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For example: Input: mary. You can leverage the Python library called datetime for doing this easily. If you want to scrap projects to build in python append websites, check out this tutorial for more details. To push it further, have at least 3 songs by the same artist. You can find an endless number of interesting project ideas if you just brainstorm. A Raspberry Pi can not only buidl comfort but also increase domestic security. Learn to code for free.

This is one of the coolest python project ideas. This process will continue until all the squares are filled with each player putting X and O alternatively. The player who succeeds in creating a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal with three consecutive X or O on the grid wins.

You can use the Pygame library for building this project. Pygame is loaded with all the modules you need for computer graphics and sound. Steganography is the art of hiding a secret message in another form of media, for example, hiding a coded message in an image or video.

You can create a program that protects messages inside pictures for you. This is a simple GUI application that you can develop using Python. As you can guess by the name, you will build a currency converter that can convert currencies from one unit to another, for example, converting Indian rupee into pound or euro. The design of this application will be straightforward — the main focus should be the primary function, that is, converting currency units from one to another.

The main goal of building this application is to allow users to carry their post-it notes wherever they go since it is on a digital platform. The application should have an option for account creation, different layouts for post-it notes, and a categorization feature to allow users to segment their notes.

You can consider using Django for this project since it has an in-built user authentication feature. Usually, site connectivity checkers visit URLs at regular intervals and return the results each time. This project will work on the same lines — it will check the live status of URLs. Site connectivity checker is one of the interesting python projects for beginners. You must design the code for this application from scratch. You can use click , docopt , or argparse frameworks for adding commands that will enable users to add and delete URLs from the list of URLs they want to check.

A Directory Tree Generator lets you visualize the relationship between files and directories, thereby making it easier to understand the positioning of files and directories. For this project, you can use os library to list the files and directories within a specific directory.

Again, docopt or argparse frameworks are excellent tools for the project. Read: Python Developer Salary in India. These are some intermediate Python project ideas on which you can work. If you still like to test your knowledge and take on some tough projects. Do you remember the old typing test game which was used in Windows XP and before?

You can create a similar program that tests your typing speed. First, you need to create a UI using a library like Tkinter. Then create a fun typing test that displays the user speed, accuracy, and words per minute in the end. You can also find source code for the program online. The internet is filled with websites, articles, and information. When we want to find something, it is tough to go through each of them. For this use, you can create a content aggregator that automatically searches popular websites and looks for relevant content and then complies with all the content and lets the user choose which content they want.

It is very much like Google but unbiased. And this is the perfect idea for your next python project! This is an advanced project which needs you to be well-versed in Machine Learning. We will begin by teaching the program on how to pre-process data, then perform a few resize and rename images tasks.

As the program starts learning, it can handle bulk functions at once. This is a significant project as it will test your knowledge on the various concepts of Python. You need to build an app Python Projects To Build Portfolio Online that anyone uses to explore the files in their system. You can also add features like searching and copy-paste.

Tkinter is a commendable choice for this project as it makes the development of GUI applications fast and easy. To create the Python File Explorer using Tkinter, you have to import the filedialog module from Tkinter.

This module is designed for opening files and directories and saving them. Content writing is one of the most prolific online businesses. The market lacks a free tool that can be used to check for plagiarism in documents.

You can use a natural language processing library along with the Google search API to create a program that searches the first few pages of Google and checks for plagiarism.

A web crawler is an automated program script that surfs the internet and stores the content of a particular webpage. A web crawler is one of the most useful python projects to find up-to-date information.

You will need to use a multi-thread concept for such a program. Everyone likes listening to music; you can also create your music player app. Other than playing music, your program can explore your file directories and search for music. This is one of the creative python projects you might face is creating an interactive interface that can be used by regular users. This project will mainly involve the basics of Python programming, database management, algorithm construction, and data processing.

This can be an interesting and useful python project idea. Just like Trivago, you can create a program that searches a few notable websites for the price of a product and then show you the best deal.

It is a convenient program, as many businesses started on this small program. You can use this extension for groceries, stationery, etc. As you can guess by the name, an expense tracker is a software application that lets you keep track of your expenses, and even analyze the expenses.

Expense tracker is one of the trending python projects which should also be able to perform statistical analysis to give accurate insights to users on their expenses so that they can plan their expenses better.

You can use PySimpleGUI to create the interface for this application, and even Python libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib can be handy tools for the project. Regular search tools often fail to produce the desired results for specific queries.

In such events, what you need is a Regex Query Tool. In simple words, a regex is a set of strings, which means that when you enter a query in this tool, it will check the validity of your query. If the regex can match patterns in the text query entered by the user, it notifies the user by highlighting all the matching patterns. A Regex Query Tool is one of the trending python projects which allows users to quickly check the validity of their regex strings on the Web, thereby making the search process much easier.

This would be an app that automatically downloads all the Instagram images of your friends. This app would be handy when people want to delete pages and save just the images. This is one of the interesting python project ideas to create. This is a standard quiz application that presents a set of carefully curated questions to the users a questionnaire , allows them to answer the same, and displays the correct answer if they are wrong.

Each test will display the final score of the user. The application will have an account creation option, wherein some users can be appointed as Admins. These Admins can create tests for other users. In this way, the tests and quizzes continue to be updated. This application requires a database to store all the questions, answers, and scores of the users. You can also include additional features like timers for tests. You may wonder which project platform should you select for your python projects.

It is essential to develop your software projects on a specific platform so that others particularly those lacking technical expertise can also use your product. You should always include at least which version s of Python your package works on, which license your package is available under, and which operating systems your package will work on. Instead of listing each package manually, we can use the find: directive to automatically discover all packages and subpackages and options.

Installers like pip will look back though older versions of packages until it finds one that has Cool Wood Projects To Build Quality a matching Python version. There are many more than the ones mentioned here. See Packaging and distributing projects for more details. If you create a setup. This file used to be required, but can be omitted in modern setuptools. If you include the file, you must have a call to setup in it, even if there are no arguments:. Anything you set in setup.

You will also need setup for setting up extension modules for compilation. Currently, having this file also is required if you want to use editable installs with pip.

This example package uses a relatively minimal set:. This tells users who install your package the terms under which they can use your package. For example, if you had chosen the MIT license:. The next step is to generate distribution packages for the package. These are archives that are uploaded to the Package Index and can be installed by pip. If you have trouble installing these, see the Installing Packages tutorial. Now run this command from the same directory where pyproject.

This command should output a lot of text and once completed should generate two files in the dist directory:. The tar. Newer pip versions preferentially install built distributions, but will fall back to source archives if needed. You should always upload a source archive and provide built archives for the platforms your project is compatible with. In this case, our example package is compatible with Python on any platform so only one built distribution is needed.

Test PyPI is a separate instance of the package index intended for testing and experimentation. Now that you are registered, you can use twine to upload the distribution packages. Once installed, run Twine to upload all of the archives under dist :. Open-source tools such as openHAB or Home Assistant are some examples of the necessary basic software. See more about this in this tutorial video. A Raspberry Pi can not only provide comfort but also increase domestic security.

The system also sends a message if the device is connected or disconnected. To learn how to make this project a reality with a Raspberry Pi, read the detailed instructions in hackster. There you will also find, among other things, the program code written in Python to direct the security camera. Raspberry Pi also offers the possibility to configure a private cloud-based service with free software ownCloud. In this case, Raspberry Pi returns to act as a server to which you can upload your data and from which you can access them.

Having your own cloud server offers, in front of commercial file hosting services such as Dropbox or iCloud, the great advantage of having full control over the server and the data hosted on it. Therefore, you can also save sensitive data in it without any problem.

If you want to know how this works exactly and know the rest of the advantages of this possibility of hosting in the cloud, see the tutorial in this digital guide. We can use Python to create web applications too. We have two amazing web app development frameworks in Python Django and Flask to help us. These are the languages that we use to design the front-end part of a website. Python Small Wood Building Projects 800 can be used at the back-end to handle requests, data, access, and other logical stuff.

Do you want to create your own blog, where you can write down your thoughts and ideas? You can create one with the help of Python and Django.

The blog contains a homepage where all the articles are listed out, and if a user clicks an article link, it will redirect to that individual article.

It is a basic project that anyone having a little bit of knowledge in Django can do. The best part is that Django comes up with a built-in admin interface. You can use the admin interface and focus more on other essential things.

It can work as an online resume. Having a portfolio website is really important, especially if you want to get a job or you want to get freelance clients. That is really impressive. Flask is a pretty lightweight Python framework, and hence it is really easy to learn. If you want to create a portfolio website using Python, check out this tutorial by Kalle Hallden. Have you ever thought of creating a social media app? You can create a social media app using Python. You can use Flask as a backend for this project.

The full-stack social media app will contain a database, server, and front-end. Fisher at FreeCodeCamp. A To-Do list app can help you with improving productivity and time management. You can use this app to list all the tasks that you need to complete on a particular day. It will help you efficiently plan your work. You can create a basic To-Do List web application using the Django framework.

You can add new items to the to-do list by clicking a button. Once the task gets completed, you can delete that item from the list. If you have already done some projects in Django, it is a great time to learn how to deploy those web applications online. You can use a free service like Heroku. I looked around the Internet to find tutorials to deploy my web apps online. All I could find was pretty long intimidating blog posts and videos.

Hence, I did some research and finally deployed my app on Heroku. If you want to publish your web apps online, check out this step by step tutorial. If you learn either Django or Flask, the possibilities are endless. You can do whatever you want and give life to your ideas. Apart from web development, machine learning, raspberry pi, and desktop application development, we can use Python for a lot of other stuff as well.

Python has a huge potential in several areas of technology. Here are some more cool projects that you can do with the help of Python. Web automation is an exciting field of technology. We can use Python for automating any boring tasks with the help of libraries such as Selenium. Selenium is a module that helps to automate scripts, and it lets you do a lot of things with your web browser. This script will automatically launch the Chrome browser, visit the Facebook website, and log in to your Facebook account.

You can play around with Selenium and Python to automate whatever you want to do. Automation is an anti-boring technology, and it will really excite you to write code. Check it out! Maybe you like storytelling, and in that case, you are lucky because with Python you can build a great interactive story. Python as a language is extremely easy to write.

And that makes it an ideal environment to develop interactive fiction. You can rely on this free resource to start the process of writing a text-based adventure game completely compiled in Python. The guide assumes that you have basic programming knowledge in Python, but it is useful to bridge the gap between that basic knowledge and how to use it to build an application.

In case this idea excites you, you can take it to the next level by applying a software engine like RenPy to add sounds and images to the game. In this way, the result will be a complete visual novel Maybe you can even upload it to Steam and see how it works! It is true that the blockchain was initially developed as financial technology, but now it is spreading to a variety of other industries.

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