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This way, I can always use my table saw, and I can have three other tools set up and ready to go, without a lot of ducting. Expire Soon 6 used. But then Protable read several really postive reviews on the HF 2hp model. Recommended Posts. They would probably be pretty unhappy with me if I vented directly portable dust collector harbor freight us their front yard. Product Width 22 in. Tax in many states.

I have an oddly shaped basement shop with a low ceiling and no good way to run ducting around the shop. My plan is, I set up the DC near my table saw with a permanent duct to the saw and a blast gate. I also run a short maybe 15 foot 6" duct along the wall, with a wye and a blast gate every 5 feet. Each blast gate also has and outlets near it. Then, I put all of my tools on rolling cabinets or bases, and plumb each tool so that whatever dust collection it has, it ends in a short length of 6" flex duct with a quick connect.

This way, I can always use my table saw, and I can have three other tools set up and ready to go, without a lot of ducting. To use a different tool, I just unplug the electrical and dust collection, wheel it away, wheel the new tool in place, and hook it up.

The blast gates are all near each other, so closing the other blast gates isn't too annoying. I modified mine to a cyclone using a dust deputy. I have 3 drops, the longest is 37'. I have a cheapo anemometer that I used to find out how much air flow is lost compared to the intake at the dc. Actually using the dc I am very pleased. If you do modify with a Thein or cyclone, I strongly recommend exhausting out side, I get very little to no visible dust, and the noise reduction is fantastic.

My shop is 30 x 17 and for my set up the HF is probably all I will need. The system you created is very similar to what I had in mind only I was going to do more drops and use blast gates as early as possible in the system. If I vent outside it will be directly onto my driveway. On the other side of my shop is the property line with my neighbors being pretty close.

They would probably be pretty unhappy with me if I vented directly into their front yard. I don't think I can vent into my driveway where everyone coming and going Jet 14 Bandsaw Dust Collection Editor from my house will be walking through the dust cloud in good conscious either. So that leaves doing it with a filter How does your system handle your tools? Do you have problems with controlling the planer or table saw?

To bad you can't exhaust outside. I only needed 3 drops, to handle the larger tools, I use a ducted central vac for all of my other dc needs. I have 2 blast gates to control each leg of HF DC, in addition to blast gates at each drop. The planer no problem, the table saw on the other hand Anyway I am slowly modifying the saw to solve most of the problems. I don't think many table saws have well designed DC.

Have you checked into using a truck filter instead of a DC canister? I haven't seen any threads on WTO about it but there a number of people over on lumberjocks that seem to like it. So this leads me to an interesting thought. With a Cyclone and venting outside. Could i pipe my exhaust into a down spout and by the time it rains it will just was the fines out to the creek? Good idea. And by running your cyclone during the rain, you can convince all the neighborhood kids to stay away from the creek, where the waterspout monster bubbles and blows!

The part number is For anyone who has done this mod, a question I currently run a Delta 1. Collection is quite good, so long as there is adequate area of air flow across the source of dust or chips.

However, if the area is reduced, such as when using a zero clearance insert in the tablesaw, or stepping down to a 2" port for my spindle sander, the air flow drops drastically. I wondered if a larger impeller in the same fan housing might increase the pressure and force more flow through the restrictions. I don't know about static pressure, but it did double my cfm's at the tool. I drill holes in my zero clearance inserts which seems to help with saw dust accumulation at the table saw.

I don't use the dc for small port machines, I just stick with a vacuum. How did you go about ordering that? I don't see it on their 'parts' store online. Did you have to call Wen directly? Thank you. I recently got my hands on a HB DC for a fair price and was hoping to upgrade it.

Hey guys in regards to the WEN impeller go to www. I had to download the manual for the dust collector to get the part number which is , this is also where I found the specs for it to see it was the same as the Rikon impeller. Hey man, thanks a lot for that info. That's real helpful and I'm looking forward to picking one up this week. No problem, glad I could help. Does adding that impeller cause the motor to draw a bit more current? I don't want to be in a situation where I have to run a dedicated v 20a circuit for the DC.

I'd rather spring for a larger DC and run it on v. I think my HF unit is right at the limit of running on the 15a circuit because of the inrush of current. Running amps are about 12, I think, but haven't checked in a while. Before: Startup amps, After: Startup I have mine on a 20a circuit, a 15a might trip every now and then.

Thanks for that info Bob. I'll have to install a new circuit then since I picked up that Wen impellar. Edit: ordering the impellar is as simple as Matt said, just shot them an email and they responded within an hour or so with an invoice.

Pulling Make sure the actual wire is good for whatever load you have. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as Portable Dust Collector From Rockler Kitchen plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. You want a vacuum just strong enough to suck the dust and not the sandblast media. Category: Beauty , View More Coupons. COUPON 2 days ago A single-stage dust collector Wood Dust Collection Vacuum 01 with a 4' hose is a coveted tool in most home woodshops, because it keeps your shop cleaner and protects your lungs from the harmful effects of sawdust.

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Compare to. In-Store Only. I looked at general, jet, grizzly etc. But then I read several really postive reviews on the HF 2hp model. I had a coupon for Category: Voucher , View More Coupons. Only problem I had was the fact that none of the stores in the area had the Dust Collector available.

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