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Benchcrafted Split Top Roubo Bench Maker's Package. The Bench Maker's Package includes the detailed measured drawings for building the Benchcrafted design Split Top Roubo bench, plus the Tail Vise and Glide Leg Vise as well as all necessary assembly hardware (everything you . Once the vise starts to sag, often it will raise up above the surface of the bench when tightening, raising up the workpiece with it. This can cause hand plane chatter among other issues. The same type of vise also protrudes past the end of the bench as its opened. One advantage the traditional tail vise has over the wagon vise is the open. Jan 15,  · Flat Plane Crankshafts. The flat plane crankshaft used in the new L engine is the first ever in a production Ford engine, but flat plane cranks have been around forever. Flat plane crankshafts have two pairs of journals degrees apart from each other. When viewed from either end, these crankshafts look flat (see illustration below right).

Version Fixed a serious bug that would freeze the application if the same number were entered for both "X Source Plane" and "X Beam Rotation Plane". Now, instead of freezing, the application rings a bell and waits for the human to sort it out. Version Advanced Design System (ADS) design elements provide additional capabilities to the W ADS Core environment, enabling designers to customize the configuration of ADS to suit their design needs. Elements are comprised of distinct design and simulation functions, grouped together into very powerful and cost effective packages. BENCHCRAFTED Glide Crisscross Leg Vise, Tail Vise. A bench vise should not be a source for frustration, but rather, function as an integral element in the flow of your work, much like a finely-tuned smoothing plane, allowing you to focus on the work itself.

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