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NOVA motor. The cast plate that the motor attaches to appears to be aluminum? The people at Dealerselectric. Most things run just fine with 50Hz. Interestingly, looking into YouTube for any reviews or people that installed one of these, I found a small number of them, 3 if I recall correctly and none of them is in Australia but USA if I'm not mistaken. Free freight on this and other Teknatool items on the same order.
Mar 14,  · I wish that was a more economical way to make my lathe be VS, the upgrade in question is not the ideal option for VS systems but compared to the other variable speed lathes out there, including the Nova DVR XP which is exactly the same frame and accessories as the Nova , the the head is different, the cost of it in Australia is well over Missing: motor pack. Feb 11,  · Just got my 4th lathe in 4 years, a Nova Super excited with it, but now fixated Nova 1624 Ii Dvr Upgrade Set on variable speed. It looks like a VFD / 3phase motor can be about half th . The NOVA has the best capacity of any mid range lathe with 16" inboard and an outboard capacity of 29" which is just a swivel away. Now get the best out of your by adding our renowned Striatech DVR™ Intelligent Variable Speed Drive. Simple to retro-fit, the DVR™ Upgrade Motor gives you all the power and control of the DVR™.Brand: Teknatool.

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