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I would love to be able to try even one of nova 1624 ii youtube lathes; but, that seems highly unlikely in my area. I would prefer noav for some unbalanced loads. Accept Learn moreā€¦. Richard Coers. Photo Gallery New media New comments. Thank you, Stan. Lathes have never been this better!

Lathes have never been this better! It will also tell me if there is a problem while setting up the lathe and will advise me what to do. The lathe will give you instant power whenever needed. Its inbuilt motor has a specification of 1. So, the need for torque can meet the expectation of the user. Not only does the lathe handle the work pretty well but also manages to work with larger bowls. You can find a lot of lathes present in the market with features of doing simple woodturning job.

But those are the ones with no safety regulations and are unsafe. The built-in computer of the lathe instantly shuts down power whenever it senses any problem occurring. Technology advancements have allowed us to be efficient in Nova 1624 Ii Outrigger Guide every aspect of machines nowadays.

It only takes up power as it needs for the project to be worked on. Nova II is a plug and play device. Just if you are in the mood of woodturning, plug it in, and it is ready to use without any hassle. There are lathes in the market that need proper attention and prior know-how before starting to do the job. Not in the case for Nova Once you plug in the device, it magically turns the device on with variable speed control and the ability to have a forward and backward thrust. Hey just wanted to thank you for reading this.

I think it can be helpful before you make your decision! Question: Can the Nova handle small projects like bowls and small cups? Yes, it can handle small projects because you have 8 different speed types which can help you decide which speed to use for crafting cups and bowls. Question: Does the Nova allow you to have reverse thrust capacities?

Yes, the device has reverse thrust capabilities for accurate woodturning. Question: How much power does the motor of the lathe have? Plus, it has a power output of 1. Altogether, the Nova II is an excellent device with so many things to offer. It has future proof technologies that will help woodturning for many years to come. Woodturning is a crafting art that has been there since the Egyptian Pyramid times when people used woodturning for their daily needs.

It used to be simple, but now that we are technologically advanced, it made our lives easier and effective. This blog may answer most of your questions about your 3 lathes. Even with this knowledge, it would still be best to turn on all three and then decide.

Marshall, I agree that it would be great to turn on these lathes to allow me to make first hand observations. I would love to be able to try even one of the lathes; but, that seems highly unlikely in my area.

Still looking though. Richard Coers. I just can't imagine buying a lathe with limited speed settings like that. Do you plan on turning bowls? It is often the case that another Nova 1624 Lathe Dvr Upgrade Motor Pack 50rpm above or below a setting puts the blank into a spin with less vibration. You are just SOL with multi step pulleys. I bought one, my club bought the other.

Richard Coers said:. Click to expand Last edited: Jan 19, Stan Semeniuk. Dan I turn on a with the bed extension and cast legs. I have been very happy with it and like to hollow with the head swiveled. My only real complaint would be the lowest rpm setting is rpm.

I would prefer slower for some unbalanced loads. Stan Semeniuk said:. I have no problems with the head-stock lock it's as solid as the day I bought it. I do get vibration at times but that is more to do with shape and size of the turning than anything else. I have run my dial indicator on the spindle and the run out is very minor. Thank you, Stan. Bill Boehme Administrator Staff member. Beta Tester. Dan Bevilacqua said:. I owned a Nova for many years. I love it. I eventually put a DVR and 3phase motor on it.

Most of what I didn't like about it they changed on the The headstock locks down very securely. You may want to buy the double morse taper to realign the headstock but that's a cheap fix. Then I could always get it back to dead center but that required the headstock to be in what I call the Home position on the lathe bed to do that. I really like swiveling the headstock for some operations.

What I didn't like was extending the banjo out far enough to use that positon caused vibration and made it hard to get really clean cuts. Now I'm being picky there because I don't think most people would notice the difference but I had been turning a lot of years buy then and my skill were improving.

I also had a problem with lathe vibration on larger pieces. The mass of the heavier lathes makes a huge difference in dampening this vibration. That being said I think it is one of the best lathes on the market for the it's price range. Keep a look out for used lathes. If you buy a quality used lathe at a good price you can likely sell it a few years down the road for what you paid for it.

Once you get used to electronic variable speed it becomes a necessity. Switching belts adds a little bit of time to process and you always have to settle on a working speed that is either Nova 1624 Ii Dvr Upgrade Set too fast or too slow. Lots of folks out there have turned lots of stuff on fixed speed lathes. I have turned Nova 1624 Ii Manual Review on lots of belt changing lathes. Last edited: Jan 20, Richard Hodsdon. Dan We have been using a for about 8 years now. No complaints at all. I would love a DVR but cannot justify the extra cost.

I have a large shopbuilt Bowl lathe with variable speed on which I turn up to 1Mt pieces The was a birthday present FOR my wife and she loves it. A lathe can never be too heavy so I have hung a large concrete block coring sample from bridge 50Kg from the Headstock end. Will probably hang another one from the tailstock end eventually. Changing speed is very simple and normally start on a slow speed for the outside , speedup one it in balance to do the final out side shape , turn and then hollow it inside.

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