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Take a look at the magnification image - you can actually see the difference Pegas Scroll Saw Blades Chart Data in the quality blaces the steel. Pinned End Blades. All in stock blades are shipped next day after ordering. Website Created by Digital Design Solutions. Weight 1.

Want more info? Take Pegas Scroll Saw Blades Review Mode a look at the reviews right here, and along with each of the individual blades you'll see below. Refer to the table above for manufacturing specifications and recommendations. Add items to your cart as you go and proceed to checkout the shopping cart button at the top of the page. You can change quantities at checkout as well. When you combine 3 or more gross packs of blades you will trigger the lower quantity price.

Stay Sharp Longer -- I am very impressed with these blades as they cut cleaner, stay sharp longer and outpreform any of the top brands I have used most at 3 times the price. You can't go wrong with these blades especially in hardwoods as they cover all the bases when it comes to your scroll saw needs, Great design.

Perfectly satisfied -- I was perfectly satisfied with my order of Pegas MD blades. My order actually arrived earlier than expected. Love the site and I recommend it all the time to fellow scrollers. Keep up the good work. Thanks -- Rhonda Prather.

Much better! I've been using Flying Dutchman blades but the Pegas blades are much better! Thanks Bear Woods! Great Blades! Bear Woods Supply Co. All Rights Reserved. You can Pegas Scroll Saw Blades Chart Module contact us by: Email: dave dndsawblades. Phone: Fax: The studies and the made tests demonstrated that the weight of these Heads is in direct relation with the service life and the vibrations of the machine.

The vibrations are reduced at the minimum, the user-friendliness is improved and the mechanical parts of the scroll saw are better protected. Furthermore, they are clearly more compact than original heads and even easier of use. The assembly editing of these new Heads is very simple and is made in a few minutes only. Search by Keyword. Product Categories Skip Tooth Blades. Double Tooth Blades. Skip Reverse Blades. Modified Geometry Reverse Blades. Spiral Blades. Metal Cutting Blades.

Double Skip Reverse Blades.

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