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Many pocket hole jigs have two holes. Contact Us Advertise With Us. Standard wood screws will work. Should I use glue as well as pocket hole screws? The spacing between the holes varies, allowing you to choose two close together or two farther apart, depending on the task. If you are a newbie and looking forward to starting woodwork it is better to invest in pocket hole jigs because not only it is cheap, it is convenient to work with, and you can learn the craft by using this tool. If you do lots of joinery, Wood Pocket Hole Jig Harbor Freight Map it's worth investing in a comprehensive pocket hole jig kit.

Kreg isn't the only company making a pocket hole jig. Tool Dude Tony shows you how to make a frame for a cabinet or picture using Harbor Freight's Pocket Ho. Power the drill up to full speed and then slowly drill into the workpiece until the Depth Collar (23) reaches the top of the Drill Guide (6). Re-move the Step Drill Bit (22) and repeat the process to drill other holes as needed. Once drilling is complete, release the clamp, remove the workpiece from the Pocket Hole Jig, and clean away wood. The Armor Tool Auto-Jig is changing the landscape of pocket hole joinery and the way you make pocket holes in your shop. Our system self-adjusting system will set your drill guide setting and Pocket Drill Jig Harbor Freight Zip Code drill bit collar based off of the thickness of the piece you're clamping (see video for demonstration). No more manual setting, measuring, or adjusting.

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