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The project material determines most of the factors that will influence your choice and your skill level with your scroll saw. Privacy Policy. You know proper blade choice is the solution, but blades come in many sizes, shapes, and tooth configurations; how do you pick the right one? Instead of relying on guessing or gossip, use these general guidelines to help you to successfully select a blade without trying dozens of sizes, brands, and configurations. Check out our best scroll saw guide for beginners! Tight tolerances and high-quality control standards increase costs which explains why better blades are more expensive.

Pin End scroll saw blades are for machines that require 5″ pin end blades. They are perfect for Sears Craftsman, Penn State, Delta, Ryobi and all 15″ and 16″ imported scroll saws that require pin end blades. SCDZ – 1/16Regular″ SCDZ – 3/16Regular″ SCDZ – 3/16Regular. 5 Inch Pinned End Scroll Saw Blades. Pinned 5" Scroll Saw Blades are the same as our regular plain end scroll saw blades. Pinned end blades have good performance for use with 15" and 16" power scroll saws such as Sears Craftsman, Delta and Ryobi. Suitable for Softwoods, Plywood, and Corian Plastics. Not Suitable for: Medium or Hard woods. Jan 02,  · If your saw is older, it may use pin-end blades. Most newer saws use plain end blades. Some models will accept both, but it is a compromise situation. Always use the style of blade specified by the manufacturer of your saw. If the saw accepts either style, opt for the plain end blade style. Scroll Saw Blade Types.

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