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If you've already tried the ombre wall trendthese blue stairs from Mommy Shorts will take the look to the next level. How to Renovate. Safety goggles. Pink is the one color that sometimes has a difficult time "proving itself" as a solid player in the design world. Drew Barrymore's 'Beautiful by Ooutdoor kitchenware outdoor wood stairs paint ideas zip dropped and it's seriously so dreamy Barrymore's latest endeavor: 'Beautiful by Drew,' will leave everyone green with envy over your kitchen — just in time for St. Sun, rain, and winter can take a toll on your exterior staircases. I need to paint an exterior lutdoor, at the edge of the door slab and the door

The primer does two things: it seals the surface from further damage, and it prepares the surface to accept the new layer of paint. An oil based primer is the better choice for wood as it soaks into the wood instead of just lying on top of the wood.

It protects better and lasts longer. Wood expands and contracts with weather conditions, and Outdoor Wood Stairs Paint Ideas 3d since the oil is more pliable it will move with the wood. Paint on your color. A good paint will allow expansion and contraction with the changing weather conditions. Ask your local paint guru which variety has some flexibility without Outdoor Wood Fence Ideas 62 cracking and which will work best with the type of staircase you have.

Most of today's paints can be tinted to the color of your choice. You can either match your house color, or use a contrasting color and really zip up the curb appeal of your home -- I have even seen an American flag painted on a staircase. The landing was the stars and the steps were the stripes. How unusual would that be? Whatever you decide, a fresh coat of paint on the staircase leading to your home will definitely increase the welcoming effect it will have for years to come.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation subscribe. How to Paint an Exterior Staircase. Written by Sandra Karnes. What You'll Need. Drop cloth. Safety goggles. Paint stripper.

Scrub brush. Plastic bucket. Wood filler or concrete filler. Oil based primer. Step 1: Gather Materials. Spring Cleaning with Natural Products. It won't pose as much of a slipping hazard since they won't be getting wet, like the outdoor stairs. If you're planning on painting your indoor stairs in different colors, you might consider different paint finishes, too. For example, you could paint the risers and spindles in a semi-gloss paint and use a lower luster paint for the railings and treads for increased safety.

Your stairs can really be a place to unleash your creative side when it comes to painting, as Outdoor Wood Flooring Ideas Size there are a number of elements that can be painted differently. One classic way to paint stairs is to paint the risers and spindles in a light color, and the treads and railing in a complementary dark color. This approach looks crisp and creates a lot of visual interest.

If you like the look of a classic stair runner, but you don't want the risk of tripping, you can paint a runner down the center of your staircase for a great visual effect. A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to instantly transform the look of your stairs and brighten the entire Woodworking Plans Outdoor Table Zip area around them. If you're considering refinishing stairs in your Berks County home, it's important to have all the right paints and tools for the job.

That way, you're sure to make your vision a reality. Make sure to visit to our blog every week for more real estate advice, along with local Berks County articles. Need help finding the perfect home for sale in Berks County? O ur powerful home search tool will help you find the home of your dreams.

Why not? Neon pink? Hot, hot, hot. Now you're talking. For loads of gorgeous hallway paint ideas head over tp our feature. Treads one colour, risers another — colour blocking is super easy on a staircase. You could even paint alternating steps different colours, or you can split the staircase vertically, horizontally or even diagonally in two tones.

Swipe to see the issue and article. It looks best if you start with a darker shade at the bottom, getting lighter towards the top. Use a sponge to blend the colours in the middle. If you want to add a design when painting stairs, try using a stencil if you don't trust your freehand skills.

The options are endless with so many stencils available. You could number the risers to count your way up the apples and pears, or buy a set of letter stencils and let your stairs do the talking. Let your passion inspire how you paint your stairs. Literature lovers will love the book spine decorating idea below, but you could also decorate with your favourite song lyrics, or maybe a repeat pattern of your favourite flowers.

Who knew? Little changes can sometimes bring the biggest transformations. Or leave it as it is? You guys always have the BEST insight. Paint the treads, then add some pattern to the risers with wallpaper. You could decide to match this to your hallway wallpaper , but remember that if you do paper the stairs, it will benefit from a coat of hard-wearing clear varnish to keep it looking pristine.

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