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Frustrated with the lack of libe DIY tutorials outdoor wood bar top ideas live making an outdoor pallet bar, Nicki at Sweet Parrish Place blog decided to create her own, based on the project she completed for her patio — see above. Because the old van occupies so much space, it becomes the center of design, whilst everything else is chosen according to it. Live Edge Bar Tops. Continue to 14 of 25 below. This bar is designed to stand 8 feet tall above the ground.

When Bodenschatz relocated to Palm Springs, his custom-made barrel-and-wood bar was shipped to be enjoyed in its owner's new digs. A fully equipped outdoor kitchen designed by Stout Design-Build of Los Angeles includes plenty of counter space to prep, cook, and for guests to enjoy a drink while watching and chatting with the chef. Conversations always warm up with that countertop fire pit , which features mesmerizing blue fire glass.

With an emphasis on saving space, decluttering, upcycling, reclaiming, and recycling, Reclaimed Dorset makes a wood wall-mounted bar dubbed the Drinky Shelf. Also known as a Murphy bar influenced by the old fold-out Murphy bed , garden mini bar, and drinks cabinet, Reclaimed Dorset creates these handy pubs from ever-popular and versatile pallet wood. Yes, those are bottle caps from the assorted beers that Robert Morones of Arizona and his friends have sampled.

His clever and appropriate backyard beer bar was made with corrugated metal, wood, and Outdoor Wood Boiler Ideas 70 all those caps embedded in epoxy. When an Ohio backyard bar called The Black Dog burned down, they rallied and rebuilt. The kind people at The Lizton Sign Shop made a new sign for the wood and corrugated metal bar and it was back in business. Doing a tiki-take on a standard pallet bar, Scott Macleod of King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, designed and built his backyard bar in just a week.

Thatch covers the spaces in the pallets and gives it a tropical vibe, good for serving Mai Tais and Margaritas. For the past seven years, Leonie Night has shared the stress and joy of renovating a Hertfordshire, England, home in her blog, Fur Coat and No Nickers.

During this time, builders have taken down and rebuilt sheds, removed and redesigned landscaping, taken down walls, filled in a couple of old fish ponds, and built this fabulous pass-through bar. Murphy bars are popular on Pinterest and this one built by Carmel and her husband features shelves, a longer table to accommodate four chairs, and the fold-out or down action. The bar was inspired by a similar one featured in an Irish home and garden magazine.

Carmel lives in Ireland and is "chuffed to bits" when one of her DIY or decorating projects works out well. She makes the most of her petite Victorian house and front and back yards, economizing on space but not on style and originality. A backyard pub shed was a years-long project for Brian Godfrey and his wife of Moonville, South Carolina.

Constructed of barrels, reclaimed and recycled wood, and corrugated, galvanized steel, the couple threw a grand opening party. There, they enjoy hanging out and testing craft brews. There, he entertains friends and family, hangs out with his loyal dog, and watches Yankee games while enjoying cigars, good food, and serving his favorite beverages. Constructed of barn wood, and stone, the Sidebar features a bead board ceiling, liquor shelves, a countertop made from a single piece of live-edge wood, and a wood pellet stove on the porch.

Other amenities include a beer dispenser, wired internet, a TV, ceiling fan, vintage stools, and custom signs. Created with an emphasis on clean, modern lines and materials, the drinking and eating bar was planned to take advantage of the views of Narragansett Bay. Lee Nunn built a pub shed in his garden in North Lincolnshire, England, that is equipped with his favorite signs, drinks, game Drinko Plinko , and even his lucky black cat.

When Zilly, a mother of toddler twins, gets an occasional break, she doesn't have to go far to her local pub—it's right in her own backyard in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Club Tropicana is a backyard shack that is painted white and has a slightly Spanish flair with some modern touches like those nickel wall sconces and twirling barstools. The biggest challenge for R. Johnston Interiors in designing this outdoor bar was creating Outdoor Wood Pellet Storage Ideas Guide a covered area that would work with an in-place patio cover while integrating existing materials in the new area.

For the shade structure, the designers reached high to enable a connection to the existing structure, create visual interest, and make the bar the focal point of the outdoor space. Accent up and down lights were added to the patio columns, while subtle spot lighting added function in the bar area. Stucco that matches the house was used as the main material for the bar, while bouquet stone accents and a tile top united the patio with the pool.

French uses lumber that is sustainably harvested and often sawn on site. A painted pallet bar is protected by a gazebo in one of the gardens at Tudor Villas in Norfolk, England. A vintage glass Moroccan-style pendant lamp lends an eclectic feel to the relaxing outdoor pub. Log cabin -style siding makes the exterior of this backyard pub warm and slightly rustic. I dream of spending starry nights with friends and family outdoors while having fun on a patio or in backyard.

But I prefer to do it on a budget. Some of them come with step-by-step building plans or guides and some are just for inspiration. Do you have old kitchen cabinets or bookcases or other pieces of furniture laying around?

Have some recycled wood boards piled up in your backyard? This maybe all you need to build a bar, and these 15 ideas could help you to create an outdoor design that can withstand the elements. This beautiful bar idea is by Ashley Rane Sparks at Hometalk.

This is a great DIY idea that you can build on a budget. Add a few patio bar stools and you have yourself a peaceful space to have coffee, a family dinner or to entertain guests on a hot summer night. Lots of people asking for a plan for this bar. Please see it below. This is one of our favorite outdoor bar designs. To figure out the recommended pergola post installation method or how deep should the posts be in the ground, the best is to call your local office of zoning and engineering.

Depending on your local climate and location, you may decide to mount the posts to the metal anchors or sink them into concrete or directly into soil. This bar is designed to stand 8 feet tall above the ground. So depending on your installation method, you will need 8-, or even ft long posts. The plan is comprised of three parts: pergola posts, a tabletop and a roof. The plan is created with a small budget in mind, so all dimensions and materials are carefully selected to have almost no leftovers and make the least number of cuts, while keeping the costs down.

We used Home Depot common timber boards to pick the materials. For a compete material spec, please see the reference list below:. Posts: 6 in. You cut the tops off at 15 degree angle, to tilt the roof, just like they did it in the original design.

The above is the bar tabletop assembly diagram. Please note — all dimensions are in actual sizes not nominal. If you want to build with precision, you need to pay attention on actual lumber dimensions. You could assemble the table entirely and then attach it to the posts, or you could come up with your own method.

We made sure that the result is a sturdy design. The above image shows tabletop board sizes and cut-to dimensions where necessary.

As for the pergola roof design, we tried to keep it as simple as possible, while being budget sensitive. So we picked the Cedar fence pickets for the roof top. The specific materials and the cut-to dimensions are below. The roof top is composed from 16 boards which you create by cutting 8 fence pickets in half see above and below.

We think this is a great idea for an on a budget DIY project. Looking for some simple DIY outdoor bar ideas? If you have some old fence pickets or pallets to recycle then this design can be done on a cheap. Kristin did a great job detailing the entire building process. This quick and easy design attaches to your house or shed outside wall. You secure it with hinges and a metal chain. What a great idea! Build this drop-down bar shelf. Each piece of furniture is meticulously handcrafted from only the finest woods and finishes.

Whether you decide to purchase one of the custom made live edge bar tops below or you decide to have a custom wood slab piece made to fit your personal style, you can rest assured knowing that your new furniture is built to stand the test of time.

Shop our selection of live edge furniture for sale today. Large Ambrosia Maple bar top with unique grain. In the rough before planing and sanding. Live Edge Maple Bar Tops. Custom Live Edge Bar Tops.

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