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The machine size is just fit for the standard size of common wood panel material. These are suitable for both small-scale and nesting cnc router machine model furniture production that nesting cnc router machine model maximum efficiency. As a woodworking factory or furniture manufacturer, do you know how to choose between the CNC wood router and CNC nesting machine? And it features with high cutting speed, long term processing, high precision and long service life. So these two types of machines possess similar appearance. The CNC wood cutting machine is mainly used to cut wood panels for cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves etc.

Fortunately, the CNC nesting machine is commonly used in the furniture industry such as a cabinet, wardrobe, solid wood, paint-free, solid wood composite, and suite doors. Imagine what one CNC nesting machine has done for various homes, and office doors. If you want to bring panel furniture to life, the nesting CNC machine is your best buddy. A multi-process CNC cutting machine is a piece of numerical tracking equipment distinctively designed for manufacturing furniture product lines.

The common multi-process nesting cnc machines include; double processes, three processes, and four processes CNC cutting machines. However, the CNC cutting machine under discussion, the multi-process device has uniquely emerged through manufacturing single and dual cabinet heads. Punching reams with keen vigilance and avoiding punched out roundness is highly possible for several diameter holes. On turning the row of drills, the items are linked with all the nine drills rotated simultaneously without having to unlock the hole diameter that boosts the speed of drilling.

As an automatic tool change CNC cutter, this nesting cnc machine undertakes the automatic tool change function during processing and still accomplishes positioning, optimization, cutting, punching, slotting, and engraving.

Equipped with a stand-alone tool magazine and each combination of tools designed to perform a key processing functionality on any non-metal material. The frame is embedded in a gantry moving column structure and all components of the device are manufactured and assembled with accuracy to enhance serviceability, firmness, quality of work, and endurance.

Engulfed with all these benefits, this cnc nesting machine is widely used and revered for processing in the industry due to its automatic tool changer capability. Well, if productivity and beauty are your goals, this nesting cnc machine is the best-kept secret. The CNC cutting machine is embedded with a milling cutter to penetrate the material, which is randomly pivoted to penetrate uniquely shaped workpieces and bolster the application rate of the plate.

Reduces Labor costs. Only one person operates multiple nesting CNC machines simultaneously or at varying rates, which greatly cuts the labor costs by a huge margin. Reduces labor intensity. With its inbuilt automatic loading and unloading functionality, the nesting CNC device simplifies work and reduces tasks of the workers in a factory-like setting. High safety factor. Sometimes negligence from a CNC router operator leads to unnecessary injuries due to lesser attention devoted to working while using the items like the table saw.

However, the inbuilt safety factor of the opener guarantees protection from any search accident or injury. And the CNC engraving machine with a rotary axis is also capable for 3D engraving on cylindrical workpieces. The nesting CNC machine is mainly for cutting a wood panel into different sizes and is the dedicated equipment for flexible cutting, drilling and grooving of panel furniture.

In addition, the CNC nesting machine can also engrave simple grooves and tenons on the board material. So compared with each other, the CNC wood router has more functions, wider applications, and richer products. The CNC engraving machine can also cut materials, but its frame structure and mechanical parts determine that it is not capable for long-time cutting. And the cutting speed is relatively slow. Otherwise, it will cause frame deformation and increasingly low precision, which will affect the service life of the CNC router.

Except for panel furniture, use of the wood CNC machine can also involve in such industries as advertising, crafts, artworks, molds, electronics, construction, packaging and printing, decoration etc. In addition, the wood CNC router can also cut and engraving acrylic, stone, plastics, foam, and soft metal. However, the CNC nesting machine is mainly for the flexible cutting, drilling and grooving wooden panels for furniture.

The CNC engraving machine is available in a wide range of sizes, and different sizes are suitable for different projects. The CNC wood cutting machine is mainly used to cut wood panels for cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves etc. As the CNC router is available in many types, the configuration requirements vary for different models.

For instance, the mini or desktop wood CNC router with simple functions may not need too high configuration. And the panels cut out should be free of defects such as broken edges, gaps or wavy grain. Therefore, the nesting CNC machine needs high overall configuration requirements in order to accommodate the long-time, rapid, high precision and heavy load cutting work. The frame structure of the CNC wood router is not suitable for long term cutting work, because it may deform the frame, reduce the processing precision and wear the machine.

However, the CNC panel cutting machine adopts heavy machine frame made of a welded steel construction and stable mobile gantry. It is more sturdy and endurable against large cutting force and impact.

This ensures that the machine will not deform during long term and high speed operation. The wood CNC router may be equipped with spindles of different power for different purposes. For example, for mini CNC router with simple cutting requirements, a 3kw spindle may be sufficient; while the ATC CNC wood carving machine of large working size may require a 9kw spindle. The CNC nesting machine generally adopts high power spindles, such as 6kw, 9kw, 12kw etc.

Besides, the large power ATC spindle helps guarantee powerful functions, stable performance and excellent cutting results. The CNC engraving machine can, if you require, be equipped with an aluminum T-slot working table, which is more cost-effective. For higher processing requirements, the vacuum T-slot working table is also available.

However, most nesting CNC machines adopt the vacuum worktable to fix the panels to avoid movement during the cutting process. The vacuum worktable consists of several independent zones. Therefore, a single absorption zone can be switched on for cutting small size panels for the purpose of saving electricity. The CNC nesting router has dedicated nesting software for designing the cutting path, which maximizes the utilization of the panels.

Besides the nesting software can automatically break up an order and carry out auto cutting process with simple operations.

Compared with the common CNC router machine, the CNC nesting machine has a higher degree of automation and intelligence to meet the high efficiency and high production requirements. After knowing the similarities and differences between the CNC wood router and the CNC nesting machine, do you have a preliminary understanding of how to choose between the two? Let me help you sort it out again. The wood router machine is available in many types and can process a wide range of materials.

In addition to cutting function, the CNC wood router can also realize 2D carving, 3D engraving, cylindrical workpiece engraving, surface milling, pocketing and side drilling processes. The nesting CNC machine is mainly used for cutting wood panels for making cabinet furniture.

For example, customized furniture, doors, cabinets, cabinet doors, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, racks, screens etc. With the matched nesting software, the nesting machine can realize online nesting design and optimized layout.

And it is able to complete the drilling, grooving and cutting three processes in one feeding. Both of them are suitable for woodworking, but they have a distinctive difference in their major functions, which leads to the difference in the applications. Therefore, before choose a CNC router or a nesting CNC machine, you need to carefully consider your work demands to see which machine can best suit your needs.

Choosing the right and suitable machine can surely increase the production efficiency, save manpower and bring more profits. As a professional CNC Machine manufacturer, Blue Elephant has a complete production base, including professional processing workshop, welding workshop, assembly workshop Toggle navigation. What is a CNC router CNC router is a kind of wood CNC machine controlled by a computer and is widely used for cutting, engraving, routering, pocketing of many materials.

For the working video of our CNC router machine, please visit: What is a nesting CNC machine Nesting CNC machine is also a kind of computer numerical controlled machine widely used in woodworking industry.

Similarities Similar appearance and configurations. Similar functions and applications. Similar operations.

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