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This easy-to-use interface is backed by a powerful motor that turns the lathe smoothly allowing you to create the ideal finish. Go to topic listing. I did so and received the bed within a few days. And remember: you can wood on a metal lathe, but not the other way around. It can be a pain to adjust but once you do the part will be perfectly centered and safer and easier to work with. The Proxxon db250 review mac DB can easily fit at your workshop and even at your homestead.

Tailstock with live center. Two year warranty Technical Data. Maximum power. Distance Between Centers. Swing Distance Maximum size workpiece. Spindle Center From Bed Height. Inside Spindle Clearance. Tailstock Quill Travel. Overall Size: Length Height. In The Box.

Model railroad items include power and signal posts and tanks. Doll and marionette limbs. However, it turns masts and spars fantastically. No vibration means very clean work every time. I use my 3 jay chuck most of the time but when I have a part that is not symetrical I use my 4 jaw chuck. It can be a pain to adjust but once you do the part will be perfectly centered and safer and easier to work with. My last weeks efforts were in vain - I managed to chew up two pieces of wood in attempts to turn the topmast.

I've got a new small honing stone I am going to use tomorrow night to sharpen all the tools and make sure that isn't the cause of the problem. I think the other more important cause is - ME and my lack of having any formal training on lathes other than what I've read and attempted on my own.

Having said that, I find that even one or two sessions, classes, or whatever you want to call it, under experienced proctoring is very beneficial to me. One of the things you might do is find a way to stabalize the wood. I've read through this topic and found it very interesting and informative. I purchased one of the Proxxon DB's a few months ago and ran into some of the same issues as have been adddressed here.

One thing I found is that the bed wasn't long enough for some of the booms and masts I was working on. Somewhere within this topic I came across a comment about getting a bed to use as an extention. I checked the user manual for the lathe and found that you have to write to Proxxon to purchase replacement parts. I did so and received the bed within a few days. The fun part was aligning the two beds. I had to sand down one end and add a little shim to the other to get it flat across the seam between the two beds.

Other than that I came out very nice and I can now turn some very long pieces. I decided to set up the board I have it mounted to for clamping in a ShopMate. This way I don't have the lathe permanently consuming a long section of my workbench and I can set it up just about anywhere I want for use.

Thanks for all the useful information. The extra board on the underside to the right of the clamping board is there for additional support and keeps the entire unit from tipping if clamped to a workbench. When assembling the DB and extension bed you have to make sure that the two beds align, otherwise the tailstock and tool support will not slide back and forth across the entire length.

I just completed the bed extension last Saturday and haven't had a chance to try it out on anything loooooong as yet. All the shorter work is already in place on the models. Something I noticed on one of Hank's previous posts was a "collar" placed on the tailstock end of his turning.

I hadn't thought of that little idea. Everything I've turned so far I just left some extra stock on the ends and was very careful not to put too much pressure on the piece with the tailstock point to split the wood.

That "collar" looks like it will eliminate the splitting problem. Obviously my next project will be to turn some collars with various size holes to accept the different dowels. Thanks for the idea Hank! I am about to buy a Proxxon DB wood lathe, along with an independent 4-jaw chuck. My questions are about the centering of stock in such a chuck. All the suggestions I have seen so far demand the use of a dial indicator.

These have magnetic mounts. In practice is it important to have a dial indicator for centering the stock in this lathe i. How do you mount a dial indicator on the Proxxon since as far as I know the DB is not made of a ferrous metal that would take a magnetic base i. You can chuck round stock, as centered as you can, place a pencil on the tool holder and turn on the lathe.

Slowly advance the pencil until it makes a mark, turn off the lathe and look at the mark, it will be on the high side, adjust the chuck, repeat until you reach the precision you want. Any suggestions for square stock? I hadn't thought that having a dial indicator might have problems when it comes to square stock but your idea made me think more carefully about how it would work for square stock.

Don't think you will find any perfectly square stock, if that is what you want to turn square stock center a best you can oversize stock and the rounds will end up centered. You could drill a hole at the center and use a center in your headstock and clamp up the chuck or better yet turn it with a dog Shop Fox Pocket Hole Machine Reviews on a faceplate.

One can mark the centre of square stock by drawing diagonals from one corner to the opposite one; then you punch-mark the centre and put it against the tailstock centre; now you put the tool-rest close to the chucked-up material and observe the gap between the tool-rest und the material close one eye and look down onto the lathe bed ; adjust the jaws until the gaps are equal on the edges of your stock.

Thanks, Jud and Wefalk, for taking me through something that should have been obvious if I'd bothered to put my mind to it instead of thinking there must be something more complicated to do! It's like a lot of the ship modelling I've been doing. Simple often wins -- just a little plain practical thinking needed!

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. If you enjoy building ship models that are historically accurate as well as beautiful, then The Nautical Research Guild NRG is just right for you.

We provide support to our members in their efforts to raise the quality of their model ships. The Proxxon PD e lathe is common in many garages where homeowners like to work with their hands on various projects.

This tool is ideal for use on brass, steel, aluminum and even carful enough to work with plastic. The PD e comes with the capability to cut and customize threads, with a feed that is automatic and a headstock chuck.

Perhaps most inviting about this lathe is that it is a mere 30 pounds and only takes up 21 inches of space on your work bench, making it easy to remove and store when not in use. It is important to note that Proxxon lathes come equipped with an emergency on and off switch which protects the operator from harm or damage to their project in the event that control is lost of Shark Hd4 Cnc Review Mac the machine.

The DB Proxxon lathe is most commonly used for smaller woodworking projects. This easy-to-use interface is backed by a powerful motor that turns the lathe smoothly allowing you to create the ideal finish. Reviews of this product claimed that it was the perfect lathe for turning small items for dollhouses Proxxon Db250 Extension Upgrade and arts and crafts. It is the perfect lathe for the beginner woodworker who does not require all the bells and whistles of other industrial lathes on the market. There are also several Proxxon rotary tools available on the market for handheld use for crafts and smaller projects of engraving, polishing, grinding too.

With various models of rotary tools manufactured by the company they are all lightweight and perfect for even some of your smallest home projects. The variable speeds, quiet, yet powerful motor and operation that is smooth and free of all vibrations, there are none Proxxon Db250 Extension Bed List better on the market.

Every purchase of a Proxxon rotary tool comes complete with a case, accessory kits and even six collets. Just like the larger lathes that are manufactured by the company these handheld power tools also have replacement parts available online or through several hardware stores in North America and part of Europe. Proxxon also manufactures replacement and additional featured accessories that are ideal for any lathe project you may have.

The following are just a few of the accessories that the company offers:.

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