comfortable. The neck is 5 pieces, with walnut strips inserted between pieces of maple.

A 7-string can open up new doors and can be useful for many types of styles. Jazz great George Van Eps was noted for playing a 7 back in the 30's, using the extended scale for easier runs, while some of today's hottest players, such as Munky and Head from "Korn" use them for a very bottom heavy tone.

Overall this guitar pretty nice shape, although the clear control cover on back is homemade and doesn't look great. WE will cut a better cover in black plastic by the time it ships out. This was my personal guitar for around 5 years before I listed it on the site. I love the tone, playability and especially the ultra fast shallow neck.

It started out its life as a black Ibanez Roadstar but the body is about all that's left and even the body has undergone modification. The tremolo area has been enlarged to accommodate a Gotoh vintage style trem with heavy steel block, which replaced the original "Pro Rok'r" locking tremolo. A small brass plate covers the remains of the Ibanez tremolo route. The top of the body has been refinished in 3-tone sunburst, and it's not a spray can job, but a pro refinish with nitrocellulose lacquer; the back remains original black.

The big mystery of this guitar is the neck. We have no idea what kind of neck it is and suspect that it's quite possibly a custom built neck due to the unique 3-piece wood pattern visible on the back of the headstock, and the asymmetrical routing of the truss rod hole we will add a truss rod cover at no expense.

The front of the headstock has a flamed maple veneer and the neck has around a 20 degree angled headstock; very cool indeed. Fretboard is some quality ebony with 22 jumbo frets. It also has been pro finished in nitro and there is some discoloration under the clearcoat that indicates it might have been black, or simply hand oils had penetrated the wood prior to finishing. The main thing you'll notice about the neck, however, is the thin profile. It's at least as thin as an Ibanez Wizard, perhaps thinner.

Somebody sunk quite a bit of time into the finish on this guitar and it does have a vintage vibe. A recreation of a modern classic in a new, smaller footprint. Like the original 70s Muff, this reissue has three controls that lets you dial in the perfect harmonic distortion and sustain.

Choose some warmth and edge, over the top aggression, or anything in between. Works equally well for guitar or bass and features true bypass. Powered by any standard 9V power adapter. Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra Overdrive. The pedal contains two circuits, one modeling Tony's Laney amp preamp circuit while the other models Tony's Dallas Rangemaster. Like many of the effects of our idols there is some mystery surrounding Tony's modded Rangemaster pedal. Catalinbread ascertained the mod allowed it to be a full-range boost rather than the stock circuit which was just a treble booster.

In the days before hot rodding amps, it was designed to push tube amps into overdrive. On this pedal you can adjust the Range control to tune the boost from treble-boost to a full-range boost. Controls include Presence, Gain, Volume 4 named after the album , and the aforementioned Range.

It is designed to work superbly with your guitar's volume, tone, and pickup selector, including excellent touch-sensitivity. Other features include all-metal chassis, high-quality true-bypass switch, powered by 9V—18V power supply and of course made in the USA.

Included in the box are a Sabbra sticker and Catalinbread guitar pick. Danelectro Dan Echo , pic2. Excellent sounding echo, possibly the best on the market for the money. Ray McCauley, probably the hottest player in North Greenbush, says this is his favorite echo pedal of all time. This is one of the good full-sized pedals with metal case - not the little flimsy plastic series. You get cool vintage tape effects with the warmth very close to an all-tube echo. The hi-cut cuts the highs on repeats which perfectly simulates the tone of a 60s-era tape echo.

It is quiet and is perfect for slap-back and more. Electronics Nova System , front effects lit up , back , stock pic. Electronics builds some of the finest rackmount effects I've had in stock. The Nova System takes TCE's technology and puts it on the floor for the gigging musician who wants something organized, but not as complicated as a rack system. Above all, it's made for the player who wants quality tone. It also features a vast array of effects taken straight from the king of floor-based processors; the G-System, so you're guaranteed top-notch compression, EQ, noise gate, modulation, pitch, delay and reverb.

This thing is built for the road with a thick metal case and heavy duty switches. Rather than explaining with words, check TCE's site link for videos on editing as well as performance demos. Includes box, power cable and manual. Garage Packages. Gazebo Packages. Picnic Table Packages. Pine Projects. Planter Packages. Playhouse Packages. Porch Packages. Outdoor Living Packages. Fence Packages. Railing Packages. Shed Packages. Bathroom Sinks. Bathroom Mirrors.

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