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Mirka® DEROS. This powerful and compact direct electric orbital sander, Mirka ® DEOS is the newest member in the Mirka electric sander family. Availbale Mirka Deros Sander 110v Error in two sizes, the tool’s compact and very low profile gives a high maneuverability and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance. The Mirka® DEROS CV is delivered in a high quality plastic case, together with the 2-in-1 backing pad solution. Mirka DEROS XCV / V Orb. Case UK Mirka® DEROS X CV V (Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander) is the first ever electric sanding machine with Mirka Deros Sander 110v Led a brushless motor and no external power supply. Mirka® DEROS CV direct electric random orbital sander is equipped with a mm (6”) pad and has a 5 mm oscillation. Mirka DEROS CV mm Central Vacuum Orbit 8,0 Direct electric random orbital sander developed for effective and dust-free sanding of all kind of surfaces.

Mar 09,  · I dont own a deros, but i considered a few ceros and deros in the past. Both, on the used market and buying new. I never compared the mirka offerings to the RO line, because i believe the Mirka offerings to be finish sanders. I could be off base here, but i have never heard 'rough stock removal' and 'deros/ceros' used in the same sentence. mirka deros has one advantage, sander is light, so if doing above the head work, work at odd angles, this is the go to unit, but cant work at rpm, rpm, rpm for long, not a selling point. mirka deros with the festool sandpaper leaves alot of dust as the festool sandpaper does not have all the suction openings that the pad provides. ETS EC vs Mirka DEROS which way would you go? So I personally find it refreshing that we can debate whether a Mirka sander is better than a Festool sander It is pretty much like debating whether a Maserati is better than a Ferrari, or whether Kate Blanchet is more stunning than Kate Winslet.

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