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If you sense a scratch pattern, either switch to a finer wheel or use less force. Conversely, using olane smaller plane allows for more localized low or high spots to remain. Lets talk about the japanning. Hand planes are generally the combination of a cutting edge, such as a sharpened metal plate, attached to a firm body, that when moved plane bench tool not working a wood surface, take up relatively uniform shavings, by nature of the body riding on the 'high spots' in the woeking, and also by providing a relatively constant angle to the cutting edge, render the planed surface very smooth. Another great way to remove heavy rust is a razor blade or paint scraper.

I have a steelex ST planer Iwas planing a piece of wood and stick causing the planer to cut off. I have a Porter Cable pctp. At the end of the day yesterday,it was working fine. But this afternoon, the infeed and outfeed rollers are not feeding the wood into the machine. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

The TCTP uses a drive belt that turns the cutting head. On the other side of the cutter-head is the chain drive that drives the out-feed roller which then drives the in-feed roller.

In Fact it needed new blades as well as the feed rollers were worn in the middle. I found a way to resurface the rollers using the bearing blocks, two bar clamps and a portable belt sander.

I did have to disassemble the rollers and drive chains to perform this but the planner works like new now. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Planer Repair and Feed Problems. I struggled with this a little. It always took to long so I never really bothered with it.

Another LJ suggested putting a battery inline between the charger and the vat. What a difference. I had a dead garden tractor battery so I stuck it inline. In just seconds an old rusty block plane created this reaction. In the morning it looked like this. A gallon will do a quit a few plane and other tools though.

Just set the piece in it and let it set over night. Again the rust will either wipe off or wire brush right off the next day. To use evapo-rust, you can use a plastic tote like the electrolysis, or I made an aluminum tray out of flashing material.

Its narrower so it takes less to cover the plane. I can also tilt it in one direction so its deeper on one end. Evaporust also changes the color of the metal. Yes you can remove the discoloration by some mechanical means, but that defeats the purpose and you could just use the mechanical means in the first place. If you must use a dipping method, use electrolysis. This is what the Millers Falls looked like when it came out of the evapo-rust. Sand Blasting.

My favorite for planes that you know you need to paint. Again, I try to leave the japanning if I can, but if it needs painting this is the way to go. Screened play sand will work just fine, but I bought some aluminum oxide blasting grit which works a little better.

It does a fine job. The drawback of sand blasting is you need a decent air compressor. Sand Blasting Guns. I have no complains about the one above Wood Carving Tools High Quality Not Working and it served me well for the price, but this one from Harbor freight worked a bit better.

I also created a small blasting cabinet. You can re-use the media and it keeps it contained. Note most of it is plastic except for a piece of glass in the front. The bottom is open so I set it on my bench on a flat piece of steel plywood would work too to catch the sand. Note the 2 hand holes in the front. What you cannot see is the top. I have 2 holes drilled in a piece of plywood. One is for the air hose. The other is for a shop vac. When using play sand for media, it helps to suck the dust out so you can see.

It takes me minute to setup and clean a base using the Sand Blaster. Obviously doing 2 or 3 at once is quicker. Edit Another Sandblasting upgrade. It works better than I anticipated. I like it a lot. Its highly recommended. I still use an old chisel to scrape the flat parts first. I finally ordered some Citric Acid to try out. I started with a 1 bag, but it seems like even that small bag will go a long way.

Just add water and Block Plane Hand Tool Not Found some powder. I had a broken plane and wanted to see what happened if I left it soak to long, so I stuck it in on Sunday, took it out the next Saturday. I had a nice rust free plane with no adverse affect.

I highly recommend this stuff. I love finding those!! Make sure you understand the risk with acid based soaks. And I will never de-rust a blade iron with acid. See this article that show what acid can do. Any type of Acid should be a last resort and only after you understand what it can do to your tool.

It removes rust quick. In less than an hour most of the time. Just the fumes will rust anything close if you leave it around for a while. Make sure you wash the parts off well. The old fashion way. Wire brushes and scrapers and screw drivers and sa nd paper and whatever else you have to work the stuff off.

This is the safest way, and should be your choice. It will usually take a few applications. I have used it but for me its messy and time consuming. Again, if you are only going to do a few planes, it may a choice. Next you will want to wire brush the frog so you can paint them together.

Important warnings about wire wheels. First, wire wheels can scratch metals. Using a wheel to course or being to aggressive can cause undesired results. Just start slow and proceed with caution. If you sense a scratch pattern, either switch to a finer wheel or use less force.

Next, make sure you hang on to your pieces well. Its easy to allow the wheel to throw pieces across the room. Worst case you break it, other times you just loose them. There is usually a little hand work on the frog as well. I have some larger and smaller wire brushes I use. Use what ever works for you. I also have a collection of wire brushes for the drill.

I will use whatever works. Another great way to remove heavy rust is a razor blade or paint scraper. I often use a utility knife blade held in a pair of vise grips. I also use a scraper like this one. An old chisel for scraping the old japanning also works well. Next paint it. Wipe it down with mineral spirits or paint thinner to get all the dust off it. I use. I find the Dupli-Color to be a little closer to the original finish. I usually let it sit for 15 minutes and add a coat. I will give it 4 or 5 coats.

Warning you can not re coat if you wait longer than about 1 hour though. If it starts to set up the fresh paint will cause the semi dry paint to peel and curl up.

If you need to repaint wait 7 days as described on the can. One other note, some Dupli paint suggest baking it on. Be careful heating cast.

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