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Fill balloons with paint and poke them onto large canvas. In this outdoor art activity, kids will enjoy creating lively pendulum paintings that are splashed with a variety of bright colors. Your partner and the toddler can team up. If he is an older toddler you can perhaps explain the importance of protecting the environment. Dukes and Duchesses. Okay, thanks.

Another fun rock painting idea that is also very educational. This craft would be easy for kids to help with and they would love to play and match the colors to create some fun patterns outdoors! Have the kids help dress up the flower pots for the garden! What a fun and clever idea. I love how each pot is so unique! Another unique method to bubble art!

Who knew there were so many ways to create artwork with bubbles!? This is an even more simple idea from Hands On As We Grow for a sun catcher that has the kids searching for special items from nature to feature!! If you and your kids love to spend time hiking, this craft is for you! These fun and colorful walking sticks would be the perfect addition to any hike. Get more details from One Charming Party. I love the nature people — They are so cute!!! Lots of great ideas for crafting with nature Catherine!

It's create. These activities are great. They are very necessary for children. I will try some with my daughter. Thank you for sharing! Many Thanks. Your email address will not be published.

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Leave this field empty. Find out how to make yogurt finger paint in this easy art project for babies and toddler featuring our two ingredient edible fingerpaint recipe. Spring and Easter Crafts are so much fun! This Bunny Thumbprint Art is a great activity to do during springtime with your students! Hands-on fun way for kids to explore gravity. Great mix of science and art for young kids. This puffy paint ice cream project is perfect for an ice cream theme in tot school, preschool, or the kindergarten classroom.

After reading the story to my son, we needed to make a craft to go along with the book. That is how our Tropical Paper Plate Fish was born! Use shapes to create process art for kids.

Number each grid according to its position or add any random number. The toddler can jump to a grid of his choice, but to make this a learning activity, instruct your child to jump on a particular number. Once the toddler remembers the numbers, you can put some bigger numbers to expand his knowledge. A fun outdoor activity, this will physically and mentally engage your child.

Skills developed: Physical strength, cognitive retention, and basic mathematical knowledge. How to: This outdoor toddler activity is best played with a group of children. Divide the group into two teams with equal number of toddlers. Tie one end of the rope to the tricycle and hand the other end to the team of toddlers.

Mark a point on the ground till which they need to pull. Ask the toddlers to tug the tricycle towards them as fast as they can. Repeat the activity with another team. The team that takes the shortest time to pull the tricycle, wins 1. How to: Find a nice place, such as a park, to play the game. Let your partner and toddler be the team that hides, and you be the seeker.

Your partner should encourage the toddler to find hiding spots such as behind trees, bushes, thickets, etc. How to: This group activity should be played in a park, which has a slide.

With two toddlers in a team, the activity is played by passing the ball down the slide. The toddlers stand near the bottom of the slide. Roll a ball, and a toddler collects that ball, passes it to his team member, who walks down and hands it over to you.

He then takes his place Wood For Art Projects Korean at the bottom of the slide, collects the rolled ball, gives it to his teammate, who gives it to you. How to: Spread chart papers on the ground. Put some non-toxic paints in a bucket, add some water, and mix well.

Ask your toddler to dip the brush in the watery paint and whip so that it launches a fine spray of color on the paper. Repeat the same with other colors. Do not do this indoors as the walls would get dirty! How to: This is a simple outdoor fun game for toddlers and preschoolers, and can be played in the backyard. Attach the hose to the water outlet and ask your toddler to stay within a limited area. Turn on the tap and aim the water towards the little one, who has to escape from the water spray.

Your partner can also join in making this a fun family outdoor game with the toddler. How to: Make some soap water at home or buy a readymade one. Use a bubble making loop or gun to make plenty of bubbles. Ask your toddler to prick the bubbles and have a competition between him and your partner. Play this game with a group of toddlers where the one who pricks the most bubbles is declared the winner. How to: You could use any mud, but it is best enjoyed with the fine sand from the beach.

On the sand, show the toddler how to make a hand impression. Let the toddler do the same. You could also leave marks on the sand with your feet as you walk away. How to: Place a sandbox in your garden or backyard with all the favorite toys of the toddler in it.

Let the little one sit in it and play with the toys. Sand is fun to play with because of its free-flowing nature. The toddler can have all types of imaginative play with sand and his toys while you play along. Why not stimulate it?

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