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Our Brand. There is also no need to finish them. Enhance development for children. Small World Toys. Baby Learning Toys. Physical Fitness. Sustainably Made in Thailand.

Lil Advents. Little Tikes. Magic Cabin. Marvel Education Company. Mega Bloks. Mega Construx. Mobi Games. Plan Toys. Serec Entertainment.

Small Foot. Small World Toys. Computer Skills. Creative Thinking. Fine Motor Skills. Large Motor Skills. Memory Skills. Physical Fitness. Problem Solving. Sensory Development. Shapes and Colors. Social Skills. They may not have even been a standard size, as he often Woodworking Plans Storage Cabinet had a friend of his mill trees from his own property into lumber.

So what's the solution for toy blocks that "work"? We can still make them out of 2x4's the gables are actually made from 2x6's , but need to cut them down to the correct proportions. A couple of rips on the table saw or a couple of passes through a planer will suffice. This has the added benefit of squaring up the 2x4's rounded corners. I don't think my blocks were ever sanded, but you should at least make sure there aren't any splinters. Easing the edges will also make them safer for kids and more comfortable to hold.

My wooden blocks were Douglas fir, but any species of wood should be fine. There is also no need to finish them. I prefer the natural wood anyway. I'm also not totally convinced that non-toxic finishes are truly safe for my Wood Gate Plan 80 kids to eat. So, if they manage to chew on the raw toy blocks a bit as toddlers I'm not concerned.

Sustainably Made in Thailand. Nearly four decades of mindful business practices and close attention to product design makes PlanToys an unrivaled manufacturer of developmental toys. It is our hope that your little one not only grows in their ability to imagine and create with our wooden toys, but that they also grow closer to nature, better understand the importance of Woodworking Plans Toys Limited a green lifestyle and successfully develop along the way. Our Brand. Contact Us. Child Development.

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