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Native Pens is a New Zealand supplier of pen kits for pen makers and woodturners. We also stock a range of New Zealand Native Timber pen blanks to compliment out range. We also have stabilized pen blanks and offer a resin stabilizing service. PKSL-6 New Style Series Cheap pen kits Slimline Pen Kits woodturning kits Pen turning kits Pen Making kits 7mm pen kits BP9# Pop Woodturning Euro Pen Kit PenkitsMall. out of 5 stars There are pen kits for sale on Etsy, and they cost NZ$ on average. The most common pen kits material is paper. New Zealand Hand Made Timber Gifts and Artworks ; Pen-Making: Project Kits. Pen Accessories Letter Openers e.t.c ; Pen Components; Project Kits:Tableware & Bar Kits ; Brad Point Drill bits for Pen Turning ; Finished Pen and Pencil's ; Pen & Hardware Bushings ; Pen Blanks Acrylic:Timber: Laminated ; Pen Boxes and Display Pen Turning Kits South Africa News Stands ; Pencil Pen kits.

Pen making is one of wood turning's most rewarding activities. Craft Supplies USA offers highly sought after Taiwan-made ArtisanĀ® pen kits that are recognized as the finest quality available. These premium kits are frequently combined with exotic woods, premium acrylic blanks, and antler of all kinds to create collector grade pens. Pen Kits This is the current listing of all the pen kits we offer. We carry kits from various manufacturers. If you do not see what you are looking for drop us a line or give us a call and we will see if we cant find them or maybe they are in stock and I just haven't gotten them added to our site. Choose Colors From. Most of the kits we offer use 7mm, 8mm, 10mm or 3/8" brass tubes, and require the appropriate size drill bit to prepare the pen blank to accept the brass tube. The pen kits we offer are turned on our Pen Mandrel using the 7mm bushings that come with the mandrel. Other kits require different size bushings to fit on the mandrel.

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