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I used this technique i found on pinterest and once i got i straight in my head what i was doing it worked great! I prefer to seal painting your woodwork white any possible bleed through as well as create a nice foundation before painting wood furniture white. Really helpful article for a beginner, special thanks for the video! If you wish to create the illusion of space, you may want to consider trying out this easy painting your woodwork white. Notify me of new posts by email. Fears of racist violence grow for Minnesota's Asian Americans. What can I safely do?

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Hey Jenna! We just painted the entire inside of our house…walls, ceilings, trim, and doors. Our trim and doors were an old, icky, greenish white. We originally tried regular paint and after 5 coats on a door it still did not look good.

We switched to the paint plus primer and it looked much better! Also, the prevent bleedthrough lay down your tape and apply a very thin coat of painters caulk to your tape line.

Paint and then score with a blade and remove the tape, just as you did. This works great for wall corners and ceiling corners too. One thing that I wish we had done was prime the ceiling before painting. Our paint covered unevenly and you can see roller marks but you do have to be purposefully looking to notice it.

Whose really going to be staring at my vaulted ceiling…. Great idea Christa, thank you! After we painted a bunch of walls with paint bleeding all over my mom suggested something she heard on HGTV.

After you put the tape down paint the other color along the tape line and then paint as normal after it dries. We tried it on our fire place and it worked beautifully on our textured walls. I second the paintable caulk method!

I like to use it on furniture pieces that will be getting more than one color. It just keeps the lines nice and crisp. Just glop it on with a trowel or use a caulk gun, then smooth it out with your fingertip. Love the fresh moulding color! Of course, my dream is a Craftsman home, but the wood is a given with that, and I love the style.

Nice work! Great to know, thanks Julie! I change my mind all the time and go from modern to traditional to craftsmen to beachy. Great tutorial. I must said that painting trim is not my favorite step in the painting process, but it does make a big impact.

In my home we painted all the trim throughout the whole house from a medium wood tone to classic white. I used the green Frog Tape to tape my areas off.

I used this technique i found on pinterest and once i got i straight in my head what i was doing it worked great! Great tutorial!

I wish I had thought to paint my mouldings first! Unfortunately I took the more difficult route and have all the mouldings left. I was wondering, what suggestions do you have for painting over mouldings that have been previously stained? Any ideas? Did you prime the mouldings before painting? A Kilz primer should work! If not, you might have to sand them first. I sanded, primed twice then 4 lots of top coat and seepage still happened.

I took an ASCP class and they said that some stains like older mahogany will bleed through almost any paint or primer. They recommended schellac primer as the solution. You must have a really hi sheen to the current wood then. I would sand it down as much as possible so you can cut the sheen and get through the layers to as close as the raw wood as possible. I would recommend to lay a coat of flat before painting the final color, for example in your work you used first primer, then your final color, and molding are usually a gloss or semi-gloss.

So instead, and this has worked very well for me in terms of getting an even coverage, primer, then a flat white like your leftover from your ceiling paint , then your glossy white finish. This covers much faster and reduces the pain of having to paint 3 or 4 layers of the glossy color. I have had great success getting a straight line without bleeding with this technique.

Put down the painters tape as straight as possible. Run a very light coat of paint the color below the tape. For example, if you are painting the trim, run the tape along the wall and paint a light coat of the wall color on the tape. That way the bleed thru will be the color of the wall. Paint the trim in the trim color and pull up tape after the final coat is still a little wet.

This works on the ceiling, stripes, etc. It will take practice, but save you time in the long run once you get the hang of it. Keep a damp rag with you, and if you overpaint, just wipe off the overpainted spot right away. Looks great. I found that if you remove the paint at a 45 degree angle, it will not pull off the paint.

My husband was a painter and always did it this way. You will have far less paint pulls this way but may get some. Using Gesso after you tape will create a seal between the surface and the tape. This will prevent the bleeding from occurring. I used this method in college in design class and did the same thing on our home when we painted our rooms. Bright and brazen walls are great — whether just on one accent surface or across the whole room, they can brighten up a space to no end, and add lively personality in place of dreariness.

In fact, the less glamorous reality is that most of us have to put up with what seems like the most plain and uninspiring trim around, apparently lacking any real design personality of its own — and oftentimes made from little more than cheap MDF. Whether that means extravagant animal-print rugs or elaborate light fittings, white trim lets them take center stage. Again, the simplicity of white will work well — unlike black, stained wood, or other colors — no matter how you choose to decorate the Diy Woodworking Table Legs 5g rest of the room.

In fact, pairing black and white can transform a space in its own way — either by creating a greater sense of space with black baseboards and white crown molding, or by leaving the baseboards white while painting the crown molding black in order to draw out the details of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures suspended from the ceiling. Equally, just as white trim does wonders in enhancing the natural charm of rich wooden floors, combining white trim with stained wood doors and window frames — or vice versa — can help you to strike the right balance between rustic and contemporary, and so achieve the unique personality you want for your home.

It might seem like the hardest part of your wood trim job is deciding which color you want it — or even whether to make the switch from stained wood at all — but the painting itself is no mean feat, either. Get Cool Things To Make Out Of Wood For Your Room Music a quick, computer-generated commercial painting or house painting quote at no cost to you. You want to break up more daring wall designs Bright and brazen walls are great — whether just on one accent surface or across the whole room, they can brighten up a space to no end, and add lively personality in place of dreariness.

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