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Customers who bought this item also bought. FREE delivery: Get parallel clamps bunnings 01 shipping. The maximum clamping force is upto N with an excellent grip system. My Cart Close. Are parallel clamps useful for welding purposes?

Terrible design. I removed the tightening bar and made Bessy style handles. The clamps are so much easier to use now. They seem like they will work for squaring up the bookcase for assembly. Time will tell.

Bought this for a project that got postponed and can no longer return it. Upon first use it snapped where it matters most. The grips are designed poorly which allows for wiggle room. I had to over tighten it to hold the material steady and the lightweight aluminum that this clamp is made of gave into the force. Although this tool would be handy for light framing, it is not suitable for larger applications, or for use a table clamp. By BigMan on April 19, Used these to build some frames to stretch canvas over.

I tested a few pieces of scrap to make sure the corners would be square. I placed two 1"x2" boards in the clamp haphazardly and tightened down the clamp and put a couple of brads in to secure them, then measured.

Using a quick layout square, I found a perfectly square connection. The boards self-centered and came together right where I needed them. The clamps have some weight to them too and have slots to mount them to a bench for repeatable jobs. Pretty awesome addition to my tool collection. Very versatile and easy to use. It's made out of a strong metal material and the tightening screw is very smooth.

The clamp is definitely high quality. I'm using it in conjunction with a kreg jig to make perfect joints on cornhole boards. Works great. Seems to be a good little clamp. So far I've only used these for a welding project. They might not be ideal for stick or mig - I don't think they'll hold up to continued weld spatter, but they did the job I needed them to do without too much in the way of ill effects. They held the box frame I was building square while I got it tacked, which can be a Parallel Clamps Bunnings Warehouse challenge due to the way metal expands and contracts.

My one complaint - which is worth knocking off a full star - is the handle. That sliding pin handle does not cooperate well if you're trying to square up your project on a flat surface. There is another reviewer who replaced the pin with a straight handle, and I will probably do something similar.

It is an easy enough modification to make, but it is so simple that they really should have come this way from the factory! Parts a little bit out of square? These clamps are the best I've found. They are a little unwieldy, and a bit tricky to get the hang of using, but, once you do, they're golden.

Within reason, they will force any imperfect boards into square. I made blocks to fit underneath the clamps to raise them off my workbench so I could fit pipe clamps and parallel clamps underneath to pull the boards together.

The left area and the right area of the clamps are parallel and flat, so the pieces automatically flush themselves up - again, within reason. The corners between the body and the shelves are perfectly square.

There are some blue ones for sale by another company and they're good and high-quality, but they are for holding parts in place that are already square. These are great for imperfect boards. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. Reviewed in Mexico on July 24, Translate review to English. Si lo recomiendo.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. This clamp is long lasting as it is made of aluminium with I-beam construction and fully- Woodcraft Parallel Clamps Youtube plated hard backbone with composite design. It is easily adaptable to most of the work materials with zero virtual deflection.

Moreover, this is the only parallel clamp that gives you the assurance of lifetime longevity. Lastly, these have been highly appreciated by workshop or professional craft workers. The Jet Parallel Clamps Woodcraft Ui fourth product in our list is Yost K This clamp is popular for its handy features and compact size.

As a new woodworker, you are going to like these ones for the easy-to-use features. It can offer you Ibs clamping force. And at a reasonable price, it is more suitable for an individual than a company. This American product can offer you upto lbs clamping force that is not enough for heavy and lengthy tasks. This one is perfect for DIY crafters only. Yoast provides a 1. It also has an oversized comfortable grip handle that helps in extra clamping.

Lastly, these clamps are good for an individual rather than big companies. This is the most important product to be reviewed among all the other clamps in our list. The bora parallel clamp set comes with different sizes of 12 inches, 24 inches, 40 inches and 50 inches.

These size variations would help you to choose the exact clamp as per your requirement. It has a 3. Besides, it is ideal for heavy weight tasks as it has 1. Last but not the least, this clamp's jaw is covered with replaceable soft material with anti-slip jaw bottom and easy grip handle. Therefore, it is the best recommendation for larger companies as well as for serious woodworking professionals.

Powertech parallel clamp comes with a 24 inches long metal bar. Since the jaws are an important part of any parallel clamp, the jaws of powertec are very strongly built. The maximum clamping force is upto N with an excellent grip system. The clamp features are simple to understand and install. It's jaws are well padded that helps to protect your workpiece while processing.

The inches deeper clamp helps distribute the applied clamping force equally to maintain the stability of the purpose. Lastly, it is suggested for carpenters, personal uses and professionals also. Edwards Parallel Clamps come to you with two different variations 24 inches and 40 inches. The best part of this clamp is that it is easily reversible and can also be used as a spreader.

It is the best ergonomically designed clamp as it has a higher torque with soft grip. The comfortable grip helps you adjust this clamp easily with the workpiece. The excellent clamping pressure of lbs allows you complete your task without any distortion and faster. Besides, the sliding triggers help you to maintain proper clamping pressure and quickly fix the clamp lock.

It's four mounting holes and excellent building qualities allow you to work precisely with maximum accuracy. This one is good to use for both beginners and professionals as well. These ones have 40 inches long with 3. With a maximum clamping force of N, you can use it for heavy intensive tasks.

It's intense throat offers you exact and even application pressure. The easy adjustable jaw and comfortable handle grip allow you to keep your workpiece fixed for a long time. Also, it's anti-slip jaw prevents your workpiece from moving. Moreover, you don't need to worry about scraping or tearing your workpiece as it's jaws are covered with padded material.

The model Cabinet master is the latest edition of Jorgensen clamp that has been stated previously. It is longer than its previous version. It has a inches long clamp bar and offers a maximum clamping force of N. It's average weight is 8lbs. It contains multiple clutch disks carved out of highly hardened carbon steel. This particular clamp is popular for its evenly distributed pressure because of the high intensity of the clamp.

Timbecon Family Newsletter Signup to get the latest news and specials. Bessey The world's best clamping Parallel Clamps Lowes 2020 technology, first created all the way back in , has always been a staple at Timbecon. Is Bessey German for 'The best clamps in the world'?

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