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Ask your retailer for a recommendation. Uses Veneer. We carefully select flitches that fulfill the expectations of both the design professional and the woodworker. At Select Veneers, we appreciate that the choice of quality wood veneers needs to fit perfectly with the architectural design, making the sampling process highly important for supplying commercial and residential projects. Book-matched veneer pieces come in alternating panels that face each other like a book, creating a symmetrical pattern.

Veneer Sheets: Decorative Wood Veneer Sheets & Texture. The best retailers display photos of a sheet from the actual flitch, alongside dimensions and available quantity, so you know exactly what you're buying. If your online veneer supplier shows only photos representative of the veneer's species, explain your project requirements and ask them to e-mail pictures of in-stock flitches that would work. Among wood veneer sheets, timber veneer is a very popular choice thanks to its versatility and beautiful finish. When used in furniture or interiors, veneer has all the beauty of natural timber with enhanced durability and strength. And, once glued to a substrate, timber veneer sheets are not as prone to warping or splitting like natural timber is.

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