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New Iron Horse Rockers. Contact us today to learn more about the process. This Infinity Tools thick-kerf, flat-top blade eliminates…. By Matthew Teague I love the clean look of a mitered box that has continuous grain wrapping mocern the corners. The first seminars were held in the basement of the original store. Here are some modern woodworking for sale today and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop.

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Do you like stories about gladiators? How about stories about idiot woodworking editors? This week I was finishing up work on the joined Chinese stool for the cover of the Autumn issue of Woodworking Magazine. I took the components to my shop at home , mostly to avoid all the scatological jokes we all….

With every project there is always some tool that deserves an Academy Award-style acceptance speech. Traditional cut nails can be made from pretty soft steel, especially the useful cut headless brads. As a result, you have to be careful when installing them. Here are some of the things that can go wrong and how I deal with them. Your pilot hole is too shallow. One early book on woodworking…. When making through-mortises by hand, one of the occasional problems is that you get a little mallet happy, you drive the mortise chisel a little too deep and you blow out a piece of grain on the exit side.

Or you drive a too-tight tenon into the through-mortise, the tenon hits the rim of the…. One of my hobbies is chairmaking. That statement might sound kinda dumb. Making stick chairs uses another part of my brain. And any time I venture into building chairs I have to re-learn some of the rules. In some ways, chairmaking…. In the tool world there is an ugly and erroneous slur. Anyway, I have no dog in this fight. The real point was that today while I….

I like a good carcase saw in the same way I like to eat most parts of the pig. I like the way that its well-tuned crosscut teeth slice into the grain and leave behind a glassy smooth cut. I like how easy the saws are to start. As a result I almost always get the stink eye from the others in the shop. What are horns? This is when you make your stiles longer than they need to be, usually…. While I own an electric plunge router and all manner of bits and guides, I tend to cut my stopped dados using hand tools for a couple reasons.

And two: The hand-tool method involves less…. For those of you who chisel out all your waste when dovetailing, this post is not for you. Please move along. I have. There are lots of people who will show you how to handplane the edge of a board. A few less who will show you how to really flatten the wide face of a board. A smaller number will show you how to flatten a glued-up panel stay tuned , that tutorial is already written and….

Developing your eye , plus your ability to sense the perpendicular , will do more for your dovetailing skills than any…. While my dad was sleeping off the flu in February, I was plundering his drawers.

The man has an English chest problem like I have a hammer problem. I pulled out all the drawers of his six or seven 19th-century chests of drawers and gave a close look at their construction details. One of the…. But what is really astonishing about the mallet is how it…. In the shop, my mechanical pencil is as important as my eyeglasses. I use a mechanical pencil with a 0.

I like the really thin lead because I can usually drop it into a knife line and , with just light…. When most people think about cutting dovetails, they think: handsaws. They can create gaps or help prevent them. Plow planes are some of the easiest joinery planes to use , once you know a few tricks to getting good results.

Milford Brown writes: Since you are interested in the older hand-powered woodworking, I wonder what, if anything, you know about the history of marking knife use? I recently had occasion to dismantle an old pine blanket chest because of extensive powderpost beetle damage in the sapwood edges of its top and bottom boards that had…. While teaching a class on handsawing a couple years ago, one student lost his cool.

He was cutting a tenon for his sawbench, and he strayed over the line and the result looked rough to him. He grunted, threw his saw down with a clatter and stomped away from the bench. The classroom got real…. When I glue up panels from several narrow boards, I use my jointer plane to dress all the mating edges. So I find it easier to dress my edges by hand than to fuss with the powered jointer…. I noticed the head on my trusty Hamilton hammer was loose last weekend as I was driving a bunch of nails good thing I have an extra hammer or two.

This morning I decided to do something about it. Conventional wisdom is that the head works loose because of the shock that the tool is…. In my kindergarten class, someone was snitching cookies from the lunchboxes of the rest of the class. Spoiler alert: It was the fat kid. That clever monkey got out of a speeding ticket by saying he was trying to….

Blacksmith David Maydole was the SawStop of the 19th century. Sometimes hammerheads would fly loose from their handles on the job site. This could be troublesome or deadly because occasionally the steel head would strike a fleshy one the steel usually wins this competition. Some of the best workholding ideas rely on simple wedging action. This weekend I stumbled onto one more great wedging trick using cut nails. This might be old hat for you. If so, forgive my waste of bandwidth which should be the motto of my blog.

The most stressful glue-up of my life was assembling my tool chest in The main carcase had mating surfaces that had to be glued. Foolishly, I chose yellow glue as the adhesive.

As a result, another editor and I spent an hour furiously beating and clamping the chest together. In the end, there…. I got interested in David Maydole, the father of the legendary adze-eye hammer. There are so many ways to construct a drawer that someone could write an entire book on the variations across time and cultures. Drawer slips are narrow pieces of wood that are grooved to accept the…. Making Cathedral Doors A complete recipe for making beautiful cathedral raised-panel doors.

By George Vondriska Cathedral raised-panel doors are beautiful, but they can be intimidating to make. Stile and Rail Joinery A reversible stile and rail cutter makes perfect-fitting frames for doors and cabinets without dowels, mortises or biscuits.

By Tim Johnson One of the best buys you can make for your tablemounted router is a set of stile and rail cutters. These cutters allow you to join frame pieces together at…. You can do fancy things with a hammer and the right nails. The more I learn about nails, the more I…. Even though most dovetail jigs are basically the same, some….

Tips for Building Cabinets with Pocket-Hole Joinery New tools and improved techniques make pocket-screw assembly faster than ever. There are no unsightly face-frame nail holes to fill. And you…. Lock Miters This simple set-up process guarantees perfect joints! By George Vondriska Lock Modern Woodworking Textbook Answers Chapter 1 Form miters are strong, attractive joints that make assembly easy. Well,no more excuses.

After watching Frank Klausz cut a set of dovetails in three minutes using a special bowsaw blade see the video here in our video section , Rob Cosman decided to show that it can be done by cutting the tails first. Frank cuts his pins first. Want one? Exhibit A is over at WKfinetools. You can shorten the workpiece a hair with a quick touch of the disc. You can also adjust the angle by a fraction of a degree. Instead of…. Even better, I had a mentor with an incredible collection.

Owen Riley was a photographer at the newspaper where I worked, and he…. Whenever John Economaki of Bridge City Tools teaches classes about furniture design, he always asks his students a question that seems to have no good answer. The question goes something like this: Would you rather have a piece of furniture with great lines but so-so craftsmanship, or a somewhat dumpy-looking project with perfect and crisp…. David Thiel, then an associate editor at the magazine, has been assigned to give me a….

When I first opened the package, I assumed that the tool inside was a prototype that had a plastic blade. But no, the white chunk of stuff at the end of the Gladstone…. As woodworkers dive into handwork, they usually start with a block plane, then the bench planes, the saws and the joinery planes.

Joinery planes , such as plow planes, router planes, shoulder planes and rabbeting planes, are some of the easiest planes to set up and use. Their irons are straightforward to sharpen no curves…. Our goal for these columns is to show that attractive, well made projects can be made with a minimal amount of tools and time. For me, finger joints have always been the nerdy, square cousin to the dovetail.

Finger joints are immensely strong when glued properly. But they are usually used by beginning woodworkers in places where a dovetail would be more appropriate, such as on a piece of 18th-century casework. Add to that the fact that finger joints…. There is something deep inside our DNA that ties us to the chest as a form of furniture. First off, how many other kinds of furniture do we have that are named after critical parts of our own bodies?

I am planning to order a corner chisel, to use when I install hinges, and have seen several styles. Which do you prefer?

The piece of wood has a routed mortise with rounded corners. The corners need…. Cut by Eye When dovetailing by hand, be bold. After gauging a thickness line across the board, lay out the pins with your saw as you make each cut.

Trust your eye to find a…. Some tools are like high school girlfriends. Other tools are like good spouses. The relationship gets better with time, even when you are both a little worn around the edges. And there were a couple things I was wondering about. One is the question of glue longevity. If I glue together a tabletop with….

This weekend I put the finishing touches on two Stickley tabourets; and while the little tables turned out to my satisfaction, the construction process proved quite vexing considering there are only nine pieces of wood in each.

The theme of Issue 9 is sawing , understanding sawtooth technology and how to use that knowledge in…. Plus the projects are fast and , if I do…. Sometimes your woodworking improves like a slow and steady climb up a mountain. Sometimes, however, you get to ride the elevator. Then I traded up to a mechanical pencil, which never needed sharpening. Then one day I found my old…. Whenever I get into some serious handwork, I always try to boil down the processes so that I can 1 remember it myself and 2 occasionally explain it to others including a couple children who are slack-jawed with boredom.

Today as I was cleaning up the half-lap joints for the Stickley tabouret on my…. Men have become the tools of their tools. My aversion to the machine had nothing to do with safety, accuracy, philosophy or…. I enjoy a good beating. Chopping dovetails or mortises is almost as pleasurable as sawing or planing. For years I tried to make myself like the traditional round mallet used in carving and cabinetmaking. When this happens, it takes you back to the blog entry, but your comment is still unposted and at the bottom of the page.

If you enter your code…. Contemporary writing on woodworking, of which I am woefully guilty, always seeks to make the craft as simple as possible. We try to make the joints easy, quick and straightforward. We tend to promote furniture designs that have straight lines and wide appeal. Yet the grain in the stretchers near the floor runs horizontally.

One of my favorite tasks in the shop is making solid-wood tabletops. Before using a router bit, I dress the edge with a diamond file, and I usually touch up the chisel before machine cutting mortises. Sharp is good, but…. Question: Looking over the current and past issues of Woodworking Magazine, I see how drawboring or wedging a mortise and tenon joint will improve the strength and fit of the joint.

But is there a reason to pick either drawboring or wedging over the other technique in terms of the strength or durability of the…. In the Stickley side table from the November issue, there are enough variations of mortise and tenon joints to give your hands and your head a real workout. One of the things I enjoy most about woodworking is puzzing out how to do things. This is the top of one of the back legs. However, cut nails can sometimes be difficult to find. Tremont Nail is an….

If you do any work at all with hand tools, a good marking gauge is an essential piece of equipment. One of the best things about going to an exhibit of new or antique furniture is getting to examine the joinery , closely and from the inside of the piece. I will pull every drawer out if allowed , stick my head in a carcase and send my fingers probing into the darkest voids.

Like most home woodworkers, my dang day job tends to get in the way of my woodworking. Gerunds, appositives and dangling participles have all conspired to keep me chained to this keyboard. Some projects play along nicely; others tend to fight you all the way.

The Creole Table is shaping up to be a bit of a raging Cajun. My goal this week was to complete the top of the table and cut the curved transitions between the apron and cabriole legs. The walnut for the top…. One of the big challenges in building a project for publication is to come up with techniques that use common tools and skills to produce results that others can replicate using the same tools and techniques.

I like working with walnut, but I hate marking it. Its dark color makes pencil lines disappear. And its open grain hide knife lines as well. Dovetailing is a particular problem for me. But even if I…. I always enjoy tours of tool factories to see people or robots make things that are useful to my work.

How a company can harness hundreds of minds and hands and mechanical pincers to produce things is fascinating, and every tour is surprising and different. After finishing college, two of my closest friends joined the Peace Corps and were posted to rural Morocco. But within a year they were back in the United States: 20 pounds lighter, two shades paler and singularly disillusioned. Their job in Morocco could be boiled down to one simple lesson for the villagers: Do not….

In China, was the year of the rooster. In our shop, was the year of the anvil. We built a guillotine out of framing material and dropped anvils of three weights on joints to see how they fail. We learned a few things. First: You can get paid for doing juvenile stuff with…. Trestle tables have always looked notoriously spindly and rickety to my eye. Add to the fact that they are normally quite lengthy, and it seems like you have a recipe for a wobbly mealtime.

But after inspecting a fair number of historical examples…. So it should come as no surprise that…. One of my favorite movies as a teen-ager had a scene where a s-era G-man goes to a mystic for help in becoming a superhero.

The G-man shows the mystic , named Sombra , a photo of a caped hero and asks for a magic word to become like him. One of the themes coursing through the next issue of Woodworking Magazine is rethinking the role of nails in woodworking. Perhaps the most frustrating part of using cut nails was…. A fair number of historical texts recommend this with large-scale joints particularly in timber framing. When I do…. Have you ever wondered why there are specific rules for the sizes of mortise-and-tenon joints?

Did you know there are rules? If you consult the 19th and early 20th century texts, they state that tenons should be one-third the thickness of your stock. And that the tenons should be five times as long as they…. One of the curious aspects of investigating drawboring has been the mystery surrounding antique drawbore pins.

Almost all of the examples of pins I come across are big , too big for cabinet work, really. I do have set of boxwood-handles pins…. During a demonstration of drawboring I gave a few weeks…. The historically correct shape of the drawbore pin shown in our Autumn issue has come into question this week. There is a lot to know about nails. I built the cabinet from the first issue I used cherry and spalted maple — it came out pretty nice.

I have looked and looked and can not find a reference to these…. Many cabinets with shelves are built using a common method: You plow dados in the sides of the cabinet. And then you glue the shelves into the dados.

Perhaps you glue on a face frame to the carcase; perhaps not. With glue alone, this is a questionable joint. The end grain of the shelf joins…. In looking at a lot of old fine furniture, you might be surprised how much of it is made using nails. I think the problem comes from the fact that we are using the wrong nail. Most nails today are…. Instead you show pocket screws. Long answer: The original Gustav Stickley 79 magazine stand was available in a few….

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