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So to make sure your pallets are safe to use, follow these steps:. This rustic look is perfect for any interior or exterior design and would be a big hit in the wood market. Virtually bursting with personality, this wood pallet exterior chair is a fantastically unique twist on outdoor furniture. Get the full instructions at the provided link. It can be vertical, horizontal or laid down flat.

This riff on the planted wheelbarrow leaves your real garden cart free to haul mulch and dirt, while the wood pallet version accommodates pumpkins, ornamental cabbage, or whatever's in season in your garden. Serendipity Refined added some vintage iron wheels to complete this wood pallet charmer, but you could also build some ornamental (non-functioning) wheels from pallet wood if you don't have . Oct 21,  · 1) Pallet Garden Frame. While the color green in the leaves of trees and plants can help your eyes relax, it’s sometimes better to add some more color to your garden. This multi-colored pallet frame is made of a number of pallet wood which has been assembled to create some kind of screen or frame at the back of plants. Mar 11,  · Easy, DIY Pallet Wood Projects You Can Sell Pallet Wood Bathtub Table. This one’s about as easy as it gets and is way more fun than your standard coffee table project. DIY Ladder Shelf. Spruce up a backyard or patio, create a bookshelf, or line with small see-through bins for a stylish place to stash children’s toys. Rustic Towel Ladder.

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