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Can be wet set directly into concrete! Our manufacturing process utilizes recycled content where pplastic which helps stop plastic from entering our landfills and helps reduce deforestation, as we use no wood in our plastic lumber. David Plasticlumberstore. Plastic wood lumber products 58, our product is easily cleaned with regular cleaning products or pressure washing. Springfield OH

Optional fiberglass rebar can be added for even greater strength and stability. Note: Structural plastic lumber is not a direct replacement for wood. See technical data below. American Plastic Lumber has provided maintenance-free recycled plastic lumber products throughout the world for nearly two decades.

Toll Free: Local: Fax: Email: sales aplinc. Call Us Now Email: sales aplinc. You really cant tell the difference, except that it looks great every day and doesn't seem to age. Darker colors can show fading over the years, but it is very slight and doesn't seem to show the sun's effects. Early on, wood composites made their mark. Go to the big box stores and you will see one color of deck board, and maybe a similar railing system. They have their issues and if you do your google search you can find the dirt.

When you make a product from all plastic you eliminate the problems associated with wood. Now, as far as plastic is concerned, there are 7 kinds. Turn over a bottle and look for the recycle triangle. In the center is a number. They range from 1 to 7 with PET being the softest and used for water bottles, while 7 would be a hard polycarbonate.

High Density PolyEthylene or HDPE is 2 and on the soft end of the scale, however when extruded into a board, you gain quite a bit of strength. We enhance this a couple of ways to make it even stronger.

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