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I made one from an old tire tube. If price is an issue and you have the space, then you could build your own. However, fine the particle is, this dust collector will collect oneida cyclone dust collector for festool kit and clean your area thoroughly. These are also machines, but they are only used for cleaning up the debris and dust left from your work. It is also easier to empty the bucket than to replace shop vac filters. Your email address will not be published. Check on Amazon.

I only use one tool at a time. I will not be running any ductwork and in fact for various reasons I will continue to use flexible 4 inch hose.

I normally use the 10 foot hose, but have on occasion used a 20 foot one when needing reach to something I set up outside the garage e. I have looked at the Oneida but due to portability they are way too much. Alright FOG, you have steered me right before…what do you have to advise now? I am close to pulling the trigger on something since Laguna and Jet are on sale now, but I can also wait for the next sale if needed. Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual.

Although Festool strives for accuracy in the website material, the website may contain inaccuracies. Festool makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material on this website or about the results to be obtained from using the website.

Festool and its affiliates cannot be responsible for improper postings or your reliance on the website's material.

Your use of any material contained on this website is entirely at your own risk. The content contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. JSlovic Posts: I've got the precursor 1. It does a fine job with my Hammer jointer and tablesaw.

CeeJay Posts: I have a 2HP Jet - different model, the vortex cone model. I find it works very well and the 2 micron canister is a very effective filter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Why not just add a Thein baffle and a canister filter to your HF collector? Save yourself at least a grand for other tools or wood. Add a larger Rikon impeller if you want more oooph.

Doubt you need it for one tool at a time though. The Lagunas and Jets aren't going to give you much more for your money. They are compromised because of their short cones - which means they're going to clog their filters fast. You have the high enough ceilings , so a short DC really isn't necessary. The baffel and cartridge will be just about as efficient for pennies on the dollar. I wouldn't dismiss Oneida's Dust Gorilla. Its cone is properly designed and the specs are not inflated.

It's as portable as the Laguna or more so. Rob Z Posts: I'm curious about the CFM specs. This seems like an updated version of their Dust Cobra which will work on a range of hand held tools and machines.

Svar Posts: I'd be surprised if Supercell is any different. Current systainer to productivity ratio: very high. RaptorScrew Posts: 1. We'll see how this goes - Just delivered this week. Will set up this weekend and go from there.

JimD Posts: Interesting but more specifications are needed. Like how much current does it draw? More static pressure equals less airflow. That is why shop vacs don't flow what DCs are. Oneida may have made a good tradeoff and produced something really interesting but, if so, where is the data? I am skeptical. That works but is not overly powerful. I don't know how much lower would work but my CFM shop vac did not.

If it is like the CFM dust cobra it would probably not work so great. Removed over sf of tile and thinset. The DD captured all the chips and dust with barely any dust in the vacuum. Had a pro use it when he ground the surface smooth- he was so impressed he charged me half if I would give him the DD setup.

Everyone who saw it in action now wants one, including the new-floor installers. Works good just need to make sure you have a good seal, air tight. As far as I can tell, This unit uses the same cyclone geometry as one that I've built. Mine cost me approx. What a great device. I make powder horns and belt sand them with a 60 grit and grit belt. After 6 horns, the shop vac filter is totally clogged. I used the Cyclone for the month of March and when I cleaned the shop vac filter at the end of the month, it looked like I had only used it on one or two horns.

This is great, wish I would have bought one of these years ago. It was pretty easy to mount it to a metal can I already had. Spent more time going to the hardware store to purchase bolts and silicone than actually putting it together. Great item, wholeheartedly recommend. I love this device. It works great, but I've had to epoxy it back together twice. Fix that and it will be dynamite! Like all small cyclones, this one is only for use with low-power 2 and less hp vacuums. Any more powerful unit will simply suck the dust from the inlet port straight to the outlet port, and you'll still end up with all the dust in your shop vac and its filter.

I easily attached the dust cylclone to a 35 gallon plastic container and I bought the shop vac brand hoses 2. The cyclone was sealed to the container lid with permatec silicone sealent and the rest is history.

I wish I had bought this soonerand I will be buying another one in the future. Also there was no perceivable dust getting to my shop vac. The dust-deputy does remove most of the dust particles before they reach the dust collector. The plastic is heavy enough to support the vucuum even when the lines are blocked.

It does have some distortions in the plastic base from mass production, but these did level out once bolted down to a plywood top, but may not if using a simple plastic lid.

Be sure you plan on building a heavy base or attaching everything to the dust collector. The device and bucket are so light that the weight of the hoses will cause it to tip over frequently if you do not.

I have the DD hooked to a small shop vacuum. It is so efficent that a new filter in the shop vac still looks new after several uses.

The ports are tapered to allow various size hoses to be used. I wish that Oneida would include the copper grounding tape with even the basic DD as that would make grounding it easier.

Still a great product! I built one of the carts I saw on Woodsmith Shop to hold my shop vac and the dust deputy. I also added a vacuum switch because I knew if it wasn't automatic, I wouldn't use it.

The cart and the vacuum switch work great. I should have less cleanup to do in the garage. This product goes between the source of dust and your shop vac. It is my poor-man's version of a stationary shop dust collection system. I attach it to my power tools and use it to vacuum my shop floor. This product does what is to me an amazing job of collecting dust. I keep looking inside my shop vac for dust and it takes a close inspection to see any there.

Before adding this product, my shop vac filter would quickly clog up, necessitating removal of the filter and a messy cleaning of the dust from the filter. With such an efficient particle trapping filter, I would have needed to clean the filter even more frequently to keep up the suction.

But with the cyclone, I can go a very long time between filter cleanings. Even then, there is barely any dust on the filter. When the cyclone is attached to a collection bucket such as a 5-gallon paint or drywall container, it is a bit top-heavy. You need to attach it to your shop vac by some means if you want the cyclone roll around with your vac.

The manufacturer has some suggested ways to do this such as with a bungee cord or by an auxiliary platform.

I highly recommend this product. I mounted it on a 10 gal metal bucket with a bead of chalk between it and the lid, works great. I'm sure a more air tight plastic bucket would be even better. I'm an brazilian user.

The oneida was what I needed. There are good videos about this product that are helpful. I installed it on a "big box" 5 gallon bucket and use my shop vac for suction. The cyclone works, the shop vac is completely empty. The cyclone is easy to install,works as stated. I bought a Rigid shop vac and installed the cyclone. The vac was new,never seen dust. It still has't!!

That is how well the cyclone works. If you want to control the dust in your shop get the cyclone. I used to be stingy about using my festool shop vac for anything other than collecting dust from my sanders, because I didn't want to fill up the bag. Now I don't have to be. But best of all, with the bag not choking up with dust, I have far better suction.

I attached it to a 5 gallon bucket with a wooden spacer and some caulk. It's very effective at keeping most of the sawdust out of the shop vac filter. The plastic bucket tends to tip over, but I'm going to fix that by putting an old brake disk in the bottom. The capacity of this unit is insufficient for the amount of sawdust I generate.

The unit is too small in diameter and too short to effectively remove dust from the air. Static electricity buildup also prevents dust from falling into catch bin, resulting in significant blow-by to my vacuum cleaner. I bought a dust deputy. The unit has no gasket and the local store said that I would have to make my own gasket, they do not have any.

I bought I guess when you buy a car the tires might be extra, you need to check witch model you are buying it my not come with them. Part of my garage woodworking shop dust collection. I use it on my cnc machine to avoid dust in the workshop. I put 4 wheels on my 5 gallon bucket, I had to change the wheels location cause it's top heavy.

I've been using this for close to a year now in my shop connected to various power tools. Consequently, the filter on my shop vac stills gets clogged up pretty quick, just like before, with the fine stuff.

This is after clogging filter after filter when using it without the dust deputy. Great product. Nice unit for seperating big stuff before shop vac. Saves the expensive shop vac HEPA filter. Wish it was bigger and took 4 inch hoses. I built my own dust collector using the Dust Deputy.

It does everything as advertised. I am happy with the product. I am in the process of doing up a small workshop and I plan to use the cyclone with a shop vac as well as the second stage filter after thein in a fixed system. Tests to date have been spectacular. Once mounted, this contraption works like a Dyson vac to spool away all the dust and debris from the tool into the bucket below.

I saw it on a few online videos, and the thing seemed to work well. In real life with a shop vac, it really does work well! Virtually nothing ended up in the shop vac. I've planed a bunch of boards and there's still nothing in the shop vac.

I ran it with the jointer, nothing in the vac. I chewed through some dusty fir on the table saw, nothing in the vac.

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