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The program helps get you the username wjth domain name from an email address. The video below is the first part in the series ;rojects 6 videos, each describing a different projects to build with python module of the development process. You will need to use a multi-thread concept for such a program. This is one of the interesting python project ideas. It is a good project to build this game as it involves lots of transformation on the elements of the game based on the keyboard inputs. You can even call it a mini-game. You can also visit Codecademy and DataQuest for free courses.

Age Calculator App is yet another awesome app that you can easily create with the help of the Tkinter library. In this app, the user can type in his date of birth, and the app will calculate his age and display it. You can leverage the Python library called datetime for doing this easily. This library will help you to write the logic for calculating the age of a person within a few lines of code. Python has an amazing library called PIL Python Imaging Library that you can use for opening, manipulating, and saving many different image file formats.

Bookmark app is a rather simplest app that you can make with Python. The idea of the app is simple. You can do this with a few lines of Python and Tkinter module. If you want to learn in-depth about the Tkinter library and do this project, click here to find this helpful guide.

You can do a lot of things with the Tkinter library. If you want some more ideas to do projects, here is a list of fascinating Tkinter project ideas:. You can read this article to get a basic idea of machine learning. Machine learning is a technology that provides systems the ability to learn by itself from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is not as hard as you might think.

It is definitely not rocket science. You can learn it and do projects if you dedicate some time. We also have the help of a lot Projects To Build With Html And Css Modules of libraries and tools to make our lives easy. Ok, Machine learning is undoubtedly a critical field of understanding if we want to learn or develop in artificial intelligence.

But with those names so shocking, it can be very intimidating to start working with those tips. To top it all, it is a volatile field of knowledge that is constantly changing.

But luckily, there are a good number of resources in the network that can accompany us while we immerse our fingers in the world of data science. For example, I leave a tutorial by Jason Brownlee which is a wonderful introduction to the use of Python in machine learning.

From the beginning, you will see some of the most common machine learning algorithms, and also the Python libraries that serve to make predictions.

I know it may seem tedious, but it is extremely simple and very easy to follow. To complete it, it will only take a few hours. Deep learning is a branch of machine learning which helps us to do complex tasks by training artificial neural networks. You can do a lot of stuff with it. One such important application of deep learning is image classification. We need to teach our system to understand the differences between cats and dogs by providing several example images.

Then, our system will learn from all these images and will be able to identify the type when we give it a new random image to test. How cool is that? This is a very interesting project, and you can apply the same logic to classify any type of image data.

Cifar is a standard machine learning dataset. This dataset consists of images of 10 different classes, viz. This is yet another image classification project, but this time the dataset is a big one. After we train the system with all these data, the system will learn about all these classes. I did this project when I was Projects To Build With 2x4 For Mac doing my computer science degree back in college. For humans to detect some color and name it is something really simple. But for computers, however, it becomes more tricky.

Despite that, you can make strategies to recognize colors through algorithms. If you are interested in knowing more you can find more details about this kind of project here. If you are interested in the challenge, here you will find more details about it.

Here are 20 more machine learning project ideas:. You can check out 21 machine learning project ideas ripe for the taking! It has a slot to insert a microSD card, which acts as a hard disk and contains the operating system. The power is provided by a micro-USB charger for example, a smartphone , and the Internet connection can be established using a network cable through an Ethernet interface. Other items such as the mouse, keyboard or external hard drive can be connected via USB slots, and the HDMI port represents the easiest way to connect a screen to the Raspberry Pi.

There are also several pins contact pins that can be programmed with other functions. The components of this device vary depending on the model. The first Raspberry Pi 1 was released in February , and this was followed by others. The price of the raspberry pi always remained low. Click here to check the current price of a complete Raspberry Pi Kit. The name of the computer is a pun. The first part of its nomenclature follows the tradition of computer companies, whose names are characterized by fruit names, such as Apple, Blackberry, or Acorn.

Yes I know, this is a very expensive project with Raspberry Pi around 11, dollars , but equally impressive. Thanks to a proprietary 3D scanning management software, the values obtained can be optimized and subsequently used to print 3D models.

If you are curious here is a video of this printer. Now keep in mind that I am not suggesting you make such an amazing 3D printer, but I want to show you the possibilities. Maybe you can start with a simpler tutorial and make your way from there. Many people make use of the Raspberry Pi as a web server. To do this, you can use various web server programs such as Apache, Lighttpd, or Nginx.

For the correct hosting of wide and dynamic web content, the normal performance of Raspberry Pi is insufficient, since this small computer is suitable, rather, as a local test environment for web pages. Although simple static pages that do not have many visits, they can also stay in a Raspberry Pi.

The connection between home automation and appliances is increasingly popular. The smart home paradigm, which allows centralized management and control of heating, lamps, blinds, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. Thanks to its affordability, the possibility of connecting to the Internet, and its fully functional system status with excellent hardware support, there are more and more electronics enthusiasts who turn to Raspberry Pi to develop projects for the home.

Open-source tools such as openHAB or Home Assistant are some examples of the necessary basic software. See more about this in this tutorial video. A Raspberry Pi can not only provide comfort but also increase domestic security. The system also sends a message if the device is connected or disconnected. To learn how to make this project a reality with a Raspberry Pi, read the detailed instructions in hackster.

There you will also find, among other things, the program code written in Python to direct the security camera. Raspberry Pi also offers the possibility to configure a private cloud-based service with free software ownCloud.

In this case, Raspberry Pi returns to act as a server to which you can upload your data and from which you can access them. Having your own cloud server offers, in front of commercial file hosting services such as Dropbox or iCloud, the great advantage of having full control over the server and the data hosted on it.

Therefore, you can also save sensitive data in it without any problem. If you want to know how this works exactly and know the rest of the advantages of this possibility of hosting in the cloud, see the tutorial in this digital guide.

We can use Python to create web applications too. We have two amazing web app development frameworks in Python Django and Flask to help us. These are the languages that we use to design the front-end part of a website.

Python can be used at the back-end to handle requests, data, access, and other logical stuff. Do you want to create your own blog, where you can write down your thoughts and ideas?

You can create one with the help of Python and Django. The blog contains a homepage where all the articles are listed out, and if a user clicks an article link, it will redirect to that individual article. It is a basic project that anyone having a little bit of knowledge in Django can do.

The best part is that Django comes up with a built-in admin interface. You can use the admin interface and focus more on other essential things. It can work as an online resume.

Having a portfolio website is really important, especially if you want to get a job or you want to get freelance clients. That is really impressive. Flask is a pretty lightweight Python framework, and hence it is really easy to learn. If you want to create a portfolio website using Python, check out this tutorial by Kalle Hallden. Have you ever thought of creating a social media app? You can create a social media app using Python. You can use Flask as a backend for this project.

Python Project Idea — Build an application that can be used to block certain websites from opening. Python Project Idea — The flappy bird game developer made millions from a very simple game.

It was a simple game but very tough to play, which led to frustrations in people and somehow it became very popular. Any doubts in Python projects till now? Mention them in the comment section. Python Project Idea — Build a graphical user interface calculator using a library like Tkinter in which we build buttons to perform different operations and display results on the screen. Source Code — Simple Calculator in Python.

Project Idea — The game is a single-player game in which the user has to slide the tiles and the tiles with the same number will merge by combining their values. Source Code: Game in Python. Python Project Idea — You can build a desktop application of a countdown timer in which the user can set a timer and then when the time is completed, the app will notify the user that the time has ended.

Python Project Idea — Develop an exciting python project through which you can convert currencies. This is an intermediate level python project which will boost your confidence. For a user interface, we can use tkinter API. Source Code: Currency Converter Project. We can build an app to generate strong passwords randomly that contain alphabets, characters, and digits. The user can also copy the password so that they can directly paste it when creating the website.

Project Idea — Memory puzzle is a great game to enhance your concentration power and improve your memory. One by one user selects the tile to uncover and when two similar shapes are uncovered the score gets increased.

Project Idea — The objective of this python project is to create an address book where user can store the contact details. With this address book or contact book, we can create, edit, delete contact details. This project provides a gui interface to manage contact information.

Project Idea — In this puzzle game, we have to slide the tiles one by one in order to set every tile in the right place. There is only one space empty in the grid so while developing we have to make sure that the tile can only move on the empty places. Python Project — In this project, we will develop a simple text editor or notepad in python.

We will also implement basic functionalities like changing the font, font style, saving a document, etc. It is very interesting to understand and build your own version of the snake game. Try to modify and enhance the game with your imagination. Python Project Idea — The project is used to get a random article from Wikipedia and then we ask the user if he wants to read the article or not. Python Project Idea — Reddit is a great platform and we can program a bot to monitor subreddits.

They can be automated to save a lot of our time and we can provide useful information to the Redditors. Python Project Idea — Python is great for building command-line applications. Python Project Idea — The Instagram bot project is made to automate some of the basic tasks like automatically liking, commenting or following people. The frequency must be low because sending excessive requests to Instagram servers might get you deactivated.

Python Project Idea — Steganography is the art of hiding a message into another form such that no one can suspect the existence of the hidden message. Project Idea — The ping pong game is a popular two-player game in which both players have a small rectangle slag with which they can hit the ball.

Python Project Idea — The speed typing test is a project through which you can test your typing speed. You have to make a graphical user interface with a GUI library like Tkinter then the user has to type a random sentence and when the user completes the typing, we display the typing speed, accuracy and words per minute.

Python Project — The objective of library management system project is to develop a real-time library project with Tkinter. This project provides functionalities like add book, issue book, return the book, viewbook, delete a book, etc. Project Idea — The game of ludo is a strategy based game played between 4 players. The other players can become an obstacle when they come in the same place and you have to restart your token again.

Project Idea — Keyboard jump is a speed typing game that helps in improving the typing speed of players. When the user makes a few errors while typing then the game gets over and we can show the typing score.

Source Code: Keyboard Jump Game. Finding good relevant content is hard so a content aggregator automatically searched the popular websites, looks for the relevant content and creates a list for you to browse the content. Python Project Idea — Machine learning tasks include preprocessing of the data. We need to perform resize and rename images in bulk, so an application that can handle these tasks automatically will be very helpful for machine learning practitioners.

Project Idea — Drag racing is a type of racing in which the drivers move in a straight line. Project Idea — The fruit ninja game is popular among kids where fruit is thrown in the air and we have to slice the fruit by clicking on the fruit. Players must slice all fruit; if three fruits are missed, the game ends.

Bombs also come on screen occasionally and slicing them also ends the game. Python Project Idea — Build a file manager project through which you can explore the files in your system, manage, search and copy-paste them to different locations.

Python Project Idea — This is one of the most interesting Python projects. The idea behind this project is to build a GUI application that you can use to check for plagiarism. To build this project, you need to use a natural language processing library along with the Google search API that will fetch top articles to you.

Python Project Idea — A web crawler is an automated program script that browses the world-wide-web and it can look and store the contents of the webpage. The music player can also search for the files in directories and building an interactive interface would be a challenging task that is best for advanced programmers.

Source Code: Python Music Player. Python Project Idea — This is an amazing project in which you can compare prices of a product from multiple web sources. Just like on Trivago website, we can compare the hotel prices, similarly, we can compare the prices of a product on websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc and display the best offers.

It is a good project to build this game as it involves lots of transformation on the elements of the game based on the keyboard inputs. Project Idea — In this game of Tank fight, there will be two players with their tanks and a mountain beneath them.

Each player will shoot a missile one by one on each other and their goal is to make the other player fall out of the mountain cliff.

Python Project Idea — The Instagram photo downloader project is used to download all the Instagram images of your friends. It will use your credentials to access your account and then search your friends to download their photos. At first, we have discussed basic project ideas for beginners including number guessing, dice rolling simulator, etc.

Then, we have discussed some more engrossing intermediate level python projects including a random password generator, Instagram bot, etc. In the end, we have covered some advanced projects for experts such as content aggregator, speed typing tests, etc. Did you like this article?

You can add any of above python projects in your resume, but make sure to work thoroughly before adding them in the resume.

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