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Here is the comparison between both knights. Accepts Offers Here is the Morphy set for SC. Civil War 13 Items KnightsForkCafethank you for sharing the photo of your beautiful board.

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To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. Learn more. Dimensions : King Height - 3. Chess Pieces Weight : grams approx. Chess Board Weight: gms oz. Dimensions : Board - 18" X 18" We are pleased to announce the Canadian Staunton series chess set exquisitely made from ebonized boxwood and natural boxwood. The King proudly stands at 3. This is a traditional design featuring the magnificently robust and modern knight. It is one of the fairly easy woods to work with and shows off aesthetic detail.

The set comes with free extra queens for effortless pawn promotion. All chess pieces are expertly carved and weighted.

All Pieces are uniquely designed and have thick green felts, which precisely envelops the base of each chessmen for smooth movement on the chess board. The knights are well-crafted and represent the highest grade of knight carving skills that our Indian artisans have to offer.

Origin: This engrossing chess set was designed by internationally renowned Bruce Campbell. The pieces of this chess set are easily distinguishable from one another especially pawns from bishops , easy to grasp for blitz or fast play, and nicely weighted. Craftsmanship: The carving and the design of the knight are quite spectacular, look closely at the eyes, nostrils, and details around the mane.

The design of the other pieces is also highly outstanding. They are meticulously handcrafted from the finest grade wood and polished by hand to give it a rich and long-lasting shine. Superb size proportioning from king to the pawn exhibits true intricate craftsmanship in all the pieces.

Uniformity of pieces: The shapes of turned pieces are guided by metal profiles and so all turned pieces are identical, especially the pawns.

You can expect some variation where hand carving or cutting comes i. This is an 18" chess board with 2" squares. This fabolous chessboard is intricately created from the best cuts of ebony and maple woods. The deep colors of this set are a perfect match for almost all chessmen sets.

A simply stunning chessboard that will be enjoyed for generations! All sizes for this board are shown below. This is an ideal and afordable chess board with chic look and unique stripe border inlay on thick frame. The deep colors of this board goes with virtually any chessmen set.

This attractive chessboard has a natural semi matte finish that shows off the dark and light tones of Padauk and walnut wood.

This chess board looks great with almost all chess pieces. The board measures This is a padauk and maple wood chessboard with a classical appeal! The inlay stripe border on its wide frame and rounded edges adds a look of distinction to this handsome board. Combine with the chess pieces of your choice to create a truly unique chess set. This chess board measures 21" with 2. The Executive chessboard is made by Mark of Westminster, a well known manufacture for quality furniture and real wood veneer inlays.

Ebonized Birdseye Maple is the perfect choice for those who are looking to purchase a rich solid black chessboard. The dark squares of this board are lacquered black with no grain. This is a very unique board, Mark of Westminster only produces less than of these each year. This board is well complemented with a variety of chess piece styles, however we do have a matching chessmen set available that goes perfectly with this board. All sizes for this chessboard are shown below.

This elegant and unique chessboard that is intricately made from ebony birdseye maple veneer wood features a handsome wide stripe inlay border that adds a look of distinction to this board. From its unique border inlay, to the details of the frame and rounded edges, this board is simply stunning! The board is 21" with 2. This exquisite black and birdseye chessboard features a classical appeal that makes it ideal for any richly colored chessmen set.

This handsome chessboard is crafted from high quality Sycamore and Walnut wood. This chess board features neutral tones of dark and natural wood that can be complimented with almost any chess pieces. The board has a luxurious semi gloss finish with a beautiful inlaid mosaic border that adds a touch of distinction to the piece. All sizes for this set are shown below. This chess board is available in the sizes shown below. Combine this board with rich color chess pieces to create a personalized chess set.

This is a European Walnut is a brown wood that is considered a luxury for chess boards. This Mark of Westminster Walnut chess board use European Walnut, which is not as dark as the black walnut seen regulary in North America. The heartwood varies in color but it typically has a grayish-brown background with ir regular dark streaks. The grain is usually straight, but may occasionally be also wavy.

European walnut has an extremely high natural durabilty. This brown and natural chessboard is made out of the fine Spain sycamore and walnut wood. It has a luxurious semi glossy finish highlighted by brass corners that adds touch uniqueness to the piece. This elegant board goes very well with almost all your chess pieces, especially with brass and richly toned chessmen.

A very elegant and classic design for an unbelievable price! All size options for this set are shown below. This elegant chess board is made with the finest grade of wenge and mapple. It features a beautiful matte finish and thin frame.

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