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I guarantee it will pay for itself over and over. What happens when I join? After that, my wife usually makes a smoothie, and then she joins me for some reading until she wakes modern woodworking chapter 10 answers web our nine-month-old at am for some breakfast and quick mommy time before heading off to work at or so. There are a lot of professors out there who get paid handsomely but can't teach at all. It helps get me in the right mindset. I put a few drops of peppermint oil in a bowl, pour a load of boiling water into it, and cover my head and the bowl with a towel.

What's New? Page 4 of 4 First Thread: Simplex Lathe. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Following this thread with interest. I have a 12" simplex that I inherited from my dad in He did cut some metric threads on it and made me a left handed metric lock nut for a cc Parilla motorcycle gearbox sprocket in the early 60's. The lathe is in dry storage and broken down into its major components to facilitate the move from WV to VA. In the past year I acquired a set legs complete with the door from a LeBlond and plan to have the Simplex back on line this summer, hasn't been a hurry up project since my 12x30 Hendey is operational.

I have collets, taper attachment, 3-Jaw and 4-jaw chucks which are dated , if I remember correctly, and a couple face plates and some change gears. It does have the lead screw engagement lever a couple posters have mentioned. The original clutch and bevel gear reversing mechanism and its beautiful cast support bracket was still at my parents house although dad had made up a jack shaft drive arrangement with a reversible motor which was mounted to the threaded bosses on top of the headstock.

To my knowledge the only time the original drive was used was from until the mid 50's when the lathe was in my grandfathers shop. During the process of cleaning out my parents house the original drive set up was lost or misplaced. Not computer literate to know how to post pictures and more confused after reading the information regarding picture posting on the South Bend forum. George, Hope this reply finds you and your family well.

You are doing just fine on the translating. My second language is Deutsch german , and I know just enough of it to get into trouble, and not enough of it to get out of trouble.

Guess that's why I'm still married to the girl I met when I was stationed there in the Army. So you are doing great! I am not the original poster, he hasn't posted here in a couple of years. But I would like to see this thread continue, and perhaps we'll have our own sub-chapter group. It would be important for all to continue to document things like identification marks, measurements, etc. Our expert instructors will give you the exact plans to follow, and walk you through the entire process from start to finish , so you get exactly what you want every time.

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I highly recommend it. This helps me figure out how to structure the rest of my day. Around am, I go to the gym. You have to go the gym before your brain has a chance to convince you not to go to the gym.

I wake up at am Monday through Friday. I get up, weigh myself on the Fitbit Aria scale, make my bed well, pull the covers up , and throw on my gym clothes to exercise.

I get home from exercising just after am. I light some incense and run the bath. I always have a bath in the morning and a shower at night. I adore having morning baths. I live in a condo and my bathroom has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the street, so I love having a look at people as they walk by, imagining their lives, and giving them a silent cheer.

Opposite me is a local hotel that hangs its laundry on the roof to dry, and I lazily view the people hanging the sheets out. I have a beautiful range of bath oils and salts to use. I also work with spas, so different skin and body products feature quite prominently in my routine! I also throw in a handful of magnesium salt—fabulous for just after exercise.

While the bath is getting ready, I do my morning skincare routine. This involves a cleansing balm , a citrus-infused warm towel compress, and a gentle press exfoliant. Then I apply a face mask, depending on what my skin needs for that day, and that stays on until I finish my bath.

I prepare my clothes for the day. I normally have an idea already of what I will wear, and I lay the clothes on my bed.

I choose my accessories jewelry, shoes, etc. I do a dry skin body brush all over for a few minutes to increase circulation and get rid of any dry skin. Then I get out, dry myself off, and use a dry body oil to moisturize my skin. I have struggled with weight for many years and have tended to ignore my body. I find that the self-nurturing process of massaging myself with oils allows me to reconnect. It helps that I am a trained massage therapist. I choose my scent for the day, spray a few pumps in the air, and walk through it.

I change the music to something upbeat and get dressed. Then I sit down at my duchess dressing table and do my makeup. I might also say some quick mirror affirmations. Then I get breakfast organized. I sit outside on my balcony to have breakfast and write.

Then I put on my lipstick and shoes, grab my handbag, and leave for work. I normally leave home just before am. I arrive at work and I feel so accomplished and full of energy. I feel as though I am on my path, and that carries me through for the rest of the day! I then do half an hour of work from about am, usually something creative that requires a fresh mind.

After that I go for a walk for thirty or sixty minutes depending on the day , feed my chooks Australian for chickens , and collect the eggs. Breakfast is next. Pancakes or porridge oatmeal for my boys three and five years old and some sort of eggs, usually with potatoes, for my Irishman. Black coffee for me. I wake up around am and drink a large glass of water before preparing my breakfast.

I listen to podcasts while preparing and eating my breakfast, alternating between The Productivity Show , The EDM Prodcast , and various finance and personal development podcasts. I also check my music-related email during this time. I really enjoy walking, and the fresh air wakes me up. The train ride into the city Melbourne is about twenty minutes, so I use that time to do a bit of reading for leisure.

Sometimes you can barely get your phone out! I then walk from the station to the office. After turning on the computer and unpacking my things, I make coffee on the espresso machine at work.

There are not many phone calls until mid-morning, so this is an ideal time to power through the to-do list. I always schedule my tasks the day before, with the most important tasks first, while also being conscious to build in some time for other things that may come up throughout the day. Prior to the stroke I would wake up around am without an alarm clock. Instead, I wake up to the sun pouring into the bedroom.

After brushing my teeth I would then go into my office and take out two black meditation cushions and do a morning meditation. I would sit in a lotus position next to the window and meditate for thirty-five minutes. Then I would wash the dishes, take a shower, and every other day I would have a shave.

I enjoy my morning shaving routine. A couple years ago I started using a heavy-duty German razor with extremely sharp Japanese blades that can really cut your face up, so you have to be very careful. Along with an old-fashioned shaving cream and a brush, I do a sort of barber-shop ritual. I enjoy it very much. After this, I would get dressed and get to work. My alarm is set for am, but sometimes I snooze and wake up around The first thing I do is meditate while sitting up in bed.

I also do a daily gratitude journal using the Five Minute Journal app on my phone. Typically, after I finish my meditation and journaling, I scroll through my team Slack and emails and glance at my calendar. I spend the next minutes in the kitchen with my laptop. I eat breakfast, scroll through news headlines, take care of personal tasks or calls, and catch up on emails and work. I head out at around am, and my day is pretty full once I hit the office.

I wake up at am and very, very quietly leave the house I have two small children , run five kilometers to my office, shower, and get dressed.

During this time, all notifications are switched off and I permit myself only to write, read, and think. The alarm goes off at am. A Keurig takes a couple minutes if it needs to heat up ; a French press takes about ten. Totally, completely worth it. In the four minutes that the coffee is steeping, I play a little game with myself to see if I can unload the dishwasher before the timer goes off.

With two small kids, and a lot of home cooking, the dishwasher runs every night. I usually win. Far more often than not, though, my day starts with reading. After that, my wife usually makes a smoothie, and then she joins me for some reading until she wakes up our nine-month-old at am for some breakfast and quick mommy time before heading off to work at or so. My alarm goes off at am though I occasionally snooze.

I then prepare my coffee and a protein-and-fruit shake and am out the door by From there I commute to my work gym where I exercise for an hour. I consider myself a night owl, so the earlier wake-up time has been quite the learning experience.

My sleep schedule varied constantly over the last five years when I was an independent consultant. I was always working, looking for work, making pitches, and trying to find my way though what at the time felt like a sea of unknown. I was comfortable with staying up later at night as it was the best time for me to concentrate and take care of tasks without interruption. The shift started about two years ago after becoming engrossed in the care of a loved one while still consulting.

I realized that I did not have enough bandwidth to do it all and started to feel the effects on my health. I was constantly sluggish, exhausted, and burnt out. After taking some time to reevaluate, I started the process of self-care, which included working out with a trainer.

However, she only had availability in the mornings, so this was the first step toward an earlier routine. Working through and keeping this routine made me realize I had to prioritize sleep more than before. Well, because I felt awful working out after only four or five hours of sleep, and my trainer reminded me that it was generally unhealthy.

While it initially felt like a gargantuan undertaking, I learned that I can start my day earlier and maximize things for my health while still taking care of personal and professional responsibilities. I now make my morning workout a priority regardless of where I am working and what time I have to start.

I wake up between and am. I usually have my alarm set for am but often wake up before it goes off. When I do wake before it goes off, I get up. I tend to have very vivid dreams and believe that we can learn a lot from our dreams about our hopes, anxieties, etc. Dreams are known to work out emotions and solve problems. They are also known to help people function psychologically. I believe they are crucial to our emotional and mental health. I love getting a quick glimpse into my inner mind and creativity.

After thinking about my dreams, I glance at my phone to see if I have any missed calls or texts. Checking social media first slows me down and distracts me. Not only does it bog me down, it interferes with my focus. Research backs this up and shows the negative impact from attention deficit to depression. After that I put on my workout clothes because I like to train in the morning and take my morning vitamins and supplements. Then I either walk to my local coffee shop which takes about five minutes or head to the kitchen to make coffee.

But what usually happens is Chilaquiles Chili for short, our new bernedoodle puppy wakes us up earlier to go to the bathroom—usually around am sharp—crazy that he is so punctual right? We have got to a point where he will go back to sleep afterward in our bed, which has been an incredible improvement for us. The next one to wake up is usually my son, Ty, at around am, and after that the whole house begins to explode!

Sometimes I try to get a little more sleep and let David my husband go help with getting the kids ready for the day… I love to sleep as long as possible! Once I get up, I check my phone for anything urgent with Terez, then I wash my face, brush my teeth, moisturize, put on deodorant, take my vitamins, and get dressed—in that order!

I wake up at am every day. I express my gratitude to God for gifting me one more day to freely share my knowledge with the world. I drink lots of water, brush my teeth, go to the washroom, and then go to my laptop to write books and articles for hours. I am highly creative and productive early in the morning. I write whatever comes to my mind on the topic that I decided on the previous night—my mind is fresh with peace and tranquillity as there is no noise in the early morning.

Next, I have breakfast. She offers me a spoonful of honey and I enjoy it. She then gives me tea. My wife is an expert in making tea. After breakfast, I proceed to the gym.

I wake up at around am. She has breakfast while I grab a cappuccino from the common area. There is an espresso machine in the complex I live in. She snarfs up her food before I return with my coffee. While having my coffee, I take Mango Roll on her morning walk, which loops through the nearby park and nature trail. When I come back, Mango is released. She drinks up plenty of water and takes a nap by the window. I fix myself breakfast and get ready for work. After getting on the train, I switch to an audiobook.

I shower, brush my teeth, shave, and change into my suit. Next, I bring my two dogs, Bella and Macks, out for a walk. They are both rescue dogs whom we adopted about two years ago.

Then I set out their food for them. Once they are done eating, I give them their medications and eye drops, and then they both go back to bed. What a life! By this time, my wife and children are waking up, and I sit down with my kids to have breakfast together. Typically, my breakfast consists of a green smoothie and maybe some scrambled eggs and gluten-free toast. Around am I drive my car to work and start the day.

On surgery mornings I wake up around am, shower, shave, brush my teeth, and change into my scrubs. Then I head to the hospital and eat a breakfast of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and granola while I go over my patient surgery charts for the day. In addition to finding time for myself each day, I have to get two little girls ready for school and manage a full-time business with my husband.

I typically wake up around am. I love being up when everyone is still sleeping, when there is a stillness in our home. My favorite ritual that keeps me grounded every day is watching the sunrise while I sip on warm lemon water.

Once I exit my bedroom, I immediately heat water, pour it into my favorite mug, and squeeze juice from half of a lemon into it. I do this daily because it is one of the healthiest ways to begin your morning. I love this morning routine, and I never start my day without it.

After watching the sunrise, I sit for a minute and read or do soul writing. Once everyone begins to emerge from their beds around am , I make myself my delicious Cacao Bliss coffee, which is packed with superfoods and provides the energy I need to take charge of my morning.

I then help my girls pack their lunches and send them off to school. At around am I head to the mountains with my one-year-old lab. This is an extraordinary time for me. The crisp mountain air, the smell of fresh pine, and the barren nature trails light my soul on fire. I am successful. I am happy. I am inspired. I wake up naturally between am, after a good nine hours of sleep.

Uncoincidentally, this is when my three year old wakes up as well. Historically, early alarms and I have not gotten along so well. Back in my banking days I used a vibrating alarm under my pillow to wake me up, so that I could be at my desk by am.

I did this for years and still never adapted to it. As far as my body and brain are concerned, am may as well be am. Immediately after I wake up I peek at my phone screen to make sure there were no emergency calls or texts overnight. Is that weird? Then, if all is good, I make my way to the kitchen to start my morning routine. I start my day by drinking twenty-four ounces of water in the first fifteen minutes after I wake up.

Next up is my version of a Bulletproof coffee. No, these are not ads—I just love them so much! I add boiling hot water and combine them all in a blender for a delicious frothy coffee that keeps me full and focused for hours. Next, I text my husband to say good morning and wish him a good day. He usually beats me to it.

We have done this daily for eight years, and I hope that we will always do it. I then spend about thirty minutes drinking my coffee and checking my emails and social media work, not personal to gauge my to-do list for the day.

I address anything urgent before moving on to my morning workout. Before I leave in the morning I make my bed, throw pillows and all. Lastly, I try not to schedule meetings until after am. This gives me the morning to accomplish my routine, some office work, and my workout before running around town. During the week, I wake up some time between and am, and as late as possible on weekends. This little joke on myself always keeps me happy. I get up between am and make a pot of pour-over coffee.

While the coffee is brewing I drink twenty ounces of water with lemon squeezed into it and do a stretching routine, which mostly consists of yoga poses; typically downward dog to sphinx, to warrior one, with some Bikhram, half moon, and standing on one leg. Five or six times a week I exercise—a mixture of weights, yoga, running, and biking.

I used to run a lot more, but now I think I enjoy the higher intensity weights stuff more. I wake up and put on running shorts and a T-shirt. Then I head to the kitchen for a glass of water. I have breakfast—which is almost always oatmeal, plain yogurt, and nuts—with my wife and sons.

Next, I exercise. On many days, I walk with my thirteen-year-old son to his school which is about two miles away and then run home. On other days, I go for a run in the park. Nothing heroic, just minutes.

Sometimes I do something else, and when I need a rest day, I take it. One of the big keys for me is getting dressed in running clothes right when I wake up, because it sets the default to exercise—my family expects it, and I expect it too. This is an idea I got from my friend John Zeratsky. Every morning, I choose one big thing to focus on and make time for it rather than reacting to everything in my inbox and on my to-do list.

While the time I wake up is never consistent, I try to keep my overall morning routine the same. I actually really love my mornings! Mornings are my time for me, and I like to use them to ease into my day. A pretty standard morning for me starts at am. I drink two eight-ounce glasses of water and then make coffee. The next part of my routine is inspired by Lewis Carroll and my favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland. I truly believe that the more one believes in the impossible, the sooner the impossible becomes possible.

It just takes practice—and practice, of course, makes perfect! This is usually when I watch my favorite guilty pleasure shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. I like to keep my morning time very slow and private—kind of like women who choose to have a water birth, so the baby comes out of the watery womb into… more water.

Similarly I like to come out of sleep and not immediately be inundated with people and meetings and demands and performances, and instead be in a peaceful place, in bed, awake. I usually return to my bed at that point and do more work on my laptop. If I have a phone meeting I generally take it from my bed-cocoon-hive.

I usually wake up at am, although that can vary based on how late I went to bed the night prior. I cannot set my alarm for times that end in 5 or 0 not sure why exactly. I remain in bed to read news, check emails, and answer direct messages on social media. After minutes my pup realizes I am awake and swats my iPhone out of my hand so that I will give her a morning cuddle. When we get out of bed, I let her outside and start boiling water in a kettle on the stove to make a pour-over coffee.

If it feels like a painting day, I skip the shower and brekky, wandering straight into the studio aka spare bedroom in the house to stare at whatever painting I am working on. I begin painting almost immediately, and this lasts for uninterrupted hours until I am absolutely starving or desperately need to pee.

Alarms are the bane of my existence, so I rarely set one. I tend to wake up naturally at around am. I pour two cups—one for me and one for my husband—bring them back to bed, and then we talk about our plans for the day and read our morning emails.

At am or , if I go to the gym I take a shower, do quick makeup, blend our daily smoothies organic spinach, kale, strawberries, blueberries, banana, flax seed, and ginger , and am out the door. Depending on what my day entails I can change or get dressed up at the store. I wake up at am; I make a cup of coffee with a Chemex coffee machine; and then I sit down and do morning pages, which is half an hour or so of writing for a thousand words.

I wake up around am when my alarm goes off, and I snooze for a few minutes. When I finally roll out of bed, I check the baby monitor to make sure that Hayden, my daughter, is okay. After I get up, I get ready and go into the kitchen before I leave to grab either a cup of coffee or a glass of water. I make sure to get all my ducks in a row before I head out the door and go to work.

On my way to work, I read my Jesus Calling daily devotion and put in earbuds and listen to hymns. I also read emails and go through materials that producers have sent me throughout the night. I then head to my office at around am. I sit in my office with hot ginger tea and have about fifty minutes until we go live. Then, I put all of my articles inside a manila folder and on the outside of the folder I write notes.

I wake up around am. Three times a week I have a gym class at am, which is pretty crap but necessary. I then head down to my office parking. Before I come into the office every morning I use Headspace to get in my mindfulness meditation practice. Then I head into the office. Then I go through my list of tasks that I need to accomplish that day.

I tend to wake up between am. Once awake, I wash up and make coffee, which I drink while doing my morning journaling. I do a particular morning ritual in my journal that includes writing down my morning prayers of gratitude, my wishes, and my intentions for the day, and doing a tarot card pull to give me some guidance.

Next, I choose other tasks to sit on the priority list. I use the Things app to keep track of my tasks and projects, in addition to using a paper journal. I also keep a Things I Did Today list, which is basically what it sounds like. I always put my alarm just out of reach, so I have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Fast forward to morning. Ah, retirement. I usually wake up somewhere between and am. By the time I return home, the rest of my family is usually up, so we eat breakfast together while I read the paper. I then hang out with my boys until around am, which is when my work day typically begins.

After I get up, I throw on my workout clothes, head downstairs, turn on the espresso machine for my hubby, let the dogs out, and head out for a yoga class a few blocks from my house. The only class offered by CorePower at am is Yoga Sculpt. When I get back, I take a super quick shower and help get the kids ready for school.

My hubby makes me a Bulletproof coffee or a mocha with a heart on it. When the weather is nice, we steal a few quiet minutes on the porch in the sunshine while we drink our coffee. During lacrosse season, when our evenings are monopolized by practices, I put something in the crockpot for dinner. I drop the kids off at school and then I head to the office. I wake up around am, typically after falling asleep sometime around am.

The first thing I do after waking up is hydrate. I get twelve ounces of room temperature spring water, a dash of himalayan salt, and some lemon and crush it to rehydrate from the water I lost overnight. I then strip off my clothes, put on my goggles, and head out to the pool. The combination of the cold water, the movement of swimming laps, and the sunlight is the absolute ideal combination. The cold water boosts norepinephrine and drops my cortisol levels, and the sunlight and the movement sets my circadian rhythm.

Not only does this make me feel more alert for the day, it helps me fall asleep later at night. I wake up between am without an alarm. I throw on my gym clothes, grab some water or a pre-workout drink I often switch between caffeinated and non-caffeinated , and drive to the gym. In the gym parking lot I say a prayer for inspiration and open my journal.

I then write for ten to fifteen minutes focusing on my goals and plans for the day. Once home, I get started on my most important work for the day. I do this through meditation, prayer, journal writing, listening to uplifting content, and fitness. Thus, my most important job is to live in that state as consistently as possible. Thus, the state is a means to an end—doing high quality work.

I tend to wake up naturally between and am, depending on when I fall asleep the night before. The first thing I do is go to the kitchen to make tea. Where we currently live is very close to nature. I drink my tea on the balcony and listen to the sunrise sounds of birds and take in the changing colors of the sky. There is something so grounding and nourishing about being part of the dawn and what feels like the earth waking up.

My early morning routine varies depending on whether or not I ride. I ride my mountain bike or cyclocross bike in the Santa Monica Mountains three days a week, typically Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. My non-ride mornings look like this in order : Tea, meditation, yoga asana and qigong and two days a week I add in strength training , smoothie.

For me to start and maintain a routine, I need to remove any decision fatigue. I make enough decisions throughout the day, so I prefer for my morning self-care routine or preparation for the day to require very little decision making.

When I find a pair of pants or type of shirt I like, I buy them in multiples and in different colors. My cycling coach creates my riding workouts, and I have my go-to favorites for yoga and meditation on YogaGlo.

The above routine and their full planned durations is ideal. My priorities are my company and my wife and family, all of which sometimes shorten the time I have for the routine. Morning is also the best time for me to write. Sometimes I swap a ride for a hike, depending on how my body is feeling. My alarm goes off every morning at am, but I generally stay in bed for the first thirty minutes of my day.

I check in on the business—email, calendar, and the sales numbers that came in overnight while I was asleep. It gets me excited for the day ahead. I never leave the house without a good breakfast. I always do a quick read of theSkimm and then have coffee. I get my coffee at this amazing Brazilian cafe in our neighborhood called O Cafe. They serve organic, sustainable coffee and the most amazing pao de queijo.

Lunch is usually just an accumulation of snacks and more coffee throughout the day. Unless I have important meetings, I generally keep it pretty casual. My typical uniform includes Madewell jeans, a T-shirt or sweater, and tied-back hair. I try to keep it simple so I can get out the door quickly.

I usually wake up between and am. I get the newspaper, make a cup of coffee, and put on quiet classical music. Listening to the kind of music I do—my favorites are Bach , Handel , and the baroque-era composers —almost always has a calming effect on me, and the structure of the music seems to engage my attention.

I try to make sure I get at least seven and a half hours of sleep. Sleep is important! I wake up around am and drink milliliters I quickly check company emails for any emergencies, and then most days I do thirty minutes of cardio swimming or running and then ten minutes in the sauna. I then have a simple breakfast before starting work. I wake up to my alarm at am. I might close my eyes and, depending on how sleepy I am, be in bed for another five minutes or so before getting up.

I wake up around am and try not to use an alarm. I instead try to wake up naturally at the same time every morning. I usually cuddle with my husband and ask him about his agenda for the day. Then I start my day by picking fresh tea leaves in my garden. This time of morning it is beautiful outside, and I love getting the fresh leaves usually mint—I have six different kinds of mint plants!

Then I hand grind the tea leaves and wait while they steep. This is the closest thing to meditation that I do. The manual process of clipping, crushing, and steeping the leaves wakes up all of my senses. Then, at am, I take my tea and read a non-fiction book to warm up my brain for the day.

I try to read books that could inspire my work: behavioral books, self-help, and research non-fiction. It helps get me in the right mindset. After about minutes of reading I get to my desk. I usually wake up between am. Thich Nhat Hahn guides you through meditations that you say out loud and reflect on while you eat breakfast, brush your teeth, shower, and get dressed.

They are practical and helpful and I especially appreciate the guidance to be mindful in the things that I am doing in the morning, and not just on sitting and breathing.

The prayers in his book are healing and comforting and always create a space of internal reflection and contemplation for me as I read them out loud.

Reading words out loud to myself in the morning from these books gives me direction for the day, or whatever I am feeling or needing to hear at the time, and are essential in making sure I feel present and centered to face the day ahead. These five minutes are incredibly helpful in making sure I feel present and centered to face the day ahead. Routine is a strange word for someone who flies , miles a year.

I have three primary routines. At home, my day starts between am. Otherwise, I get the basics done—brushing my teeth, shaving, washing my face, and getting dressed.

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