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How to Build a Tabletop Woodworking Mini-Bench by Sue Robishaw for workshop projects large or small with custom vises and jigs to fit individual homestead or woodshop jobs.  Whether your work bench is a full scale, heavy duty, hardwood carpenters bench in a separate workshop or you make do with a corner of the kitchen table, there are times when you want something taller to work on. A cardboard box or a few scrap boards slapped together might suffice for an adequate (or not so adequate) temporary riser, but how nice it would be to have a more solid and substantial work surface. Particularly if your “bench” is the kitchen table. Yet there is seldom room for another piece of shop furniture in either home or shop. The Tabletop Mini WorkBench to the rescue. Mini Table Saw Handmade Woodworking Bench Saw DIY Hobby Model Crafts Cutting Tool with Power Supply HSS Circular Saw Blade. US $ / piece. (7) | 39 Orders. Shenzhen Jutongda Industrial Co. Ltd Store. Aluminum Miniature Jewelers Hobby Clamp On Table Bench Vise Mini Tool Vice Muliti-Funcational DIY Jaw Bench Clamp. US $ / piece. (17) | 37 Orders.  Mini Aluminum Bench Vise Woodworking Table Clamp Crimping Hand Tool Table Vise Mini Locksmith Clip Small Jewelers DIY Parts. US $ / piece. (4) | 32 Orders. Daily Decorative Favors Store. Mini Table Saw Handmade Woodworking Bench DIY Hobby Model Crafts Cutting Tool Multifunctional Bench Lathe Electric Saw. US $ - / piece. (11) | 32 Orders. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest techniques and how-to from Fine Woodworking, plus special offers. Sign Up. Get woodworking tips, expert advice and special offers in your inbox. Sign Up. Sign Up. ×. Get the Plan. Visit the Taunton Store to purchase plans for the mini workbench. Buy The Plan. X. X. New Feature.  I recently finished building my version of this bench. I kept waiting for a project to come along that made sense for the bench and then I finally decided to just start using it on everything, and I never stopped. It makes almost every job easier. About the only time I use my regular bench is for heaving planing. I love the mini bench top bench concept. Thank you. Log in or create an account to post a comment. Sign up Log in. Up Next. Featured Workshop.

The idea to build a Mini Tabletop Workbench came to me for several reasons. First, while I do have a big workbench that is very strong, I also use it for cutting sheets to size and to paint and oil things.

Naturally, the top is covered with dried paint, and when I work with more expensive woods, these paint stains rub mini woodworking bench up on the nice wood, which makes my finishing process a lot more difficult.

The top of my This strong and versatile Mini Tabletop Workbench provides a great mobile work surface that is sure to enhance your workshop experience. Another reason is workbench height. I have found that, especially when doing very precise work, it is very helpful to have the workpiece raised up.

That gets you closer to your work and takes a lot of stress off of your back. It also increases my strength when using the handplane. Another good reason to make a Mini Workbench for yourself might be the size of your shop. This little bench has all the key features of a big bench but is easy to move out of the way — or even to take with you on a job or just to work outside.

For my Mini Workbench, I chose to use maple, plum and mahogany lumber, mainly for aesthetic reasons. If you want a bench that is cheaper to build and can take a bit more stress, beech would be a good choice. For extra strength, you can also join the three pieces with biscuits or dowels, but it is not necessary with this construction. While the glue dried, I started working on the legs, which I made from mahogany. I connected the legs to the benchtop using a long dovetail joint.

The dovetail mini woodworking bench up the legs was cut on the table saw at a After the tabletop glue-up dried, I took my tracksaw and cut the same I took my time doing this mini woodworking bench up sneaked up on this cut because it is very easy to cut it too wide. It is a good idea to experiment with test pieces until it fits perfectly.

A chisel and a router plane work mini woodworking bench up to clean up traces of saw blade marks and to refine the inside corners of the tails on the legs. Your next step is to machine the breadboard ends. I cut tenons on the ends of the benchtop, first. There are a lot of ways to cut nice tenons. I used a hand plane, but the tracksaw will do a great job as well. Before Mini woodworking bench up made the first cut, I checked what Forstner bits Mini woodworking bench up had available and sized the tenon thicknesses based on that bit.

Since I would be cutting the mortises with the Forstner bit, I rounded over the edges of the tenons with some sandpaper to provide a snug fit. The plum wood I chose to use for the breadboard ends was already milled to the right thickness, so I only had to cut them to size and drill out the rough mortises with the Forstner in my drill press. To make things easier, I set up some stop blocks that assured that both breadboards were identical. Set up a depth stop, as I did, to drill these repetitive holes.

I chose the leg shape you see in the Drawings because it looks great and also provides a good surface to clamp the workbench to a tabletop, later.

It is a quick job to cut the legs to shape on the band saw. I used sandpaper backed by a round piece of steel to clean and smooth them, but a spindle sander would be a great help here. After one leg is done, the other leg needs further work because it will mini woodworking bench up to make room to fit the vise.

I took measurements from the vise and cut out the corresponding recess from the right-hand side table leg to accommodate mini woodworking bench up hardware. Once the vise had enough room to fit, I continued by working on the right breadboard. It is very helpful and also looks nicer to have the vise flush with the breadboard.

Again, I transcribed the measurements to the breadboard and used my table saw to cut a recess into the plum wood to fit the vise. My vise attached with four screws driven up from the bottom and two more driven into the face, which was quick and easy to do. The last step before putting it all together was mini woodworking bench up cut the holes in the benchtop for my bench dog.

It is much easier to drill these holes on a drill press before the legs and the vise are attached. I also secured the breadboards to the benchtop with three dowels each. The Mini Tabletop Workbench is a great addition to my shop, and I am sure I will mini woodworking bench up a lot of use out of it.

I bet yours will get a workout, too. Posted in: Project Design Table sawchiselband sawBeechmahoganyMapleWorkbenchplumworkbench vise.

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about mini wood bench? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are mini wood bench for sale on Etsy, and they cost $ on average. The most common mini wood bench material is wood. The most popular color? You guessed it: brown. To order by phone, call. Micro-Mark. Snyder Avenue, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey Oct 21,  · Clamped atop his regular workbench, the minibench gets work closer to his eyes without having to bend over. The in. long top is perfect for most furniture parts. It sports a vise on one end, and dog holes make it easy to hold parts. In this short video, Fine Woodworking senior web producer Ed Pirnik offers a soup-to-nuts overview on the bench.

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